: Yuumi and weird Adaptive force scale on W
I did test it in practive tool just now. And the only Bug is that {{item:3003}} bonus ap from mana doesn't count towards the passive for some reason. If you take away the ap given from mana (also take the 40% from rabadons that comes thanks to that mana) then the numbers are correct. Edit: as Velzard of Koz said in his post, this might just be a tooltip error when unattached. I didn't check that myself. I did test your 2. example with {{item:3089}} 4x {{item:3907}} and {{item:3089}} {{item:3151}} 4x{{item:3285}} too and got the correct numbers. There was a delay when changing the items tho, so it appeared lower for a few seconds. But then the correct value showed. I think your 141 vs 110 comes from that delay too.
: PSA: Juggernauts =/= tanks
While you are right, it's not always that clear. For me tank is a playstyle not a champion role. We see that well with AP malphite. Some champs are just better fit/designed to be "tanks" than others. Also before all that reworks happened people didn't differentiate between tank and juggernauts.
: Honestly at one point, hating on point and click ccs made sense. S1-3 when reliable mobility was less common and the game wasn't mostly skillshots, plenty of champions just did not have options to deal with this stuff and it was really punishing. They usually have less damage as a consequence, but that doesn't stop shit like an AP Nunu spamming undodgable snowballs every 6s less frustrating. These days though, pretty much every new champion has a dash and most reworks involve turning abilities into skillshots that previously were not. The least mobile champions IIRC in the past couple years are characters like Zoe and Kai'Sa, which have a temporary blink, movement speed buff, and ultimate blink between their two kits. That's still way more mobility than someone like Ashe or Veigar will ever get, and those champions don't have a reliable method of dealing with characters with 2+ movement options. Things like Fiddle Fear and Vi R need to exist in the game for it to be healthy. As the game continues to focus on mobility vs skillshots as the main form of gameplay, the immobile and low mobility champions need something to support them or else they'll just get bullied out of the meta.
The problem with Fiddlesticks fear is that it's legit instant and on a low cd unlike Vi ult or Pantheons stun for example. You can "dodge" those abilities with certain champions or items like Zhonyas. Fiddle will just click at you and you are feared out of nowhere.
: What kind of shit reasoning is that? I'm the first one that despises high mobility nonsense, but solving a no counterplay issue with another no counterplay mechanic is obviously dumb. Long range point-and-click CC abilities should not exist, period. Besides, said point-and-click shit would actually be worse for immobile champs, since the mobile ones can stay easily out of reach, go invisible or become untargetable, while a Vel'Koz (for example) has literally no way no avoid it. If you want to punish mobility, here is how: * Create a tank/support item whose active is: Target enemy is revealed for 5 seconds and grounded by 2. * Make slows actually slow down jump animations that are more than 300 units long. * Nerf the most mobile champs so they actually have to pay a price for their high mobility, instead of also having damage, sustain, range and CC.
This. Especially since there is no time to react to the fear unlike old Taric stun or pantheons stun. You can even cancel Pantheons jump and thus the stun. There are other ways to get rid of mobility like Cassio/Singed/Poppys grounded abilities. Just sad that nobody plays those champions.
: Pretty sure thats just riot refusing to spend time fixing a bug.
No, they intentionally implemented this to lower harass in laning from champs like pantheon. I don't know what the exact patch date was, but you can search for it if you don't believe me.
: This game has so many bugs that riot NEVER FIXES EVER.
> Minions sometimes treat pure skills not skill shots just skills as auto attacks when you hit an enemy single target skills are counted as AA for minion aggro
DeIheru (NA)
: ARAM CC bug
Happens to me too....
: "NEW" Garen on hit effects
{{item:3147}} this should work too right?
: Let me find the match in my match history recently as an example; https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3114687183/2016300203444448?tab=overview here it is... he he. So while I wasn't invincible, I still was able to 1v5 engage and let my team clean up. My W shield took most of the on-hit magic damage they put out and I could afford to simply build Armor and HP from there. Fights were EASY. The point of defense isn't to become unstoppable, it's to survive longer, and I did long enough for my team to be able to be useful.
Your Teemo was fed af. You tanked 26k dmg... In comparison: Teemo took 32k dmg total, even Eve had 26k. Now let's look at the "real" tank in the enemy team. It's Garen who tanked a whooping 50k dmg and even Xin with 45k dmg. They lost. They had like 3 "tanky" champs and lost because damage is everything.
