: Does elo hell exist?
Yes, though most of you know it as EUNE. I feel i get better results on EUW, that statistically has better players, so harder to climb. But there's not as much toxicity, which lets me focus on my game and not chat flame wars.
: theorycrafting how to play against pyke (Support)
> I expect two different pyke builds to arise one that builds {{item:3147}} and tries to roam and a more tanky one with {{item:3401}} and focuses on snowballing lane I'm impressed. If you can muster up enough gold for early {{item:3147}} as a support without gold gain item and without stealing adc's cs, then hat's off from me, you're a badass ;]
: To the player who just played Katarina support in my ranked game.
Recent days i'm having a real blast with {{champion:154}} support. Good news is i'm not on NA so you're safe from me;]
: how can u carry low elo as a adc
If you're as good adc as you say then get yourself a {{champion:154}} or {{champion:143}} support. The main point of these choices - they make kills happen. There won't be any 4v2 if their botlane is dead! Zac for awesome initiation with E, and after level 6 the ability to go absolutely HAM with turret dives. Dive with E, get that enemy carry outta there with R, survive with passive, GG they just got major slimephobia. Also when peple see E charging suddenly none of the 4 is brave to try to jump you... Zyra can just poke & zone them to oblivion. Let's see that enemy carry who dodges 97% hoocks dodge a couple of zyra's q plants.. Both of them have some good cc and don't care about minion waves obstructing your attack. Used right they rock as supports.
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: How do Mordekaiser mains even play Morde....
Picked him up recenlty and yeah it's bad. Because of rylai's you can't build real tank early in the game and that shows. You can 1v1 as morde, given your opponent is stupid enough to think he'll win (with your shield, heal and ult drain you can fool them into believing that). But most of the times you will get brutally ganked or kited. To get kills with morde you need to be smart. Unless it's endgame and you tank up, don't think yourself the frontliner. Drop into teamfight when it's already on, and bonk some kills with your mace. Under no circumstance try to be frontliner. If you need a frontliner without relying on team, get the dragon, and you can use him as your badass tank. or ult their tank and let others get you a new tank you need. Lastly until you get rylai's you won't get kills unless your opponent is a die hard 1v1 duelist. Most of the games i find jungler loves to camp my top, so rarely you'll get that chance. Morde is all about fishing for opportunities, not making them, least according to my experience.
Decimús (EUNE)
: Pointing the obvious woohoo :^)
With RIOT you sometimes need to nail the obvious to the door with knives and set it on fire, for a slim chance they'll notice there's an elephant in the room. Best example: removal of normal draft:/
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: So with this Singed Support guy getting banned for refusing to cooperate.
When you midlaner comes down to support it's called roaming, and generally is highly preferable (given it makes kills for your team and not theirs)
: I wish I could post the screenshot on the forum that they posted into the lobby-- Basically we get in and then a player starts going on a rant on how "We lost our own game" and we were "A bunch of F****** Fa****s" getting called Qu***** I mean saying we got raped too dude. It's completely offensive and I try better myself from experiences but I can't help but be impacted by this-- I love league so much, it helped my depression even if I lose-- it helped me get away from kids in my high school in a hick town who wanted to beat the gay out of me. Having these kinds of people on here is sending me into a flash back of pain and sadness.
I think what he means is that you want them banned cause they called you names about homosexuality (not sure if they even knew you're gay). Cry me a river. We (straights) get wishes of death and cancer to our mothers every day or two when game goes sour. I don't mind rito banning both your and mine offenders, but you're sounding like you should get special treatment because you're gay, while rest of the world who gets harrassed no less has to cope with it...
JVP15 (NA)
: It was said before, and I will say it again: Don't Remove Normal Draft
It's annnoying with ages long ban +champ select phases (only to fail cause someone didn't do it on time). That being said it's still the lesser of evils given the other option is to be blind pick cancer. Nothing like 3 "I'M THE ADC, U NOOBS!" kiddies to get a good match started... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: tank ekko is the most disgusting thing in this game right now.
I do love me a tank ekko in my team, signed {{champion:16}}
: Which abilities feel the absolute worst to misuse?
Try a missed {{champion:268}} ult when they don't get hit and knocked back away from you or into your tower. That always leaves a mark..
: I disagree. Vi is sub-par in this meta, but she's not unviable/forgotten about to where she needs a rework. Although I think you're playing Vi wrong if you think that those two play-styles are the only ones that Vi has. A) Yes, she's a great engage thanks to her ult, but, unless you're either bat~~shit~~ crazy or stupid, you're not going to just "kamikaze" an enemy without at least one of your teammates with you to follow up. B) I honestly have no idea where you got this strategy lol. Vi relies on her Q to stop an enemy. Trying to hit an enemy that's running away from her is like trying to kill a deer with a butter knife.
The basic problem i have while playing vi is that she has engage, but no escape. When i gank it's fine and dandy, but when things go into late game and team fights...well if it wasn't settled by then, you're usually stuck in a mid lane mexican standoff. Being melee and not a tank Vi cannot just go in there and do killing cause she gets butchered in split second and at best it's 1:1. Her escape game is tragic, as the Vault Breaker needs charging to reach a dash length that could qualify as escape, but no chance in hell they won't kill you by then especially with it slowing you down while you charge it. Also is stops on the enemy champ rather then going through it, so you can't just bulldoze your way out or in, if an enemy champ is standing in the way of your desired destination. From that perspective i feel my Vi is drop dead useless. She's great at picking off a solo champ, or making them pay for getting too near to our turret, but on the neutral field in end game stand-off i got no card to play. I can't charge in like garen cause i'm no tank. I can't harass at range, unless there's a minion wave between us and i am overpower real well. And that's not much to harass to begin with come late game. I just stand there and hope they make a mistake, but being a dash-in brawler it should be my job to make their mistake happen and bust their defenses open. However that is not the case. More often then not i just had to pull back to do absolutely squat and just be happy i didn't feed them till someone got separated or the battle was happening in our base with turret support:/
: Thank You Supports
Supports are basically the most fun of the lot. CC, lifesaving skills, some really oddball but extremely fun abilities. Beats being the boring pew pew pew auto attack adc or them boring tanks with passive survive.
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