: Look who is on the champion roster in Riot's League Screensaver app
Has anyone figured out how to access the images? I was only able to do it once, and then it became unresponsive and I had to force close it. I haven't been able to locate the gui for it since.
: I was able to down load the program but I could not get it to run. There was no launcher or anything that allowed me to start the program.
Having the same problem here. I had it crash on me while I was selecting my images and now I can't find it.
Igglet (EUNE)
: The thing is, they can go away with putting in a dark story in a seemingly childish game as the game isn't story driven. I'm honestly 12, and, when I go to my school, like, 90% of boys talk about LoL. You really think LoL would throw away their main fanbase, or at least a big portion of their fanbase and make a Deadpool-sort of movie?
I wouldn't think of it as throwing away a portion of the fanbase so much as giving attention to another portion. Referring to DP again, there are plenty of other movies set in the marvel universe that are YA-suitable. But I feel like the situation and thought behind the DP movie applies in the sense that trying to sugar coat the characters and the world makes the production untrue to the lore already in place and disappoints fans of a particular series/character/nation, etc. So the question is, why not both? Why wouldn't an R-rated production be allowed when they can merely co-exist with PG-13 content? There are 100+ characters in the league, and only a select few of them would warrant an R-rated production without question, at least imo. You could have annie, teemo, amumu and rammus wandering around runeterra Winnie the Pooh style. Ezreal the explorer running off with his trusty sidekick wukong as they ward off ahri while they argue over not needing a map. In the other corner you could have singed, swain, darius, etc showing the invasion of noxus like saving private ryan or jhin, shen, and zed playing out their story like an old kung-fu movie, bad dubbing and all. There's a lot of creative space in league, it can be as light or dark as you please for the most part.
Ralanr (NA)
: Something creepy you do in league sometimes.
Sometimes when I play Jhin I attempt to get into character and start talking shit. Asking people to dance with me after they attempt to dive or duel me, how beautiful they are, etc. I realize how creepy it is though, and more often than not all it accomplishes is a group full of salty, angry tiltlords going out of their way to kill you. Not really worth unless I know I'm in a position to put my money where my mouth is, then it's hilarious.
: Riven is giving you/your main this look in a coffee shop
{{champion:202}} _"You...inspire me."_
: How would a fight between your two highest mastery champions go?
{{champion:34}} vs {{champion:202}} Game-wise I think these two champions are pretty evenly matched, since they're both burst style duelists that require roughly the same range to deliver their damage. It would literally come down to who got the drop on who. I've seen it go either way. Lore wise? Good luck and go with god, Jhin, you're gonna need it. Not much a man can do against an immortal embodiment of the Freljord.
: What would you all think of a Program Orianna skin?
Honestly, even if it will probably never happen, that last concept for Glados Ori made me really, REALLY want to see Wheatley as the Ball. She really should have more interaction and companionship with her Ball than her current skin shows.
Igglet (EUNE)
: It's funny to even think that Riot wouldn't make a movie that would be for kids- their main audience.
Not to dispute you, but I'd love to see some kinda data on that. I think more than a few people would be surprised. And if that is indeed the case making this a dedicated YA/children's game, some of the design choices they've made really are questionable. Jhin just being the most recent example.
: So Did Riot just stop making chromas?
Honestly I feel like after the general outcry on the matter Riot has cooled their heels on the matter to look for another way to broach the subject to the community and convince us. I agree that chromas should have been mastery earned. But I'd be okay with them being something hextech-only as well to make it actually special if you run across one.
Igglet (EUNE)
: The Deadpool Movie was rated R though.
It was, but honestly if some of these characters were ever fleshed out and given a production you can bet that it wouldn't be rated PG-13. If riot wanted to stick to PG-13 some champions and parts of runeterra would simply never see production and bear only references.
: Downfall: Taric sneak peek?
I feel like Taric had to let go of something in himself. iirc, he missed his original world and was homesick, despite not being entirely happy with the life he led there. Do you think that's what he's letting go of?
