: Hash does bring up a good point.
Can somewhat confirm. Out of ~70 games fill in plat i got: Top: ~40% Jgl: ~18% Mid: 0% Sup: ~19% Adc: ~22%
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkdemon653,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEs9hFsF,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-07-23T17:59:46.204+0000) > > With his rank 3 ultimate, yes. I knew it. This explains why i dont heal under gw despite some crying that aatrox's r counters GW.
I think you misunderstand his calcluation. With ultimate you´d heal for 170% x 0.6 = 102% of the value. If you dont have ultimate active 100% x 0.6 = 60%. 2% is the increase compared to the base value which essentially negates the whole GW effect.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nyarlathοtep,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEs9hFsF,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-23T17:45:16.561+0000) > > Wait, so (because im stupid) an aatrox under the effects of GW will have his healing amplification increased by 2% instead of 70%? With his rank 3 ultimate, yes.
Ok maybe it´s not as unlikely as I though. Seems to be quite trouble some if they add more healing increase though unless they add an exception for item based sources or unique effects. Anyway thanks.
Rioter Comments
: Yeah no boots in the game could hold 15 lethality since every yahoo with ad would build it and would limit assassin's boots choice to only tht item if you want a nerf on the other lethality items as well
Is this a bad thing? Assassins shouldn´t built tanky anyway in my opinion. They already have high damage and mobility. And even if you pass on the additional lethality it´s not that much of a difference. For calrification: I suggest 9.9 (+0.3 per level) from 11.2 (+0.4 per level) lethality for each item. If you build all four items you´d actually get ~3 more pen at lv 18 and without boots ~12 less compared to live. For Bruiser it´s a bit more depending I guess. Passing on {{item:3111}}/{{item:3047}} should be a serious trade off.
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=aezens,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=faU3pi8w,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2019-07-21T03:59:37.694+0000) > > Damage reduction numbers are very missleading in my opinion. At 100 you might have 50% but at 200 it´s "only" 66%. I think 1% more ehp per 1 armor isn´t really that much considering most ad champions can deal a huge amount of burst damage **and **have additional sustain damage with her autoattacks. its because after 100 armor severe diminishing returns kicks in, which is why tanks are shit now, because they start to lose gold efficiency on their items after just 1 item, what the need to do, is instead have resistances ramp up as you get more, so only hitting 100 armor gives 20% reduction, then dmg can be heavily nerfed since it won't feel like a wet paper towel fest anymore
There are no diminishing returns. If you have 1000 base hp you will get exactly 10 hp per armor no matter whether you have 100 or 200 armor. That´s why I said damage reduction numbers are missleading. They are constructed to provide some kind of (questionable) intuition. Don´t confuse this with hp vs armor increase diminishing returns though.
Rioter Comments
Xavanic (NA)
: They need to rebalance the scaling of defensive stats first, that's the main reason dmg is so ridiculous since you hit 50% dmg reduction at just 100 armor
Damage reduction numbers are very missleading in my opinion. At 100 you might have 50% but at 200 it´s "only" 66%. I think 1% more ehp per 1 armor isn´t really that much considering most ad champions can deal a huge amount of burst damage **and **have additional sustain damage with her autoattacks.
: Is there truth to the "Never gank a losing lane" strategy?
There are countless factors you have to keep in mind. Depending on what you consider "loosing" people might have a bad start and will perform better after a while. Ultimatively poeple are very inconsitent and it depends on your luck whether it turns out to be the right decision.
: The Fizz update on PBE will make many champions useless against him
just want to mention he will literally heal inside my {{champion:25}} tormented shadow with {{item:1054}}.
Sadalsa (EUW)
: You must hover your grade after the game ends for it to show on your match history
You dont have to hover it but wait until it is actually displayed. Sometimes there is a small delay between enter the after game lobby and your grade is shown. And if you leave to early you wont be able to see your grade in match history. Same for xp you have to wait until the circle fill animation is complete.
: can we do this for pings first? at least put the "enemy has vision here" ping on the wheel.
And a new "please ward here" ping. I always have to use the "area is warded" or "need assistance" ping which confuses the shit out of my team most of the time.
