: So I can't tell you jungle routes but I enjoy a top lane bruiser varient of Nidalee. Iceborn Gauntlet or Abyssal Mask rush is typically my goto with a Lost Chapter if you want mana/are ahead. E Q W Max. Taking Grasp of the undying and absuing the procs from it. If you auto in Human but ult into Cougar you will gain the full bonus as opposed to the half. Due to base damage a tank Nidalee build is pretty fun, in lane you have decentish escapes (W) (Passive) and should you get poked you can easily sustain off of Grasp procs and your E.
This actually sounds quite fun to be honest. I might try it xD
: Honestly, I do think she is hard but I also find her easier than say Riven for whatever reason. The only problem I have with her is that her carry potential isn't really good. You really have to snowball from the very beginning of the game, meaning you either have to counter jungle hard or try a lot of early ganks. For her clear on blue side, I usually go red, then skill w and do raptors and look out for the enemy jungler to either take the scuttler or gank mid, or both. Depending the circumstances (like can you actually gank or nah) I just clear jng and gank top 90% of the time. Also try to kite the buff if you can and try to have as much health as possible, if you are considerable low after the buff just pop a pot. The best thing you can do if you cant gank is just hit a single spear and go back into your jungle. Giving your laner advantage is more than enough and it never has to result in a kill. You can also dive easily with her thanks to Q+ cougar w and her heals! I like to go red smite on her since you can actually use her AA's in combo with E but its up to you, blue smite is also nice. Items is a tough topic for me because I actually love to go glass canon on her but I also know that glass canon is expensive af. I like athenes on her (I love healing my mates since they have to carry if I fuck up). But I also love going RoA on her for the tankiness and when I do I usually rush RoA first completing just skirmishers without fully finishing it. Otherwise jungle item-->boots-->lich bane-->rabadons/void staff That's about it tho
Thank you for the reply. Honestly I'm currently learning jungle so I don't know quite as much as I'd like about jungling which probably adds more difficulty to an already difficult champion, which might be why I find her so difficult. But then again, she's not the first difficult champ I tried in the jungle. See {{champion:60}} ,{{champion:64}} and {{champion:35}}. So I don't really know why I find her so difficult. I struggled with {{champion:60}} too so it might be the 7 skills that makes it hard. But anyways, thank you for the tips :) I'll be sure to put them into practice.
: I even had trouble just clearing the jg first clear. Sometimes I'll buy that hunter potion
You should've seen me in the 1st game I played her. It was such a failure. First off, ran to bot side buff and got my leash, except I didn't get the buff, it regenerated after the sup and adc left because I was trying to kite the thing and moved too far, so after that I tried to kill it alone without smite (because it was down) and ran away because the damn buff would've executed me. Then I wondered why the machete's passive wasn't working, a few seconds after, Morgana laughed at me in chat saying I didn't get my starting items. And well, I was recalling due to low health anyways. Off I went with my starting items to red once again this time with my smite off cooldown and items in my inventory which allowed me to kill it thankfully. Went to topside jungle to get wolves and blue but it turns out the Yi already took my blue for himself. He shows up in midlane a minute or so later with thirty something farm and me only around 16 if I remember correctly. I was in the river at the time, not knowing what to do - Yi took scuttle already, so not much else to do other than countergank. I showed up and Yi killed me and my laner (with his laner's help of course), and from there the early jungle phase was pretty much over for me, he had 2 kills more than me, as well as a 20cs lead so contesting objectives without the help of my laners in the early game was suicide. And from there I got a kill or two top to make up some gold and help my laner get an advantage but Yi snowballed his advantage over the other players and just kept getting kills. Along with that he took objectives, and just plainly put - dominated the map. At the time I was so tilted because of what happened earlier that I couldn't get my mind straight. I tried to catch up and become relevant again which ended in me feeding the enemy team and losing us the game. So yeah, it went horrible.
: > Any early jungle paths, I can't give you a specific advice, but from what I seen about Nid this is what you should lookup first. Lots of her power comes from first clear, which then allows her to freely reign over enemy jungler and the whole map.
I'll be sure to do some homework on this. Thank you :)
: It took me a long time to get to know her as well and now she's one of my favorite champions. Before this snowball shit fest of a game, you could go full AP and get away with it but now, the more popular build with her is to go a bit tanky. {{item:1402}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3025}} or {{item:3110}} {{item:3135}} (if enemy team is tanky) or {{item:3089}} if enemy team is squishy. {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} and along those lines. Boots are game by game basis depending on what you need. I have the actual build I use in my item sets on my client but I'm on a different computer right now so I just pulled that from what I remember lol. Max R, then Q, E, W. Depending on what side I'm on, I go for the buff that has the bot lane with me to leash. Ever since I started playing jungle years ago, I read the tip that it's best to start on the buff with your bot lane so you have extra help in case of invasion. I do that, then go for wolves and scuttle which will hopefully get me to level 3. If enemy takes scuttle, I heal and try to gank with just a Q since I don't have cougar jump yet, I get it level 3. Then when I'm healed enough, go for gromp, etc. Her combo is pretty simple when you get the hang of it. The tricky part is first hitting the Q, then switching to cougar (R), getting in range, jumping on with W, claw swipe with E, and if they are low enough, your cougar Q will usually take a kill the lower health they are. I always had trouble with the cougar combo after I hit my poke Q lol but now it's easy as pie. Nid is fun and can be snowball easy but with this meta, she can get shit on easy if she gets CC'd so watch out.
Thank you, I appreciate the quick reply :). I've never even heard or seen a bruiser type Nidalee before so going for the armor on her is new to me. I didn't realize she can be so versatile in terms of itemization. I thought glass cannon was pretty much the only way to go but to be fair season 8 was my first season in League so yeah I don't know much lol. Also you rarely see Nidalee around Silver 3 and 4 (where I'm at right now because I'm scared of ranked xD) I'll be sure to try these items on her and try the 1st clears you and the other people suggested. Thanks again.
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