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: Never reroll anything above 580 OE. You're always better off disenchanting than rerolling them.
Yeah I understand that now. I really wish I hadn't made this mistake. I am so out of playing League at the moment, this being one of the reasons which threw me over the edge. 3 legendary skins shards!{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: While this topic is no skin off my back cause I buy all the shit I want from Riot, my 2 cents is: You have an opportunity to obtain for free what someone else was paid good money to make for profit. I admit the odds are not ideal, but it is part of the grind. You gamble, you should expect there to be losses.
Just as a sidenote, I do agree with your point about the fact that all of this is free for players and they lose nothing but time to invest and gain rewards with the system. The "gambling" system is sound especially when used solely for cosmetics and not things that provide an edge in the game. I am sure we all can agree on this. You both have sound arguments about the system, all I am saying is if they have this reroll mechanic, where is the difference between reroll low quality skins versus high quality? Don't you think there should be a difference? Say you bet a certain amount on a horse to win a race, if you were to bet a lower value your winnings would be lower, but if you were to bet a large amount the winnings would also be significantly higher. Losing is part of gambling and I understand that, but here I am not losing, just gaining something which is not on par with what I invested into the gamble in the first place.
: > [{quoted}](name=BoianV,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=41dW6516,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-06-16T20:11:22.880+0000) > > It's because they inexplicably reduced the Orange Essence gained from disenchanting them, while leaving the Orange Essence required to purchase them the same. There was literally no reason to do this when BE replaced IP, the only excuse they gave was that "people will be getting a lot more skin shards", I don't see that as being the case. They stated that they were putting in methods to receive more loot boxes from events, whether it's event missions or event bundles, which they have delivered on. Therefore OE values are reduced. So if you really want to benefit more from Orange Essence, buy more loot boxes, especially during events, and you'll *save* more on cosmetics. The Orange Essence change was done so players couldn't just horde OE from the mastery chests and get "good" loot from it.
Actually here my problem isn't with the orange essence or mastery chests. Riot has worked to make it easier to get more "rewarding" rewards with the help of chests through missions. That part of the system is working well to me. As a player, I would like better rewards from the chests, but as a developer I understand where they're coming from and think what they have in place works without needing major changes. What I believe is the reroll system hasn't changed much since its addition into League. Correct me if I am wrong, but skin rerolls were never changed or tweaked in any way after the initial design, which I don't think should be the case for any designed feature in a game.
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: Disenchanting Skin Shards feels even more unfair :/
Hmm, I haven't experienced this as harshly. I never expected to get anything good from chest drops ever. (Not a generally lucky guy). So disenchanting skins I didn't want, were pretty standard to me whether they gave me decent amounts of orange essence or not. Especially if what l Ryden l says is true it would be possible to eventually get enough orange essence to unlock the skin shard into permanent. What exactly about the disenchanting do you feel is unfair? That way we can talk about maybe possible improvements for it. :D
: Same shit happened to me... Rerolled a few skins and got SKT T1 Azir (ended up buying the champion, but still it's dumb af)
I feel your pain man. Now knowing what I know, I would never have rerolled those skin shards. (Made a mistake and want to wish I hadn't, Turn back time and all that). Just felt how wasted my whole effort of waiting to get similar quality items before rerolling. Depressed about those lost skin shards. Wish I could get them back! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: the whole system depends on luck ... it is the same system as the mystery gifting or the mystery chest which u buy from the shop... so no changes needed i guess .. if your luck is good you will get great skin if your luck is too bad you will get toxic mundo lol
Yes and luck is a huge part about this system, which makes it appealing for most. Riot even worked towards "bad luck" protection for the chest drops, but here I talk about the reroll system/sub-system in specific. There is no problem with it being luck based, I wouldn't have it any other way especially since they are entirely cosmetic and given for free. My only point was that, there should be some change to the algorithm to give higher chances of good items if the player went through the trouble to reroll good quality items as well.
: just reroll 520s, that's my new rule and ive been satisfied because ive gotten a legendary and a few epics for skins I wouldn't want otherwise
I understand what you mean here and this was the conclusion I came to by the end of my whole situation. Where is the difference though? Rarity of items in any game is to give them more value above others but when it comes back to the reroll system it seems to not change anything. Yes, any reroll can give you a low chance at a skin shard of real high quality but is it alright that rerolling 3 skins of the same quality changes these chances by nothing?
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