: Dashes might work against terrain, but you can't dash out of the way of Annie pressing Q on you. And Morg's R provides safety by creating a decent slow followed by a stun on multiple champions. Her R makes it suicide to dive her at any point in the game and generally lets her walk out of danger once you've accounted for her E. Morg can also build three health/AP items back to back - RoA, Rylai's, and Liandry's, for an extra 1.1k health, meaning she has far more *health* to survive fucking up as well, and she can pick up Morello after that for even more HP. And then you *still* have nothing stopping you from picking up another defensive item since you already have quite a lot of damage with that build (2.5% hp per second, your Q hits like a truck at all points in the game, and W should be melting champions as well. Even actual tanks should be dying fairly quickly to you), so you can go a typical mage defensive item, or just say fuck it and pick up a spirit visage. Ahri doesn't have near as many defensive options available to her at any point in the game, being limited to Morello and either Banshee's or Zhonya's. If you're playing both and Ahri's somehow ending up safer for you, you're really playing Morg mid wrong. You can fish for Q hits from safe range, push/farm/clear without being in danger, are impossible to dive, have more than enough tankiness to escape danger, can ignore CC... Ahri's pretty safe overall, but nowhere near as safe as Morg is.
I don´t think annies q isn´t a good initiation against either because even with Ahri you can dash at least once before beeing stunned which will force her to burn flash for no reason. She is far more likely to use her ult as engage which is instant has more range and is the only deadly combo for both if you are in range. Also I can´t think of many spells similar to this one with delayed impact. The tower dive scenario which I didn´t consider is true though. You have more potential to play around towers with morgana. With you build suggestion I strongly disagree. You want max cdr as fast as possible (probably the one who needs the cap most out of all champions). Therefore no experienced morgana player would buy RoA. Likewise Raylai´s and Liandry´s are lategame items nothing you´d ever want to rush. The only thing I´d consider in certain cenarios is an early Morello´s against heal/sustain heavy team compositions. Even though the blackshield is a strong tool she has quite low movementspeed and ingeneral 0 mobility. I´d argue even leblanc or zed are more save when they have there dash ready. In my opinion nothing can compare to dashes and obviously a lot of people think the same way. Otherwise you would see much more {{summoner:1}} or {{summoner:6}} rather than {{summoner:4}} as the most used summoner spell. -------------------------------------------------- Anyway I think the most important missconception in my opinion is that people confuse "safe" with "defensive". As Morgana you dont really have any reason to get close to your enemies due to her unreawarding and low aa-range. Also fishing for q hits is against somewhat experienced players equal to waste of mana and puts you in unnecessary danger especially against assassins. So unless you build for things like {{item:3030}} you will focus your mana on pushing which will naturally reduce interaction between champions. In theory you could do the exact same thing with champions like Ahri, Ekko, Zed, etc and I have played against those type of player. However due to there huge offensive potential they have the oportunity to play agressive and a lot of player make use of this simply because it´s rewarding if you succeed. But at the same this offensive playstyle is what makes you vulnerable or "less safe" if you want.
: Its unfair for Ahri E to stop dashes but Morgana Q can't on PBE
Honestly the thing that bothers me more is that certain champions can use mobility skills while rooted (J4, Camille, Graves, etc) while things like stun and charm prevent them from doing so. Other than that I think it´s fair. if something like a Lee Sin q hits me he should be able to dash to my position. You are already rewarded if you hit someone mid dash. Maybe the root duration should start after landing and not in midair though.
: Not near the same level of safety. Trust me, I play both. Black shield lets you get away with **way** more shit than Ahri's ult does. Honestly Morg's entire kit lets you get away with way more than you can as Ahri, since Q, E, and R all make it **very** hard to do anything to you.
The advantage I can see is cooldown. Nonetheless dashes are always superior because they work against almost anything (including terrain creation). In terms of wave clear they are somewhat similar save Ahri q has 880 range and morgana w 900. Probably in favour of morgana though because technically you can add abit of range in certain scenarios( max: +1/2 * radius ~130) and if you dont get your ap threshold on Ahri you have to cast q 2 times in order to clear caster minions. Bind and charm povide essentially the same amount of savety hit= you survive miss = you dead and the 3sec delay on morganas ultimate doesn´t really provide "savety". In conclusion Ahri with ultimate up can be far more agressive and is much more safe compared to Morgana. Without ultimate Morgana is clearly more save.