: How Can I Get My RP Back?
Contact support. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Pick the option: Rp purchases, store issues.
: *** Veigar *** + rapidfire cannon vs 'Dragon'
Veigar oneshots anything below his own rank. Dragon buff got nerfed, so that you take damage. Dunno how rapidfire cannon has anything to do with it?
: It's no wonder Twisted Treeline is being removed - you haven't done a thing to it in how long?
You are right. They didn't want us to play the mode. Like their Event Pass doesn't even give tokens for playing it. So you are punished for playing it, because the time could be used on Arams/Normals to earn tokens.
: Bring back the uniqueness that old runes provided
This is my favorite part: https://i.imgur.com/UOhOeN4.png
Cloud273 (NA)
: If you have 3 of the same skin shard, why wan't you turn them into a skin permanent?
There are multiple reasons: 1. Champions cost BE, so they don't lose anything by giving you a permanent champions. But they make money by selling skins. You need 3 keys for a box, so it takes longer to get. That's just a way to slow down the progress. Again: Because if you get too many, they can't make money. 2. There are A LOT more skins than Champions. The chance to get the same skin 3 times is abysmal, so such a feature would be used by a very very tiny amount of players. 3. Most people who get skin shards reroll them, so stacking 3 skin shards is even more unlikely. 4. If you wanted the skin, you might have unlocked it already with OE before getting 3. 5. And if you kept them because you didn't like the skin shards, you could still reroll the 3 to get a permanent skin.
Copic (NA)
: TFT requires no skill to win, prove me wrong.
I have a comp which helps me place top 3 almost each match on avg drops. But that's only because Draven is broken and abusing him isn't even fun. What really sucks are those early stages where you get 1 item (at best) while others get 2 full and a half item. I just started leaving in those matches because there really is no way to win.
: Qiyana is fine
My biggest issue with her is: She gets bullied out of lane quite easily since her dmg and cooldowns early are meh. If you don't fall behind and get your first item, she is actually fun and good. But that's it. If you fall behind however she legit can't do anything unlike some other champs. That's probably why her winrate is so low. If you play her jungle, you might have a easier time scaling.
: {{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:122}} are all you need. With those three you can beat every other top laner.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zeromatsu,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h7b01gAg,comment-id=0000000000010000000100000000,timestamp=2019-06-25T20:10:39.382+0000) > > So? Why would Morde ult you if he loses the trade? > > Not only can he choose when to use it (when it's in his favor) but he also gets your stats. If it didn't have any kind of counterplay (outdueling isn't, since like I said: He chooses when to use the ability) it would be broken Okay? And? If he uses his ult on someone weak they were going to die anyways. :/
"someone weak"? Not every champion is a duelist in the first place. Morde forcing you to do a 1v1 he chooses without counterplay is plain stupid. You could change it at this point to: "click on an enemy champ and get a kill". Also that's my whole point? If he ults someone he is guaranteed to get the kill, without any way for the ulted player to do anything against it. I just don't understand how you can defend this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Trist mid opop,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h7b01gAg,comment-id=00000000000100000001,timestamp=2019-06-25T17:39:14.907+0000) > > He STEALS 10% of all ur core stats. Okay? You still have your core kit and 90% of your stats. Not to mention you are now an ultimate ability up on him.
So? Why would Morde ult you if he loses the trade? Not only can he choose when to use it (when it's in his favor) but he also gets your stats. If it didn't have any kind of counterplay (outdueling isn't, since like I said: He chooses when to use the ability) it would be broken.
: ((Modern Champs and Ridiculous Gimmicks)) Top - {{champion:164}} Mid - {{champion:142}} Jungle - {{champion:141}} ADC - {{champion:145}} Support - {{champion:555}} All these champions are "modern" and they can all do everything with no actual trade off. Is it any wonder that League's playerbase in on a decline? This is the quality of champion releases these days and it all started with {{champion:157}}. That was the exact point the game where power creep and greed motivated Riot rather then the players. Riot had to start "reworking" older champs just to help them stay relevant but modern champs are usually much better.
I haven't seen a Zoe in ages. Probably cause she isn't that good anymore.
