: Petition To Have An Old Lady Champion
And how about a fat lady ? Not Illaoi "fat", because she's not. She's strong. I'm talking about a Gragas-fat lady. A real ugly female character. There is none in video game industry. Or so few they don't count. :(
: Powerpuff Girls Tribute Skins
This is wonderfull !!
Adonon (NA)
: Great idea, but he would need some way of keeping the suit with him during his ultimate. I once thought of the idea of him sucking the suit into his body during the ultimate, but it didn't really seem to work as it would most likely be dirty once he were to put it back on... Actually what if instead of sucking it into his body he would create a protective bubble around it as if he were protecting an actual person?
Protect the suit in a bubble, or simply have a small part of him / a streched arm that brings the suit to him at the end haha But true, I thought about that while doing it and didn't really thought it further.
: > Does every skin make sense with their lore? No..so why do you even ask this? You kind of missed the point. Zac fights crime, superheroes fight crime, superheroes wear suits, Zac wants a suit. All im saying is that a tuxedo wasnt the suit he was talking about, and it just seems really obvious. Anyway, I'd like to see him get Gentleman Zac and Super Zac. He needs a lot more outfits in his wardrobe.
SnakeySnake, that is true. When I did this I didn't thought of his lore. I juste thought a suit as tuxedo would be really fun to see if it doesn't change size. Like other said, he says suit as superhero spendex suit. But then it would expand/shrink with him. Making it less interesting visually, I think. But thanks for the comment anyway :)
Zarffyn (EUW)
: AFKs, leavers, and how Riot could/should handle it
So... Not so many people like the idea I see. Shame. I am considering going to DOTA2 just only because of this reason. Yep. As soon as there is an AFK, a timer goes on. After 5 minutes, anyone in that team can leave the game without any disadvantages... This would avoid situations like this: https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/7607_10204358865626804_4890466471992051523_n.jpg?oh=4de719c50700df6e69d8eafdb597ac64&oe=54E60310&__gda__=1424854162_8565a9b439f3869202382ad370e58fdc Yes I know, it's a normal game. But in the end, same shit. Destroying 3v5 and still losing because they can push better... It's like if in a football game 4 players instantly disapeared and the team had to finish the game at 7 vs 11...
Zarffyn (EUW)
: AFKs, leavers, and how Riot could/should handle it
I think there is a missunderstanding. I'm not so much talking about AFK/rage quit because your team is losing. But more about random disconnected players. Bauerbach, you claim that > AFKs will cause you to win as often as they cause you to lose. Really ? Then you must be a god in this game and please, come play with me. I'll be glad. I honestly can only remember 2, maybe 3, games I won 4v5. I can't count the ones I lost because of a disconnected/leaver/AFK player. And luck may have left me, but at least 1 game in each promo I get an AFK. Explain the odds to me again please. Or you were talking AFK in general. Okay, on that you are right. STATISTICALLY, there is pretty much the same chances my team or the ennemy team gets an AFK. I should have kept a reccord. But I can bet I have at least a ratio 2-1. But it's not even so much about wining or losing. It's more about being fair. When enemy team gets an AFK and I get a "free win", I'm like "this sucks". But I won't leave the game and get a ban or whatever, because like you say, it "evens itself out". Maybe it's more about frustration. If such a system existed, I wouldn't mind to accept canceling a game. In the end, I'm pretty sure you say that because you don't have systematically an AFK in your team during your last promotion game. I do. Bad luck.
: Too harsh imo. Also, the only non-abusable system would be a game cancel, but it would have to be a both team vote. Also, with riot's servers having seizures every minute since patch 4.18, implementing a 1 hour ban for a dc from a **normal** game would just be a dick move.
Worgslarg, I'm talking about Ranked games only of course. There is no LP in normal games and even that a loss is still frustrating sometimes, it has no real effects. Snake XT: You might be right. Still something to try. I have had many ennemy teams consent that they did not earn their victory and so on. And if the winning team still gets their LP, they would surely vote to cancel the loss. As one of mine suggestions: cancel only the LP loss of losing team which one members AFK. Except for that one AFK player. Canceling the whole game (win and loss) would certainly not work if ennemy team voted too. On that one I think you're sadly right.
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