: I want it to be about the Demacian/Noxian conflict, and it would follow {{champion:133}} Just imagine, it starts with Quinn in Demacia, possibly in a market, then suddenly, out of a nearby window, a man cloaked in black and red jumps out and lands on a merchant's awning. He takes off, with Quinn persuing. He manages to get away, and we soon learn it was an important seantor that was assassinated. We also learn this man was a delegate between Demacia and Noxus. At a meeting, {{champion:59}} is discussing if this is an act of war. {{champion:86}} believes they should be hesitant, and should not seek out war, while {{champion:102}} wants to go to battle. {{champion:133}} on the other hand believes that this is strange: It was broad daylight, and Noxians aren't ones to give a warning, plus why give away the colours of it's nation? {{champion:59}} doesn't want to take any risks. Jarvan III decides that it's best to ask the Noxian king, and sends {{champion:133}} as the new delegate (for whatever reason. Roll with it.), as she treks, she continues the journal that she writes in, and this gives us some exposition about her life, maybe we get a quick flash back about her childhood when her brother dies. She gets to Noxus, and is escorted by guards to {{champion:50}} , who is outraged when {{champion:133}} tells him about the murdered Demacian, calling her a liar, and she is thrown into a Noxian prison, Valor caged away. Two days later, in the middle of the night, when Quinn believes that she's as good as dead, the prison guard takes a dagger to the throat. {{champion:133}} looks up to see {{champion:91}} unlocking the door to her cell, with {{champion:55}} standing guard. {{champion:133}} is hesitant to trust them, but goes along with them anyways. They get back her equipment and Valor, and get out of the city quickly, narrowly escaping {{champion:14}} (or {{champion:6}} ), if you want. As they get farther away from the city, {{champion:133}} asks what the hell was going on. Around a camp fire, {{champion:91}} tells her how a Noxian senator was assassinated by a man in a blue and gold cloak, who got away too. Here's how I imagine the conversation playing out: {{champion:133}} : Why are you helping me? {{champion:91}}: Somebody's playing us for fools. {{champion:133}} : What do you mean? {{champion:91}} : You tell us a Demacian senator, who was assigned as the delegate for Noxus, was assassinated, about the same time our delegate was assassinated. Both were wearing the colours of their supposed nation. {{champion:133}} It is odd... but who would gain from a Noxian and Demacian war? {{champion:55}} That's we don't know, and want to find out. They quickly put a list. {{champion:50}} has nothing to gain, he's already in power. {{champion:59}} ? Impossible, he's already in line, why risk his neck. {{champion:41}} is already fighting for bligewater Ionia? They're trying to rebuild. Freljord is already at war with each other. So who? The trio found the assassins, they snuck back to Noxus, finding a hideout just outside the city, where the Demacian assassin, who showed a note from Jarvan 4 and a dagger given by only the Lightshields. The man also says in a panicked voice: 'They're going to kill the king' The quickly run to Demacia, to show to the king. As they get there, {{champion:55}} disappears and {{champion:133}} enters the throne room with Talon in tow, yelling about the plot to kill the king, but knew not when. She also presents the evidence about J4's part in it, and {{champion:59}} in placed into custody. When the king is about to thank the pair, an arrow was thrown at the king, but Valor quickly flew in the way, taking it in the wing. Quinn quickly takes down the assassin by shooting it in the leg with a crossbow bolt, and runs over to Valor, almost in tears, and happy to see her companion alive. Talon grabs the assassin, who was a Noxian noble who admitted to assassinating the delegate too, but not saying who ordered him. Quinn quickly takes the arrow out of Valor''s wing and wraps the wing in bandages. As {{champion:133}} goes to rest in her small apartment, there's a knock at the door, with {{champion:91}} panting on the steps. {{champion:91}}: 'Jarvan's gone, and this was left in his cell.' He says, holding out a black rose. This isn't my best work, but this is how I imagine it. Plz no haterino <3 I whipped this up quickly.
I like this. I can appreciate the J4/LB theory put to life. But do you think LB would be so easily caught like that? We don't know a ton about the Black Rose, but we do know that they've existed for centuries without being exposed or routed, iirc. It would seem odd that LB would so casually leave in the detail that leads them to the black rose. Unless... That was her plan all along. >.>
Igglet (EUNE)
: Yes, but having a movie about Jhin would either not be for kids or it would be a total disaster. Putting in a character with a dark story in a seemingly happy game can go unnoticed, though making a movie about him... well, I doubt that it would be rated T.
The deadpool movie should stand proof that a "happy" comic book universe can still have irreparably dark characters and stories that don't tolerate sugar coating. If jhin's story was ever told I would expect nothing less.
Mayan (NA)
: Can we please change Warrior Princess Sivir splash art while we're at it?
Igglet (EUNE)
: The Main Character of YOUR LoL Movie?