Reksee (NA)
: Opinion: More Mobility does not make the game fun
Tbh mobility is just a part of the problem... There are enough unhealthy, immobile champions like Tahm Kench or new Mordekaiser and I wouldn't call Aatrox mobile either. It just gets problematic if those champions also have invisibility, high damage or strong cc abilities. Unfortunately recent releases tend to have more than one of those. Qiyana will also have everything.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ðownright Darius,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0FAkFtAz,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-06-22T18:49:51.343+0000) > > By the time you get items, the lane's practically decided and he's bullied you into submission. The runes negligibly help the lane. The only way to beat him is in champ select, and that's with ranged top, which is another cancer on top lane. This is simply not true. Jax, Shen, Pantheon are all solid non-ranged champions that can handle him. Jax counter strike will stop him from stacking on you, as will Shen W, and Pantheon passive/W. Jax and Shen both have ways to escape on top of this. I find champions like Riven and Darius to be far more problematic than Tahm. At least you know Tahm is going to be pretty damn useless after lane phase.
Jax counter strike will do nothing, his Q will still apply and you can avoid Jax E by just not trading for 1-2 seconds. If he decides to jump on you for the stun, he is as good as dead.
: Am i the only one who doesn't know what the meaning of funneling is lol. Anyone care to explain?
You have 2 Champions, 1 of them is the (hyper-) carry and the other "supports" the carry. Carry takes smite and support usually goes exhaust + heal, sometimes Ignite. Now you let the carry get all farm from lane and jungle, the support just follows to get exp and gold through support item. This way the carry gets xp and gold lead over the enemy champions. The support is usually lower lvl and has less gold, but his job is to keep the carry alive. Champions like Taric or others with a lot of cc are good for this. Now you have an overleveled (hyper-) carry with a gold lead, which is unkillable due to the support having a lot of cc, 2 defensive summoners and who also builds support items like knights vow.
: I don't understand how people can go into 3v3 just to farm all day. Isn't that boring? If you are Nasus and you want to stack alright, I understand but how can with any other champions just sit back and cowering until you have 3 items? How..how are people having fun with that?
How is that any different than farming on any other map?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Tahm kench has 280 base damage, 70% slow on a 4 second cooldown.
His Q also applies his passive dmg, so he actually deals more dmg.
: Can we make an OPT to join voice chat in League in ranked please?
I don't feel like beeing forced into voice chat. Especially on servers like EUW where people have different languages this might be a problem. Also: - Getting flamed for not joining - Games getting even more of a coin flip if the enemy team is willing to join voice and yours isn't - People show their frustration in voice and thus affecting your team negative - Toxic people in general... If you get flamed in voice chat a few times you won't join again resulting in the problems above. Overwatch has it and tbh it didn't help in any way. Most of the times people didn't join or some premades talked with themselves and made (bad) calls, expecting you to follow. And like I said, they would get mad at the ones that didn't join or didn't follow the calls.
: One thing I've noticed about League's players is they are good at the champs they play but
Thing is you don't have any influence on your teammates... If I go split while beeing fed, the enemy team should need 2-3 ppl to stop me but reality looks different. My team would either force fights or get engaged on because they don't know what to do.
Tioym (EUW)
: Let's Talk Akali.
I never understood the thought of "We don't want to see this champion in Pro-play, so we nerf it to the state of unplayability". Instead of destroying a champion for everyone just disable them for worlds or whatever tournament. If a champion is objectively overperforming in all elos you are free to nerf them. But going as far as nerfing a champion till it reaches 43~% winrate is just too much. At this point they could remove the Champion because it handicaps the team they are played on. And please guys, don't bring the argument that at the right hands they are still good.... The effort you have to put into them and the results you get are not worth it and despite mastering these champions, there are still better picks. Just look at pro play, if there is something better, it will be abused. Champions like Kalista, Azir etc. deserve better treatment. That beeing said: I have no idea if Akali is really that broken. Atleast in my games I don't have a problem with her since nobody is good at her.
: I really hate Kayle's new gameplay design
So it comes down to this item again: {{item:3124}}
: Their destiny is to stay gutted until they are reworked. Poor Aatrox, gets reworked because he is unhealthy and then Riot guts the rework even harder that his pre rework version.
