: Thanks for the actual help :) dont be a smartass for no reason
Boards can't help. We just express our problems for some people to read it. I agree with rujita, as i wish i can give him an upvote
Aladoron (EUW)
: Well, your games are really strange, i'll talk only about summoner's rift, since i never play twisted so idk how many deaths are acceptable there, BUT: - 0-8-0 Garen in a 15 min game - 0-11-0 Garen in a 21 min game - 0-12-1 Irel in a 21 min game - 1-19-4 Ahri in a 33 min game These are TOO MUCH. You might be a totally new player in LoL, but then you should practice vs bots until you are a little better. In these games you totally ruined the game for your team (probably). In real games, in ranked (summoners rift) 0.5 death / min is usually considered inting. So yea, probably it feels bad to get flamed, but have you considered how bad it feels being in your team? I mean no offense here, but these performances just ruin the fun for your team, you should not be allowed to do this, however bad/new you are. Practice, git gud, and you wont get flamed.
Thanks. Yeah, I also want to apologize to them as I disappoint the team. However they took it too far and I don't know how to respond to that, like that Disney movie involves in one person controlled by 5 main emotions. I think I'm now going to play more games against bots until I fully realize the game.
: > it's like breaking other people's hearts, breaking them down and develop psychological issues, as they just want to enjoy their moments into the game. In that case you should probably get a real therapy and not subject yourself to LoL expecting the devs to cure you.
Idk, I just thought sometimes some people change very quickly. I have no issue, just saying some people can take it seriously. :)
Weirdy (NA)
: Creating a Friendly Environment Between Players "Honorable Queue"
I agree with you somewhat on what you have said. I don't like to go against riot, but I want to criticize that if riot lets toxicity goes on, then it's like breaking other people's hearts, breaking them down and develop psychological issues, as they just want to enjoy their moments into the game. I think we also need to highlight players into different types of behaviour they display, to let others know who they can trust and who they can't.
: /muteall in chat. Enjoy
Zardo (NA)
: Once you get to level 30 the game will be a lot less toxic since you're matched with people who got their accounts banned for toxicity. Until then, muting the people who flame is probably your best bet.
Thanks. I will take that comment as I will try to progress better in the game.
dnsup (NA)
: Continue to ignore toxic players. (You *should report it*; but beyond that, yes, ignore it!). Eventually, it becomes easier to "live good for what you want to do", as you say. Thanks for exhibiting your English skills. (There are some phrases I would change in your post, if you had asked us to edit it; still, the whole post was comprehensible **and** well-structured). I hope that the language serves you well. The more languages, the better. (One last note: I'm glad that you are willing to criticize Riot Games for the [long-term/ongoing] behavior of LoL's players. Not everyone recognizes that players' behavior is related to Riot's decisions as much as it is to each individual's decisions.)
Thanks for the feedback. You are allowed to edit the post but I don't know how to let you do that XD. Also thanks for the support as I know that riot games will need to realize, that this sort of behaviour can cause mental issues and breakdowns to many players.
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