: Should we be happy that Riot Sanjuro lost his job?
They had to fire him because otherwise they would never have been able to justifiably ban any player for toxic action. Act as you wish others would act.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: Can't really tell if it's a 2 week suspension or a permanent ban. In any case the ban is well deserved. Even if we don't take the insults into account, all of this bitching, whining, complaining, belittling of your teammates, constantly giving up, the overall negativity, the report-calling and useless spam is absolutely enough for a punishment. You could have just muted them instantly, stopped using chat and none of this would have happened. You chose to break the rules and cry like a sissy girl. Well deserved punishment. Glad the system is working !
So being negative is enough to warrant being perma banned?
: Banned. I don't think this is fair.
I'm not a part of the riot ban machinery, just a passer-by. For the record IMO, no you should not have been banned. You essentially got banned because you were being negative and wanted to surrender early? Are we supposed to be permanently cheerful and happy whilst playing this game? Seems really stupid logic to me considering other people do WAY worse stuff and don't get banned. Hell, I had a lux call me every name under the sun, then she started going on about how she was a part of ISIS and was going to kill me and my family and rape my sisters/mothers/cousins, mutilate the children etc etc. Guess what? He/She didn't get banned. And you get banned over that? Broken system.
: Let opponents see whom Yasuo has already dashed to
How far do you fucks wanna go to gut Yasuo? Might as well replace all his abilities with emotes the way this retarded ass community goes on about him. He is NOT overpowered.
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Mirross (NA)
: Chests drop if you get an S, or if someone in your premade gets an S, capped to once per champion per season. Keys drop randomly when you win a game. We'll be tuning the drop rates on PBE and future patches to look to balance it in the way you described.
Thanks for the reply Good Luck!
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
How exactly do these drops work? Do you get them on kill,assist,ect. Will wining the game net you a chance of getting a drop? Also, are these drops going to be rare or a fairly common thing(I'm guessing your going to have to play alot to get a lot of drops as to not make it too easy but i do not want it to be so hard that we have to grind to get it).
Delimon (NA)
: Honestly it is unreasonable and anyone that thinks that this is reasonable needs to think about how many games have this oh wait none of them do.
> [{quoted}](name=Delimon,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=AjmViuet,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-01-19T18:24:09.541+0000) > > Honestly it is unreasonable and anyone that thinks that this is reasonable needs to think about how many games have this oh wait none of them do. logic
: "I won't waste my gold Just to prevent mundo from healing" my Tristana
Remember guys, she need to rush crit 100% of the time! Ant deviation would be blasphemy to the God-Emperor!
: Kog'Maw isn't weak because he's undertuned
I dunno, It seems that people think he's weak because they try to 1v5 with 5.0 attack speed.
: Is Minions block getting worse for anyone else?
Yeah, its almost denied me a couple of kills while chasing down lanes. Last season, it was hardly noticeable, now if you run into a creep wave, you WILL be buffeted around into


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