This is intended I suppose. Anyone with a little bit thought can see how kits like Aatrox can't work. They did the same with {{champion:84}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:39}}{{champion:107}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:90}} and probably some others. {{champion:10}} will be next.
: Ignore the trash, a truly decent team will forgive mistakes, one that you would have lost with no matter your skill will attack you the moment they or you make a mistake. Any player that attacks the moment someone else makes a mistake is not interested in winning the game, they are interested in making you and anyone else they can get rage and get into a bad mood, they will often claim they care to win the game but actions speak louder and their refusal to shut up speaks louder then the words they type.
Did you even read what he wrote?
: New Conqueror Changes
The Spellvamp on it is so unneeded. I mean 75 adaptive force + true dmg are more than enough.
Dr Dog (NA)
: same really, it hasnt devolved into abuse of op strats yet so its still a fun mode
> it hasnt devolved into abuse of op strats yet tbh it has. People pick champs like Brand, Poppy, Master Yi and Jax. I have to see a single game without Brand when he isn't banned yet. His Passive is just broken on walking Nexus.
: I simply meant that the damage **_registration_** should be irrespective of time pulse. I still think 1 tick / second is fine, granted, .25 leaves little room for interpretation, but even still it could cause you to lose dps. I simply was suggesting if enemy champion: Has not taken damage from Sunfire cape within last 1.0 second? Is Inside of Aura Radius? If both yes, apply tick of damage immediately, and not until both of those conditions are met again. This way, each enemy is on their own pulse and you're guaranteed to never "miss" a tick unless they are outside of your range. But the moment you enter range , you don't lose any time yet again. The cycle begins immediately with a damage tick. Whether this would be more or less difficult to last hit with, I couldn't say.
: Shyvanas Buff Does Not do Nearly Enough.
imo she needs a slow on either Q or E and she would be fine. A new passive would be an option too, I would love to see her passive changing depending on the element of the most slayed dragon. Just a few suggestions: 1. Fire: She gets a small aura which deals damage on all nearby enemies (like sunfire). 2. Water: Shyvanas E heals or shields allies hit. 3. Mountain: Shyvana gets bigger every time she loses a certain amount of hp increasing her W (and E) radius. 4. Wind: Nearby allies are faster when running towards Shyvana.
: Not a bad idea. Rito next champ, 5 hitpoints, can only lose HP to auto attacks and regens 1 per second for each second out of combat. Tankiest champ in the game.
I wouldn't even be surprised if a new champion will have this atleast partly in their kit since it seems like Riot has no ideas anymore.
: Isnt this just a revert to the last buffs it got? Thats hardly gutted.
It is. It's basically old ignite with 30 seconds less cooldown now.
: what happened to lux and brand supports?
So you are crying because your support gets kills and that you continue trolling with a support build if that happens? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Sorry to say that but you are ruining your own games. There is no reason to blame your support unless he is trolling on purpose. And this doesn't seem like they do. Fact is dmg supports are common in every division and they usually have more impact on the lane and thus getting kills. Even if your support gets all kills you will be ahead of the enemy, so what's the problem?
: Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error
Did I get it right? Capsules had a cost of 1 BE and people can keep them? So there might be people who bought thousands of capsules for literally free and this excuse is supposed to make people that spent money on capsules feel any better? No words. PS: Dunno if there is a limit on how many you can buy of them, but if there wasn't then this is just a joke.
: I love playing Zilean against a Volibear or other nearly immobile champion. Just perma cc them and they can't do a thing. I feel a little bad about it after about the 3rd kill where they couldn't do a thing, but it is very satisfying.
It's also quite funny if Nasus slows you and you slow him back, as he can't reach you while both are walking in slow motion {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Dynikus (NA)
: Played Sylas on pbe. Riot, are you feeling okay?
This were my thoughts when reading his abilities: Passive: Oh he has Reksai Q as passive. Ok. Q: Now he also has Poppy Q with more range and more base dmg instead of max hp dmg. W: Atleast something "new", but wait: He seriously heals 500 hp with 80% scaling ?! E: looks a little bit like Camille E. No ability with 2 dashes, a huge shield and hard cc should have a low cooldown (6 seconds) like this. R: no words I didn't get the conversion thing tho. > Sylas converts non-hybrid AD ratios into AP ratios, granting him .5 AP: 1 Bonus AD and .4 AP: 1 Total AD respectively."