: what do you mean his passive doesn't update after respawn? you mean the W's passive?
Yes, the Blood Hunt Passive (movement speed bonus for hunting enemies with hp<50/20%) does not apply if you respawn even if the enemy champion is right next to your spawn location. Apparently an enemy in sight has to take at least 1hp damage to update and trigger this effect (source of the damage doesn´t matter from my experience). Probably not a bug in the literal sense but lazy coding.
: Warwick Q heal buff next patch is a mistake (OTP WW)
Apparently fixing bugs isn´t really one of riots core strenghts. Beside the thng you have mentioned there are far more bugs. For example the passive doesn´t update after respawn or the body blocking bug. Hell they can´t even update his Blood Hunt passive text. It still says "below 20% hp attackspeed bonus is tripled" which is wrong. Anyway there is a huge buglist with videos and descriptions on reddit already. The only thing I´d like to see buffed is his abysmal base hp. He does have even less hp at lv 18 than most of the adc´s. Just .. seriously?
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Have you ever thought on banning hard counters to your teammates instead of just counters to your champions? Like banning Yasuo because his WW can nullify your ADC? Banning Morgana because she hard counters supports like Leona? etc
Do you? Sure you can theorycraft a lot about picks and counters but in the end people are very uncoordinated and unpredictable especially in solo queue. Some can handle certain champions and anothers get a metal breakdown when seeing them. For me bans are a waste of time and belong into premade/professional play. Nonetheless I´m not saying my perspective is the truth and if you think it´s worth it sure go ahead and do what you want. As long as it doesn´t interfer with my gameplay style I don´t care what others do.
: lets look at {{champion:131}} kit compared to {{champion:39}} do you really think the problem is the itemization? diana has more than enough options to go into an ap bruiser build. {{item:3115}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3146}} but a shit kit is still a shit kit.
Do you really want to compare those items with this: {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3161}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3813}} {{item:3026}} ? All of them provide good offense, defense and synergy at the same time. Her current kit might not allow an alternative to the assassin build but changing her kit into bruiser style can´t work unless you add reasonable usefull items to support this playstyle.
: Replace "none" ban with "pass" to another teammate
Personally I don´t bother with banning because there are far too many counters against my champions or straight up broken stuff. But I don´t have a problem if they change it and someone else can use my ban if they want. At least as long as it doesn´t add additional annoyance for me. I´m not going to ask or choose someone every single game. It has to work in an automatic way. Ideally there should be a toggle in options or something that removes the annoying ban screen interruption entirely so you can remain in the champion selection screen. Other than that sure whatever.
: why do you want to climb in ranked? (poll)
Might sound wired especially for a competitive game but my goal for games I like is to 100% complete/finish them. LoL is quite frustrating in this regard though. There isn´t a cap for ip/mastery/level etc. And reaching rank 1 is quite unrealistic. At least there is a limited amount of champions you can unlock ^^.
: I looked for around 15 minutes trying to find out which one was support and which one was mid and couldn't find anything. Could you please show me which one is which so I can have some clarity. Regardless of which way around it is, we are faced with the same issue - how do we nerf one, without affecting the other, balanced, one too severely? At this point I feel as though Riot needs to choose one position for Morgana and kill off the other variant.
Here is the link: https://twitter.com/RiotRepertoir/status/1111074238507552769 The high winrate is always mid. Can´t remember the last time support morgana had a winrate close to midlane and I keep track of them constantly. That´s not very surprising though. Due to her low playrate it´s reasonable to asume most of the people playing her in midlane are mains or otp´s. How you nerf a champion matters a lot actually. Especially if you have two very different playstyles like in morgana´s case. As mentioned before Tormented shadow nerfs where pointless given that she is banned by supporters most of the time. Blackshield nerfs on the other hand are reasonable (if you want to lower banrate because support winrate isn´t anything special at all) eventhough I´d have prefered a powershift instead. I don´t play support morgana neither do I have a problem with her. In my opinion there isn´t a reason to enforce one position on her because you can easily adjust numbers depending on which posiotion you want to nerf.