Honestly I feel like we need to take a good look at some of the lesser known and explained characters in the league. {{champion:32}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:67}} We've had these champions for a while and nearly all of them have had their lore retconned by proxy with the loss of the institute of war. Others simply aren't well fleshed out and their stories are in need of a tune up. A movie dealing with any one of these characters to provide insight into who they are and what they're like would be a godsend. Purely for my own interests? One of my mains : {{champion:34}} or {{champion:202}} It's unfortunate that Anivia's lore/personality are basically as frozen as her magic. She has conflict with lissandra and the return of the watchers, but the scope of her lore, or her perceived interests, never reaches beyond the freljord and gives her very, very limited ability to interact with anyone outside of it. Jhin would probably make for a better movie, as his lore is a bit more recent and interactive. I'd like to simply follow him around from the observer's perspective to see how he works, simply because I find his personality fascinating. Watching the fantasy of his masterpiece unfold in Jyom pass would definitely be something to see. Shen and Zed are both once bitten, twice shy and it won't be easy.
Forever (NA)
: If your main was a Pokemon trainer
{{champion:34}} : http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/4/4e/144Articuno.png/250px-144Articuno.png I mean really, is there another choice? Also, no thumbs make for a hella difficult time opening a pokeball.
: Does Riot really think this is okay?
ADC news aside *jhin* is best performing ADC right now? The champion people were convinced was trash tier after his release? What?
Cryo00 (NA)
: Whenever you see your main in the LCS
{{champion:34}} I think I'm good. Even Froggen doesn't play her much competitively anymore. : <
TBakes (NA)
: What would her little ward-ghost look like? I think this is a really cool concept to match {{champion:61}}
It should be a floating ball of yarn with stray ends wafting behind and buttons for eyes. THAT would be cool XD
: All these champs are permanently banned. Who do you finally play?
*Shrug* No one bans {{champion:34}} and it's unusual to see a {{champion:202}} ban unless they really don't know how to deal with him (odd I know). My mains are untouched. Life is good.
: How to deal with a troll: Show them some semblance of decency
I've had mixed success. It's all about identifying the breed of troll. Some are just poor souls who are so badly tilted they shouldn't be playing, but are. You can reach out to them sometimes. Encourage and lavish them in attention, both in chat and in-game and you can bring them back. Sometimes they're my team's best players. Roam to help them, communicate with them, help take their turret so they can roam. Make sure they know you approve if they do well. Some...some just want to watch the world burn. They know exactly what they're doing and give exactly zero fucks. These people, incidentally, taught me how to secure my jungle camps well so I do have to thank them for that. They taught me how to think effectively and make the best use of my time to get the most out of my efforts by playing a 4v5 or in some cases a 6v4. They taught me to identify and learn the mindsets of my team mates and learn their play patterns so I could capitalize on their attempts at trolling. Shame all I could really give them in return was a report. I hope they got the ban I heard so many of them say they wanted.
: People who spam ping make me tilt so hard.
> [{quoted}](name=Simon Blackquill,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=rbr5Ewq9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-21T17:37:05.987+0000) > > People who spam ping make me tilt so hard. Exactly this. My limit is three before I start to get annoyed. It just demonstrates nothing other than how childish and impatient people are. ESPECIALLY people who backping while I'm fighting for my life in a do-or-die. I need to listen to things like skillshots and windups, pinging and cluttering what I can hear is NOT helping. On the other hand... I've been in this situation recently. Playing cho'gath versus a full AD trynd. I ask for help at level 3, my evelynn is in her top side jungle and in the area to gank. "There's nothing I can do against him, you're on your own." Okay. I'll do my best. I get dived repeatedly and the enemy jungler, noticing that I'm not getting help, decides to set up tent. I ask for help again. "He's too fed, I can't help you." This continues to spiral downwards until he's pushing inhibitor turret while my team is trying to take outer mid. Guys. Unless you guys react to tryndamere he's going to take inhibitor for free. The collective o-shit from my team as three of them run top to stop him was absolutely infuriating. Didn't react or try to help until he became an unstoppable monster who single-handedly carried the enemy team.
: How come ppl hate Ezreal so much
It's not that I hate him, I personally like playing ezreal. But I get really tired of seeing him and lucian every other game. It really seems to crowd out other ADC choices. I understand that they're popular for a reason, but at this point I sometimes ban him just so I can see other ADC picks played.