: Bard W is perfectly fine. It's 360 health or something early on for 3 full heals, which you should have up at all times starting level 2. You can also selfcast it to speedboost yourself as you roam, giving you even more MS than you already have thanks to chimes. It's not a braindead spell and requires eyes from your ADC, that's why it's perceived as weak.
On lvl 1 it heals 70 (+60% ap) and that takes 10 seconds for the shrine to build up otherwise it only heals 30 which is nothing. So 3 Shrines take atleast 30 seconds to build up for only 210 heal (+ some little extra, which is actually neglectable atleast early). Also enemies can just walk over them and you wasted 70 mana. This is actually the only complaint I have with the ability. It takes 10 seconds already to build up, the heal is not huge, it has to be positioned well so you can reach it in time if you need it and it takes a lot of mana. So why make it so easy to destroy? Atleast slow enemys that step on it so you can make some plays with ult/stun.
: My business is that their Aatrox, brand and Fiora has skins and were all level 7? Why come to Nexus blitz to tryhard and sweat the living fuck out? If you want to tryhard go play ranked or solo que
So they play their champs a lot and enjoy them. How is that tryhard? They are just playing their favorite champions. You are basically "trolling" and expect to win. You pick Irelia (one of the most hated champ for a reason) and then complain. If you had stomped the enemy they would say the same: oh look he is playing broken irelia, even with ap build he wins easily, such a meta sheep. If you want to play such builds go play customs or bot games.
: Okay name noted, not worth responding to you ever again. What a load of bullshit. He lost 120 dmg EVERY 1,5 seconds not 50 dmg once. It's not for free, he pays 3200 gold
every 1,5 seconds really? You know for trinity he has to cast skills. His skills got dmg buffs. So when he uses his skills, he loses the trinity dmg but gains the skill dmg. This results in less than 120 dmg per procc lost. And as I said, Jax spams his Q and W basically at the same time, so he doesn't get to proc 2 trinity hits. If he does wait for the W to get the second trinity procc he loses on W dmg. Maybe with 40% cd reduction and the enemy standing still he get's the full dmg off from w and trinity at the same time. But that's just rarely the case. And yes, it is free. Because he trades some dmg for armor. He might pay 3200 gold, but he would've paid it anyway (for your 120 extra dmg, for the shield and so on). So in worst case he loses a little dmg, not the whole 120 dmg you make up. Like I care if you respond, not like you add something to the discussion. Calling other people's viewpoint a joke makes your own post a joke. And this isn't even a case of "clearly a buff", he lost something and gained something else. And your numbers are just viewed in a vacuum.
: I don't mind people playing mages bot lane, but for gods sake don't call it support when you're doing that. It's like michael phelps an olympic gold medal winner, you take him and put him in the special ed swimming olympics and then say those handicapped people are equal to michael phelps. It's stupid to see people play mages in bot lane, then through the chat say ignorant things like "gee, weird to see a support carry huh?" "I'm just a support" "Support, lol" you're not a support you're just in a different lane. Pyke being made as a "support" just re-enforces that mentality that if i play something in bot lane it's a support.
For me a support has to do: 1. Go to a lane with someone and help/let him cs 2. place wards and deny enemy vision 3. assist the team (be it dmg or utilitywise) And protecting your carry isn't the supports job, it's the teams job. And assisting your team includes protecting your carry. And that doesn't mean you have to shield or heal him to achieve that. That's it. I don't expect them to babysit an adc, especially if the adc has no idea what he is doing. If dealing dmg means you win the game, go for it. But: Most dmg dealing supports are often overextending and are too fixated on dealing dmg. That's a problem, but it has nothing to do with the pick itself. I think we all had those Brand/Vel'koz/Lux or whatever that miss every skillshot and/or have bad positioning and get killed too often. And we all had those godlike Brand/Vel'koz/Lux etc. that carried the game. That's why I prefer enchanters over damage dealers myself. They are harder to mess up with.
