: It's hard to turn Zoe's lead into a win
You can deep ward and wait for someone like the adc or jungler. If you take them out you can easily (split-) push or take baron. If you have a lead with Zoe you can easily do that.
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: Unpopular opinion incoming: I actually like the way this works at the moment. I try extra hard in the beginning to get that first or 2nd kill, just so that I DO get that extra gold. Because most likely, my other lander or 3rd lane doesn't perform as well and I will have to go there / gank / carry and this will help me. Statistically seen, if you do well, one other lane on your team does bad. This helps you compensate for them.
your logic is flawed because if they do well they get that turret gold too. If anything, it makes the range of worst/best case even bigger. You can now fall behind 1800 gold, or get ahead 1800 gold. If we assume you win your lane and get some platings but your other laners suck you might get ahead 600 gold but enemys still can get 1200g themselves which is double of yours.


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