: > [{quoted}](name=aezens,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YbETJXaU,comment-id=000200000000000100000001,timestamp=2019-05-02T06:48:42.664+0000) > > This shows exactly what I said. You can clearly see a like ~50.2% winrate in support and 53%+ i midlane. It doesn't show which one is which, though due to the nature of the nerfs I'm inclined to believe support Morgana is the on with the higher win rate, if not then these lines of nerfs seem questionable to say the least.
One of the Rioter showed some winrates for guessing purposes and revealed later the one with 53%+ is morgana and explicit stated "only for midlane". If we asume most of the bans are targeted against support morgana which is very likely at least from my experice the shown graph is very blank because she probably would be one the left side similar to something like Zilian mid.
: > [{quoted}](name=aezens,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YbETJXaU,comment-id=0002000000000001,timestamp=2019-05-01T19:36:27.874+0000) > > 53% winrate was and is for midlane (with a ~3% playrate). On botlane she had on average 50+ to 51% winrate with a ~15% playrate. Doesn´t sound overtuned to me. > > Nonetheless the ban rate is definively a problem but at least 80% of the time she get banned by supporter anyway most likely due to there reliance on cc to bring value to there teams. That´s why the former nerfs changed essentially nothing in this regard. > > The utility nerf is reasonable if the goal is to lower the ban rate the damage nerf wasn´t in my opinion. https://twitter.com/RiotRepertoir/status/1121824617344028672 We have no way of knowing whether it's support or mid Morgana that's out of line, but judging by this line of nerfs it's pretty safe to assume that it was support. She doesn't just counter hook centric supports. She counters ALL heavy CC supports. Bard, Alistar, Braum, Rakan etc. as well as squishy supports, so most mages and enchanters too with how aggressively she can play early. There are approximately 3 supports that I think do okay into her - Zyra, Karma and Soraka. If she counters this many champions then she definitely deserves to be pushed down a peg or two if she's doing THIS well.
This shows exactly what I said. You can clearly see a like ~50.2% winrate in support and 53%+ i midlane.
: > [{quoted}](name=Purple Angel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YbETJXaU,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-01T14:47:36.659+0000) > > id rather get her one in every 5 games than have her reverted to a champion that is unplayable due to the ridiculous nerfs > > buff her W ratios so she's viable in the mid lane again... this is ridiculous to nerf her everywhere for no reason. Yeah, a 53% win rate and 44% ban rate. She absolutely wasn't overtuned though I'm sure.
53% winrate was and is for midlane (with a ~3% playrate). On botlane she had on average 50+ to 51% winrate with a ~15% playrate. Doesn´t sound overtuned to me. Nonetheless the ban rate is definively a problem but at least 80% of the time she get banned by supporter anyway most likely due to there reliance on cc to bring value to there teams. That´s why the former nerfs changed essentially nothing in this regard. The utility nerf is reasonable if the goal is to lower the ban rate the damage nerf wasn´t in my opinion.
Terozu (NA)
: No, if you've ever used a camera tool you'd know that the map is more of a shell, if you just reverse the camera angle you get a bunch of holes. You would have to make it so red team not only has a separate camera, you'd have to flip and mirror the entire map model. Watch something like Instaloks Xayah and Rakan video to see the holes I'm talking about. It looks like garbage.
The holes are there because those regions lack assets. For example usually you don´t put texture in places the player isn´t able to see in normal circumstances in order to reduce computional costs or sometimes simply developing time. This has nothing to do with the camera itself. Of cause those need to be added but don´t have to recreate the entire map or something.
: Heres my suggetion. Instead of allowing a rotating camera angle just allow a wider angle of vision. You know with the scrolly scroll mouse wheel. From your og post I figure that should help. But from my perspective Riot doesnt force you to use lock screen. And it seems like only a small percentage of summoners use the lock screen. So why change the perspective for everyone when its a very very select few that choose to lock their screens. And again its from my perspective I dont want to tell you how to play the game. I just see this problem as a problem that you can fix yourself by unlocking your screen
It´s not my post neither do I use locked cam but I understand his point. And as I said this problem isn´t restricted to the locked camera mode. Blue side clearly has the camera advantage it´s more difficult to play from top right to botton left than the other way around simply because the UI blocks the region enemies are comming from. It´s an issue people have mentioned over and over again. Also it might just be me but my mouse accuracy/handling is far more precise if I scrole from left to rigth. Also also from my perspective riot doesn´t force anyone to play volibear so instead of asking riot for adjustments I suggest people fix the problem by themself and play another champion (similar logic).