Eedat (NA)
: It's frankly an embarrassment how bad of a state the client is left in
Also: I love how you have to add LoL exceptions for the firewall with each update. I just counted how many exceptions of "League of Legends" I have right now and it's insane. The number is 42.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zeromatsu,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yA5H7iUT,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2018-12-26T09:57:26.742+0000) > > Your fun "fact" is wrong. I remember him getting plenty of buffs in a row, which made him already strong. Conqueror is just the tip of the iceberg. > > Also 1 nerf just recently. > > http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Jax/History > > Runes reforged gave him too much base ad... He gets 1,4 attack speed because of his passive without building items. On top of that he gets the ad from conqueror. Armor got buffed, magic resist reduced but Jax deals too much magic damage, so he actually profits more than other bruisers from this change. I would like to note that these "plenty of buffs" you are referring to were just base stats(plus damage on his Q+E) when the the new rune system was applied.The old rune system gave Jax as well as many champions BASE STATS unlike the new one. So,Riot gave "plenty of buffs" not only to jax but to the entire champions pool.Also that was when all the fighters begun struggling and got left behind.Not only Jax. Noone was complaining until now that people started shouting for the Conq key.Hence,all the cries about one of the first abusers of this key.Jax. The thing about Jax that everyone is upset for ,is his scaling into the jungle.There,he has free time to farm and scale faster and harder than in top lane.Hence,his 50% WR at top lane and and 53% WR in jungle. Nerfing his base stats will only put him in a tough spot at top lane and would struggle more against his counters.**If i were to propose a nerf,that would be his Q Range,which is basically that same as FLASH RANGE.I would prefer a scaling ranged Q until the late levels so even the poor ADCs can be happy when the escape from Jax using their flash.That way Jax jungle would think twice before just leaping to an enemy.**
Didn't know that other champions got their abilities buffed like jax did. Singed got merely 9 armor and nothing else. So again: He got 50 extra range on one of his abilities. He got extra dmg on Q He got extra dmg on E He got life regen buff. (k this one isn't huge, but it's a buff) and on top of it he got the base stat adjustments like every other champion. But those base stat adjustments favor jax more than others. And because he is so strong he even got dmg nerf on his ult just recently. But that doesn't really fix his problem. He is way too tanky, mobile and bursty all at once.
: Saying the steraks change was actually a buff is the biggest joke i've ever heard in my life. He lost 120 dmg per trinity procc on average. So having 30 more dmg on Q or E makes up for it and is actually a buff 4Head. Only benefit is more armor on ult.
You can laugh all you want, but 30 extra armor in this meta for free is more worth than those 50 dmg he lost. He is dealing too much dmg anyway. He lost 120 dmg per trinity procc and gained 120 dmg through Q and E buffs. Trinity has 1,5 seconds cooldown and Jax basically uses Q and W at the same time.
: Buying my first smartphone looking for any advice
I also recommend Xiaomi, using mine for a few years already and it's still working and doing it's job just fine.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zeromatsu,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yA5H7iUT,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2018-12-26T09:57:26.742+0000) > > Your fun "fact" is wrong. I remember him getting plenty of buffs in a row, which made him already strong. Conqueror is just the tip of the iceberg. > > Also 1 nerf just recently. > > http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Jax/History > > Runes reforged gave him too much base ad... He gets 1,4 attack speed because of his ult without building items. On top of that he gets the ad from conqueror. Armor got buffed, magic resist reduced but Jax deals too much magic damage, so he actually profits more than other bruisers from this change. if i am not wrong (maybe i am) those buffs were the general stat increase that every champion got when runes got updated. The last buff he got was at 6.2 when they changed a bit his passive so he could stack up to 8 but lose the buff faster
He also got some base dmg changes to his abilities. (not much, but Jax has low cooldowns so it adds up and favors his burst) You are right, that every champion got general stat increase, but not every champ got base ad changes (like Rumble and Singed). But that's not the point. The point is: (Almost) Every champion that got ad and armor, got the same amount of ad and armor (8 ad, 9 armor). 8 ad on some champions isn't much of a deal, but on champions like Tryndamere or Jax it means more. On Tryndamere (or Yasuo etc.) 8 ad means 16 dmg with crits and they build attack speed. Jax has auto hit resets and huge built in attack speed steroid. 8 Damage for each hit is a lot. Add the conqueror AD to this and you have an annoying champion to deal with. Riot was lazy and they gave every champ the same amount because it's the easiest to do. Doesn't mean it is balanced. Also: Champions can get indirect buffs from items or when their counters/the meta changes in their favor. Biggest change that affects him imo: Steraks giving bonus ad instead of base ad. All his abilities scale with bonus ad.
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