: Frustrations Of Climbing
I'm silver 4. I've been trying to climb lately to keep up with my friends who are starting to head into plat and can't que with me anymore. After playing with them and seeing a bit more of the opportunities they see and they decisions they make it's really frustrating to actually play with people on my level when I solo. There's zero coordination, zero respect for the capability of the enemy team, and seemingly zero interest in playing an objective-oriented play style. Don't even get me started on wards, vision is shaky enough this season with everyone doing their part. But if only 2 people are warding the map still feels like lights-out because people are uncoordinated, wandering all over and you can't ward the whole map. You need to ward points of interest in anticipation of where the enemy will be in response to you. Which means that you have to move with a purpose and a goal in mind for your being in any place on the map at a time. You can't just aimlessly split push while the rest of your team is farming jungle or solo farming lanes and hope you go unnoticed. It's suicide, but I've lost count of how many times I've seen it happen in my games. Trying to man up and become a shot-caller to help your team is honestly like herding cats, worse still, they frankly don't like you because you're trying to tell them what to do which makes them even MORE uncooperative. But I think what frustrates me the most is my champion pool. I'm a fill main who likes to mid and ADC (mostly with friends). I love, LOVE, to play utility/control or late game based champions like Nasus, Vladimir, Anivia, Orianna, and Jhin. Pretty much none of these champions do well in an assassin-oriented solo que that revolves heavily around the early game snowballing into a mid game victory. Even as Nasus, who can literally give zero fucks about most people who enter his domain, if people don't abuse the presence I create by splitting and get objectives while I keep two or three people occupied to deal with me there's no point to play him. That's the way I feel about most of my champion pool right now. There's just no point to playing them because I cannot carry hard enough.
: ITT: We Post Things We Learned Today
TIL that if you spell shield lucian's Ardent Blaze (his grenade ability) as sivir you still get the passive applied despite blocking the damage. Rito pls.
: What is it with women and only playing support? Why do they all hate top?
I play whatever my team needs. Usually that's support. Surprise. Given the choice I'd rather mid. I'm not good at top because I rarely play it outside of nasus. I hate the top lane meta and none of the top lane champion pool appeals to me. Those that do like singed or vlad simply aren't...easy to pull off.
Bemapon (NA)
: {{champion:67}} : WTF Bard just 1 shot me! {{champion:432}} : {{item:3285}} {{item:3087}} Oops. Based on a true story.
A friend of mine specifically picks up {{item:3094}} on bard for this reason. The harass is absolutely stupid.
abdul569 (EUW)
: what champion do you suck at in his intended role but boss at in other lanes?
{{champion:81}} I suck at AD ezreal and I hate his blue build. Let me play him AP, however...
: {{champion:14}} support works far better than you really think it would.
I had a support sion yesterday who basically trolled all over the map and STILL got the enemy team killed. Took enemy red, proceeded to beat the enemy adc with it, forcing her out of lane. Tower dives, enemy bot lane kills them, I get the double kill anyway as our adc = buff transfer complete. It was insane.
Sciraen (NA)
: Let's Play a Game! Called Guess Who He/She Mains!
I play every role. My two main roles are Mid and ADC. I have two champions that I main playing these roles. Hints? One wears blue and the other wears white, both are mid/late and have similar playstyles.
: When someone starts insulting my mother
I say my parents are dead in situations like this. People don't usually dare to push it further.
: "Gangplank stop farming your lane and help us." 17 minutes into the game. {{champion:41}} "I'm sorry but while you continue to dive that fed Twisted Fate I'll just stay up here and get my ult upgrades."
I once had my team's support bitch me out for not grouping as nasus in a ranked game. team pls.
: So what did everyone get from the hextech chests?
I got head hunter yi and the underworld poro ward skin on my first two chests. : / I don't play yi because I find him brain dead. I'm holding out on the ward skin in case I come across a skin that I absolutely must have. I don't really care how my wards look.
Corvilyn (NA)
: Azuline Gaming [AZG] looking for casual friends to play normals!
I joined just a few weeks ago and I have to say AZG is full of fun and laid back people. I've been playing with them a lot and they've all been friendly, helpful and knowledgeable of the game if you have any questions. Definitely recommend AZG to anyone looking to hang out!
Eeyore (EUW)
: How to give Mordekaiser a dash...
So...make morde into riven?
Canidae (NA)
: WTB Visual Indicate of People who are Partied (similar to HotS / Dota's system)
Identifying partied folks is just another reason for discrimination. Since people have an almost unfair notion that all duos or parties are toxic and against the notion of working as a team. The vast majority are quiet and unnoticed. if anything, I feel like the indicator that there's a party in your team would merely tilt you before you even set foot on the rift.
