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: Malzahars a shitty warlock Tangentially related to Eldritch PSHFIAOSF
: > [{quoted}](name=YvonnedUmD,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WGkZB3c1,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-19T19:38:43.244+0000) > > Highest pickrate champion has **39** games played so far this patch which is a full week in **globally**. I really hope you don't actually think that's true.
The stats are right there to see. There are fewer people in iron than in challenger whilst they would be much less active. It doesn't seem unreasonable at all.
: Shaco needs a buff. Its as simple as that. This is a way to help shacos get the snowball he needs so that he doesnt become useless after 20 minutes
52% winrate is not in need of buff with healthy, if underwhelming pickrate. Shaco has significant issues with feel and satisfaction. He has the issue that his playstyle has been warped from very early-game focused to a later-game focus (deliberately during the assassin update) and that alienated a lot of his players and made them feel like the champion was a lot worse because they couldn't do the things they were used to doing. These changes are supposed to address the **feel** of the champion and not make him significantly stronger.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Posui Gart,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EBs8ZE2x,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-09-19T10:06:47.841+0000) > > The plating gold is there to punish roaming and to make lanephase more valuable. You can't nullify your loss by getting a single successfull roam, and he can't turn his win into a mapwide pressure for free. > Also, can't you just dodge his every Q with your W to the side? He dashes into you before throwing it. Even if you dash at the same instant, he's inside your hit box and there's no way to avoid it. If you aren't holding Brush, he'll just auto you to death even if he misses; if you are holding Brush, you'll often have to replace it with a Rock or River because you aren't in range of another Brush, and his trap cooldown at max rank is the same as your W, so you can't do anything for the next 14 seconds (7 to pick up brush, another 7 for the cooldown) without probably dying. Alternatively, he can continually throw traps without dashing just to make you waste your W, then dash on top of you while it's down.
Yeah, no. You can sidestep the **e** (still with your W) and even if his E tags you, if you change your pathing as he Es he won't be "inside your hitbox" to make it so that there's "no way to avoid it". Kled lands his skillshot and gets rewarded. If he doesn't land his skillshot you can continue spamming grass or water enchant to harass him with no way for him to retaliate.
: That's what I figured. While I do agree Pyke is Riot's worst designed champ... he is not currently imbalanced, he's just.... not fun to have in the game. Pyke doesn't need nerfs, Pyke needs a REDESIGN. A redesign that de-emphasizes his gold gain, removes his sustain, and limits his escape tools to make him the high-risk assassin he SHOULD be.
Yeah this is how I feel as well. Pyke isn't overpowered he's just really freaking crappy to play against. He's just taking Yasuo's spot in the League hatred ecosystem. Is it still powercreep if we're only creeping how much people hate the champ? lol
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: For below ~plat the threshold is 54.5% win rate if their ban rate is low, or 52.5% win rate if their ban rate is high For plat -> masters, the threshold is 54% win rate with a low ban rate, or 52% win rate with a high ban rate. For challenger, the threshold is 45% ban rate For pro play, it's 90% presence If a champion meets any of those four criteria, they get nerfed. So unless that 65% ban rate is specifically at Challenger, they're not breaking their balance criteria... that being said, I believe since this patch is the world's patch, they may be paying less attention to solo queue balance temporarily to ensure a stable playing field for worlds... 36% banrate in challenger. Also only 41% ban rate in general with a really average 50% winrate. This is the website that Riot has said most closely reflects their internal statistics.
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: Why is Riven getting her E nerf reverted?
It's a partial revert. Her E was 10-6 before. She'll still be nerfed relative to the start.


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