: Uh. Lock screen actually makes me cringe. Learn to control your mouse speed when you move your camera. It will take a brief time to adjust but you will thank yourself later on
That´s no excuse at all it´s not even an argument. If someone says right mouse button for attacking minons needs some qol improvements in order to fit modern standards my "argument" would be rmb is for noobs anyway get gud and use the attack command? Aside from the fact this isnt a looked cam issue only some people like it eventhough it´s not the most efficient way to play. If there is a problem it should be fix. Rotatable camera should have been a thing ever since the begin of there competitive orientation. Can you imaging a chess game where one player can see less of the board? Even if you do several rounds like in pro play it might be totally fair but stupid notheless. Anyway for the actual topic: Every developer seems to have there own special stigma and I think for Rito it´s there technical capabilities. They are good at the design part and against common believe better then a lot of other games in terms of balancing but stuff like coding for new launcher, clash or the (for years) broken death recap isn´t really there strength. Therefore I wouldn´t bet on camera improvements any time soon.
: There is no such thing as different ban rates for different roles. If a champion gets banned there's no way to determine if and where that champion would've been played.
Alomst every time she get´s banned in my games it´s by a supporter very rarely by a midlaner. I doubt supporter care that much about mid lane but more about there own matchup in bot lane. You are right there isnt a distinction but if there was a way to seperate them I´m sure the graph would look quite different.
: Same. Zed is fucking cancerous and definetly needs cooldowns adjusted. Or just increase turret range already.
I don´t want to say it´s pointless but I´d argue cooldown adjustments on assanssin´s arn´t a very efficient way to balance them because whether they burst you now or 5 seconds later doesn´t really matter. In case of Zed for example his Q migth be on a low cooldown but the actual thread is the q-w-combo which is on a pretty long cooldown already . These kind of changes are more suitable for champions like bruiser in my opinion where you actually affect there dps in a fight. Also very few people even track cooldowns anyway. In my opinion the assassin class is the most difficult class to balance.
: But those champions have to get in your face and actually do something. Leblanc and Yasuo are certainly Frustrating with all their dashes and stuff, but I wouldn't call that boring. Mid-morg is like if a nap was a champion.
They could reduce q and w cooldown and mana cost. Then you have to dodge the whole time while try to farm under tower. Might be frustrating but not boring anymore :D
: Morgana mid is 100% THE most boring to lane against. Her main strength is boring you to pieces and doing something aggressive just to break the endless monotony.
In my opinion the most boring champions to play against are things like {{champion:238}} or {{champion:7}} because you have to play super defensive or they just kill you instantly. {{champion:25}} can only outpush you early in the game. Almost any viable midlaner with one ap item or ad midlaner like {{champion:157}} with {{item:3087}} or {{champion:39}} with {{item:3077}} can clear minion waves faster.
Infernape (EUW)
: >Who exactly is Morgana mid hurting? Against an evenly skilled opponent she stalemates the lane I'm guessing that's precisely the reason why she's getting nerfed. Morgana mid basically stalemates any lane and provides zero interaction. You throw out your W, clear a wave, rinse and repeat. You push fast enough to deny the enemy from roaming, not to mention you're safe enough to be hard to gank or tower dive because of her Q and Black Shield.
That´s a common misconception. You could do that with a lot of champions and I think people dont understand what´s really happening. To put it simple: neither does she have the best wave clear nor the best escape. Don´t get me wrong it´s not bad or something but there are better options in both categories. So why people feel this way? In order to understand that I´ll take Ekko as an example. He can wave clear super easy and you have good escape as well so in theory you could farm and be ungankable the whole time if you want. But in contrast to Morgana he has very usefull tools to engage or poke you as well and most player want to make use of this. However at the same time this is what makes him vulnerable. Morgana on the other hand is very limited in her offensive gameplay especially pre lv 6. No poke, very low aa-range, slow projectile and very predictable engage if you have your ultimate up. In conclusion you dont even bother risking aggressive moves against you opponent unless you are catching them offguard. It´s essentially the counterpart to the Yasuo syndrom. They want to engage and fight you all the time because it´s very rewarding if you succeed. As Morgana you want to play more tactical. The problem is a lot of people don´t like slow past games. They want to see action and engages especially in pro games. That´s why those playstyles are prefered by riot.