Cosnirak (NA)
: They intentionally chose to not have his orbs hidden by a bush because THEY DO DAMAGE WHILE YOU'RE IN A BUSH AND THAT WOULDN'T BE FAIR. ;)
So, so many champions abuse brush-tactics. Sion's Q, Illaoi with her damnable E, Nunu and his ultimate are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
: {{champion:104}} :"Shh! Be vewy quiet! I'm twying to hunt wabbits!" {{champion:17}} : "Ehh what's up doc!"
Atuko (NA)
: Does anyone think any champ is fun to play against
Am I weird for liking mirror matchups? It's the most rediculous stuff ever.
: I want to like the vocals. I'm having trouble.
yeah : / Still, I thought the song was funny and fitting :P
esmelar (NA)
: {{champion:161}} I can shoot lasers too
: When you're playing Jhin and the grenade kills all 4 minions
I once got a quadra with a lucky grenade. Best feeling ever.
: Which abilities feel the absolute worst to misuse?
{{champion:34}} Her abilities are very punishing if you don't use them correctly. She's fragile, and low range. There have been times I've walled to save or condemn my enemies and allies alike. I recall one instance in particular where I somehow managed to get perfect fucking god-timing and knocked my allied tristana out of her W mid-air and get immediately ulted by a cho-gath. It was a very swift /mute all after that move.
Dukues (NA)
: The Stereotypical Adc
If he was that good with jhin after the first or second time you hooked someone he could have picked up your play pattern to W between you and your hooked target. Works like a charm.
: Why does no one bother staying in Kindred ultis for the heal?
Because sometimes distance from the fight is the better alternative than a crappy flat amount heal. If people see kindred ult they will zone you, displace you or time their abilities to coincide with the end of the ultimate when you become vulnerable again.
VishStix (NA)
: Looking for Singed build tips
I'm not a singed main or a pro by any means, but as far as I understand it there are two main build paths on singed. {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} core for teamfighting or when you're snowballing. {{item:3512}} {{item:3060}} core for split pushing, especially vs AP. If they don't have AP ditch the banner and get something like a rylai's. MR options to consider for singed: {{item:3102}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3512}} * Veil vs hard CC is hugely important. If you're locked down as singed you die. End of story. Lux bindings and morgana Q's begone! * Visage effects your corrupting potion AND your ultimate's passive healing, so yes, enjoy. * Banner is for when you want to split push vs an AP comp. * ZZ'rot is a really strong item right now that gives buckets of resists, a useful passive and, of course, the portal. Armor Items to consider for singed: {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}}{{item:3742}} * Thornmail vs AA reliant champions. Kog'maw might still melt you, but odds are you're taking him with you. * Randuins is great in the mid game when most crit builders are coming into their crit items. Remains relevant all game. * DMP is technically nerfed, but it's still a solid item as far as I'm concerned for singed. The passive combined with rylai's and/or swiftness boots will make it so you can outrun or chase down just about anyone. I'd suggest something like {{item:3110}} but I'm honestly not sure how effective it is on singed, the mana converts to *some* hp, you get a lot of armor which is nice...but CDR isn't typically something I've seen built on singed, despite how important his ultimate is to his teamfighting. Hope this stuff helps!
: Jhin is a huge disappointment. Kench was good though.
> [{quoted}](name=Big Daddy Poro,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=GvvudEw7,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-03-04T08:52:46.032+0000) > > Jhin is a huge disappointment. Kench was good though. I'm still waiting on his long, complete lore before I make my judgements on jhin. He has the potential to be a very interesting character.
: What role do you think Aurelion Sol will have?
I honestly think he will be and play like galio as a sort of AP bruiser type. I predict that, just like galio, he will be strong in his own right, but be nearly unplayable because of either meta shifts or no one can figure out how to get him to work well.
: Proxy Singed?
> [{quoted}](name=L Psy Congroo,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=A1m4PTLh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-01T23:39:28.706+0000) > > Proxy Singed? Whenever I play singed I tell my team to ignore me and focus on what they're doing. People rage so hard when singed does his thing and gets forced to execute or gets caught. I'm new to singed, but I've seen people play him and there's definitely an art to it. I personally call it tactical feeding.
: {{champion:202}} Nothing more satisfying than watching your target frantically trying to run away from your bullets only to get hit and killed by one. Another is {{champion:78}}'s. Amusing to see people go in to try and kill me and just send them flying back. Like, "NOPE! NO KILL FOR YOU!"
^^ This ^^ I've taken great joy playing with my food sometimes, watching as they dance. Ultimates are blown, mobility cooldowns are used, summoners are wasted. It's surprising how often people have faked themselves out right into one of my bullets. Or died heroically, meaninglessly for their team mates. That's cute too.
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