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Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Hello, My EUW IGN is Zyra Bot and I've been maining Zyra Support since Season 3. I honestly just love the way Zyra is right now, high damage numbers while people don't really expect/respect her damage. On the other side her lack of mobility makes her exciting and also somewhat scary to play. One misstep or misspositioning will cost you your life and will be punished. To answer your two questions: 1. What aspect is most core or sacred to their identity? Zyra's unique ability to combine two of her abilities to summon a plant (two different plants) is core to the identity of this champion. I really like her unique plant combo's from which you have to choose everytime you use them. Do I want a slowing plant here, or do I want the longer range plant for more long range poke? 2. What issue bothers you the most when playing them? There are three things that really bother me when playing Zyra. A few patches ago Riot changed something about Zyra's plants AI but I still experience the same issues with my plants where they sometimes just don't seem to react as fast as I want them to. If an enemy champion steps into the range indicator it should immidiatly target them and shoot imo (also, if they could prioritize champions over minions, that would be great :winkface:) An other thing that bothers me about Zyra is her extremely hard to hit, slow to shoot and unreliable passive. You basically can't hit anyone with your passive unless they forgot Zyra has a passive of they just start to recall. Her passive basically does nothing for her. One other things that bothers me is that Bard's autoattack with a meep just oneshots my plants, I don't know why 1aa + meep counts as 3 regular hits from any other champion. (Bard mains out there, please dont do this to me) Thanks for hearing me Riot, and I trust you on this one! Don't give my champion the Mordekaiser treatment please. Greetings summoners! Zyra Bot

Zyra Bot

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