: Why are dodging penalties and autofill bad for matchmaking?!
A matchmaking system can never be flawed. If it doesn´t do what it says it´s either not effective enought and needs improvements or rigged and works as intended. Dodging is neither a solution nor a tool but necessary due to problems that haven´t or can´t be fixed like Duo/smurfing and peoples inherent inconstancy. Penalties are there to prevent abusing and should be treated as such nothing more nothing less. It´s not intended to be a part of your "skill" evaluation.
: that's literally the current bounty system
It´s litterally not. First the current bounty system only cares about kills and cs gold and not about for example item generated gold (not sure about tower/plating gold). The reason they hotfixed support items so fast wasn´t because they dislike that sololaner take it but because it broke the bounty system in a pro play match. Second currently if you have the bounty you don´t loose it unless someone kills you.
: So we need LCS, to prove to Riot that CS bounty is the dumbest thing ever?
In my opinion this focus on CS and KDA is harming and was always a bad indicator for performance. There are many factors which influence your gold income and if you don´t include them in your calculation it´s just a matter of time until something will break it. If there really need to be a bounty system I think the only resonable way to do so is by implementing it in correlation to the **_current and average gold difference_**. If you are the only one on your team performing well you probably won´t have a bounty because the gold difference between you and the enemy isn´t big enought. If the enemy team catches up with gold you will loose your bounty because the reason doesn´t exist anymore. If you snowball out of control by any means this system will detect it because gold is next to exp/level the only way to increase your power. Also KDA and CS counter need to be subsidiary entires in the stat tab. The main stat should be the cumulative gold income from a champion.
Jaspers (EUW)
: 3? Passive, PD, Bloodthirster, Overheal. Try bursting that.
Saevum (NA)
: You can remove all his strenghts in champ select lobby. By yourself. Single handedly. Really fast. Accurate and simple. With one click.
Can people stop use "ban him" as a justification for problematic champions? For real can´t you see this solves nothing?
: Problem with your view. do you think a surgeon doctor. The doctor that one tricked surgery is paid more? Or the generalist medic that spend his study knowing about everything. It's the first one. they get paid more because they specialized. Because we all got a finite amount of time we can spend doing something. Including playing this game. For this is why, how much you are able to learn is limited by how quickly you pick things up and how much time you invest. If someone spend a lot of time learning all champions. they will have to spend 120+ times more time learning the champions than someone one tricking. which is why in higher elo you get more one tricks
Not going into detail that the amount of money you get almost never correlates with the actual amount of work you put into something. But anyway it isn´t necessary to understand the fundermental logic. The amount of information you can get about something is somewhat restricted as well which means the closer you get to that limit the less you will improve. Same principle applies to lol. You can´t get linear better in what you are doing. There is a much bigger difference between 10 and 100 games played with a certain champion compared to 100 and 1000. That means you can lern a variety of champion without getting left behind and you definitely have the advantage of using a more suited pick in certain situations. On the other hand if you focus on a single champion and get counter picked, there isn´t really anything you can do because the enemy has a lot of knowledge about his champion as well.
Bigsnax (NA)
: i disagree, i actually think league needs more of this kind of thing, lots more counterpicking
I disagree with your opinion as well. I think invested time should be valued somewhat equally. Wether you want to specialize in a small selection or lern a broad variety should not matter. Sure there need to be a slight differences in strength in order to have a chance against opt´s but never ever should the pick decide the outcome of the match (which is clearly the case currently if both teams are equally skilled). The reasoning is simple: Some people play the game some the champions. If you constantly favour people who switch champions and playstyles faster than there underwear you will loose those who are interested in the lore and phantasy of there champions and master every tiny aspect of them. I´d go as far as to say some pleople don´t even care about the game anymore only how much lp they gain.
