: How would you incorporate Zaun/Piltover musically? How abstract can it be? Would an instrumental work or would lyrics be necessary?
Don't want to sound like a condescending jerk, but that's precisely what's yours to determine. Besides, you can always add a small explanatory text to your work, if you feel it might not be easily understandable. ;)
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: ***
Support enthusiast/main-when-the-wind-comes-from-the-south talking here : Maybe it's just me, but vision is something I enjoy having access to, and playing around. The issue with Sightstone is not the vision part, it's the 'meh'-item-you-take-exclusively-for the-active part.
Naqel (EUW)
: Speaking of making the Precision tree more compatible with AP based characters, could we maybe get some AP items based on: {{item:2015}} The energized status is currently tied completely with marksmen, and it'd be nice to get some extra flexibility in that regard. For example: {{item:2015}} + {{item:3145}} = Hextech Supercharger <stats> Passive: Moving and attacking will make an attack Energized UNIQUE Passive - Magic Bolt: Your Energized attacks deal ( <level scaled> + <AP scaling> ) bonus magic damage and apply spell effects. UNIQUE Active - Supercharge: Your next attack immediately becomes Energized (40 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech items).
Three words : great design idea. Fourty-seven other words : I would find it better if there was several items in the AP-energized style, that allow you to make fun combos with you itemization like with marksmen (could be a potential rework of the hextech line of items, who knows ? --although they're good enough now).
HenzoAF (NA)
: its DFT basically but with a cooldown {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
... Read better, slower what that chap wrote.
Arcyyy (NA)
: Will Camille get any minor buffs // Are you guys looking at her? shes underwhelming atm
No. Camille main here, I am lucky to play and love one of the healthiest champions in the game and I don't want this taken away from me. Camille is really good at the moment, but not too strong ; she is not too pupular or oppressive, nor is she often contested or banned. She shows up from time to time in pro play but doesn't triggers "balanced lul" reactions. I like the state she's in regarding the meta, and considering she was busted on release, this is pretty unique and really really good job from Riot. How the majority of champions should be IMO for the game to be healthy (but if this was the case, it wouldn't be anymore, if you see what I mean).
Paxlow (EUW)
: With Malzahar now being back in mid lane and you looking at Brand and Karma to increase their mid lane presence will you be going through all the Support Mages to allow them to be flexed into mid lane (Morgana and Zyra for example)
It seems to me that both Zyra and Morgana can actually be played in the Midlane, especially Zyra... But it's a matter of point of view I guess, as it is with Brand... And about the Malzahar case, I've always perceived (probably a bit unfairly) that Riot didn't want him to be able to support ; not the way he did at least.
: Why is it the same 20-30 champs seem to be always tweaked, and then others like Veigar get changed once ever other solar eclipse?
I'd say because Veigar or others might be currently fine in their eyes, while other champs are less well balanced and need either nerfs or buffs... That being said, It's true some champions get more attention, or get it more often, than others. It's only human, but I agree it can be unnerving (I've waited a long time for the Singed update).
: Hi Howain! That's a good question and it makes sense at first blush that Tahm Kench's output would be a charm. However, thematics and in-game feel don't always map perfectly. In game, we needed a strong, straight-forward spell with good gameplay around it to realize Tahm Kench's threat-over-time pattern (stay around him for too long and you'll be stunned or devoured). Tongue Lash is a straight-forward skillshot with a long self-root, like Amumu's Q or Blitzcrank's Q, which we know has pretty good play around it. However, forcefully striking an enemy with your tongue isn't a thing that lends itself to a charm, in my mind. It makes sense if you know who Tahm Kench is, but if literally all you know is "he's a catfish who slaps you with his tongue", it makes no sense. In my mind, the aspect of Tahm tricking people with his mellifluous verbiage is more on the meta level of how you don't take him seriously due to the silly things he says and his funny animations, until suddenly he eats you and all is darkness.
Ok, I get it. I do understand that it would indeed look a bit awkward if people whipped by a giant tongue were charmed by such a thing... And I must admit I've never thought of him tricking the players themselves the way you described, which is by the way really interesting and makes lot of sense ; it preserves Tahm's "character fantasy", let's say. And the stun can anyway still be interpreted as a _punch_line that make the character stand still so it's fine. ^^ Thanks for taking the time to answer me and having shared your insights on the River King's game-design.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 18
Greetings Meddler, I do not know if this is the right place to do it, but I came to talk about Tahm Kench. I am, in short, suggesting changing the stun of his Q on thrice-stacked targets into a charm instead. Why am I suggesting such a thing ? Context. I am a big fan of Tahm Kench. I personally think he is one of the best designed champions in the game, in terms of coherency between his visuals, background, and gameplay (you can give his dev team my congratulations). But I feel that, regarding the way he is designed, a last improvement could be made. I’ve read the Champion Insight that was published when he released (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-preview/champion-insights-tahm-kench-river-king). I shall use it to back my words. In this Champ Insight, we learn that Tahm Kench’s character is built around his mouth. He is at first a mere devourer, but then, he is also a charmer, someone who uses his mouth and tongue to both attract and devour his prey. Thus, linking background and gameplay, we can understand that when he licks his enemies (with his basic attacks and his Q), he is somewhat talking them into trusting him (the slow), slowly trapping them thanks to his eloquence... So, when, he achieves this, he finally charming his enemies would make a lot more sense than a simple stun. In a world full of slows, stuns and knock-ups, CC abilities like charm, fear, or taunt conveys in my eyes much more than just power, strength, or precision (which are what is mostly conveyed through stuns or knock-ups) ; these “different” CC types show really well uniqueness or personality in my opinion. It is, I understand that, important that such CC exist, but for Tahm Kench ? Is it really power, strength, precision, that define him ? Tahm’s dev team fully committed into a character created around his mouth and his uses of it. A silver-tongued, talking fiend that charms his enemies, wouldn’t it be so perfect in game ? Still, I understand a few things. First, that it is a different kind of CC that may reveal harder to balance. It is obvious that, a charm being more powerful that a stun for Tahm Kench’s kit, the duration of the CC is likely gonna go down (a 1.5 second-lasting charm would be pretty busted ; better make it 1 second or so). Second, that he is probably not your priority at all. There’s the Worlds, the Runes Reforged, the preseason... And Tahm is fine as he is, it seems, in the current meta. I am just asking to you, to Riot’s dev team, to consider it, to keep it somewhere in your head(s) and, if you think this is worth it, to at least try it out. Thanks for hearing me out, you do a great job overall.

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