Aden9 (NA)
: Please make Morgana a viable mid pick with her rework. Plz Riot. Puppy Face. MonkaS
Here is a list of some things they should have a look at: aa-range: pretty much the loweest of all mages Soul Shackles delay/tether range/damage: lowest thether range and longest trigger delay of all mages. Her ultimate damage is very lackluster considering how difficult it is to pull off. Bugfix: can stun Enemies after they use flash (It might have something to do with the .25 update rate) Tormented Soil: small adjustment to the damage values. Sometimes caster minions do survive with like 3hp or something at lv3(skill level). Also the changes done to Tormented Soil and Soul Siphon in 7.24 feel really weird still. I think there is a better way to do it. Mana costs: insane... trading is pretty much impossible without {{item:3802}}. Her recommended build path for mid suggest to buy {{item:3303}} still... >Important: This doesn´t mean all of the things mentioned above need to be adjusted. **Suggestion for a mini update: A bit more focus on her autoattacks. Something like if enemies are affected by her abilities she can trigger Soul Siphon with her aa. Similar to the thing Swain does but instead of pulling them towards morgana she does extra damage or has increased range and regenerates life/mana.**
: Diana finally gets some love! <3
I hope they consider adjusting the passive as well. I think it would feel much better if you could stack the attackspeed buff. In return the stacksize can be reduced to 2 instead of 3.
: Why is Riot so secretive about MMR?
Can´t remember where but there was a post somewhere stating something like they want you to play the game and not the system or something. If I had to guess though I´d say it´s a combination of several reasons like abusing the system and unfair calculations. Or it might not be as complex and interfering as a lot of people think it is.
Sw4de (OCE)
: I just want JG to get outscaled again like they did for 8 years, logic dictates that the role that starts with the most agency/influence should scale down with game time while the roles that are restricted to an area of the map and are fighting PVP for all their resources scale up with game time This is how its always been, why are junglers scaling with laners now, its so ridiculously oppressive that i have to be scared of fighting the JG 1v1 as a solo laner from min 1 to min 50 every game
Good idea. If the camp rewards are worth nothing anymore there is more time for camping lanes and taxing. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Well if you're saying that Morgana's tether is still balanced (and I would agree with you) I don't think it would hurt to still implement the change but as for compensation increase the initial tether radius
How much would you want to reduce the final range then? Her true tether range is below Kled´s initial range already (about 650-675 units if caitlyn´s aa range on the wiki is correct). https://imgur.com/a/zDAnBdz Or do you suggest to increase the initial range and leave the trigger range untouched?
: Keep in mind that each individual champion also has their own unique cooldown. Someone like Quinn could have their ultimate taken every 30 seconds. But Ryze could take 4 minutes.
Fun fact: you don´t need to track the cooldown when stealing the ultimate. It´s 200% of the originals so if the circle cooldown is less than 50% they will have there ultimate ready again.
: But Morgana has a 3 second root (max rank) her tether slows the target[s] and she can become immune to crowd control allowing her to hold the tether easily like Karma with her movespeed bonus and slows on Q and LeBlanc's Distortion[s]
What I want to say is leblanc/karma etc can tether every ~10 sec (without cdr) while morgana has to wait about 1.5 min if you fail. That´s quite a difference in terms of balancing. But if you really want to compare them in my opinion dash>movementspeed>slow/cc resistance (because it´s situational and not always needed). In some cases it might be different but for the majority i think this order is legit. 20% slow (keep in mind the calculation uses base not total movementspeed) is kinda meh especially because morgana has very low ms values. And hitting root is the optimal scenario true but the Binding is hard to land and mostly rely on your enemy to fuck up. There are alot of situations where you want to cast your ultimate first to ensure your Q hits because if not you loose alot of dps. Fun fact: eventhough the wiki says otherwise Soul Shackles has the lowest tether range of those 3. You can test this in practice mode.
: Tethers
Just want to point out here {{champion:25}} Soul Shackles is: 1.) an Ultimate ability and 2.) has 3 seconds delay Not really a fair comparison.
Copic (NA)
: Real annoying seeing my teammates ban nothing.
step 1) noone hovers a champion step 2) ban a champion step 3) random teammate: "omg that´s the only champion I can play!" step 4) profit? Only one example why no ban is a valid choice. Just because you don´t know a reason doesn´t mean there isn´t one.
: Let’s forget to mention that her mana costs are super high, at every rank (EVEN IF yeah her w has no mana cost, her q and e cost a lot)
If that´s the argument for {{champion:143}} high mana reg I want at least 20 per 5 for {{champion:25}}
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