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Azadethe (NA)
: Because in organized play, teams collapse on him and shut him down over and over, during gaps between waves/turret pushes. They do it as a team. You can almost never expect that in Solo/Duo, because the pressure the other team's other champions put on ensure that Solo/Duo Queue will split their focus. And even when they do, they don't set up lanes to where choosing to go after Tryn doesn't mean losing an entire lane. Also, in LCS, every player is a good cser, and combat interactions are minimal. Which results in an environment where Tryndamere doesn't actually have a massive lead. If he dies, the other team has 50 seconds to do serious damage taking advantage of his death. He can't just abuse death timers and revive 10-12 times without expecting to lose the game. In Solo/Duo Queue, the circumstances are never perfect to stop Tryndamere.
if u send 2 player on split pusher u already lost game, in a true organized play, u think trynamere will watch u coming as 2 or more ? this even happens more in solo q that players try to go as 3-4 on split pusher, but higher in rank u go more u find this will cost u all towers and u just waste time, so in super high level like LCS u see even nobody goes toward split pusher and they push 1vs1. reason is not people collapse on trynd, the reason is this that fiora or aatrox do the job better . in pro play all the way of jungle is warded by sup for split pusher
: Can we seriously fix Blitzcrank's Pull visual hitbox?
: They're under tower. Making a dive like that ought to be risky. Currently, it's zero risk.
he is 10/2 , if he cant dive u under tower how he can win the game, kda should be removed so and gold difference dont matters in game, all start with 100k gold level 18 then go in game !
: I wish I could send this video to the balance team
Rengar was 10/2 in that point (19:00) You was 3/2 in that point (19:00) i mean you must buy armor (one cloth armor deny x2 of one duskblade penetration at 20:00) or you could stick to your support or any other teammate, you could track rengar on mini map and farm top lane far from him, these are only one that comes to my mind. but if you want actually find answer, your team feed rengar that is not uncommon in Gold V , you can easily snowball bot lane if you know what you are doing, take kills and instead being 3/2 you must be like 5/2 at 20:00 and have like 60CS over enemy jungler , just improve and find cheese and strats, if not because rengar have +2000 more gold (more if he have shutdowns or ...) he easily one shot you
: So LB mains and Rengar mains were dissatisfied with the rework they got
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: Rework Tryndamere already !
> [{quoted}](name=Press Q Win,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6eeYu8g9,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-22T17:46:45.274+0000) > > Nothing about this champs is fun to deal with. You can be 0/10 and still win the game as splitting the game without any interaction. You want to kill him? Nope immune to death for 5 second. Oh wait he have max furry? 2 AA you die because it require zero brain cells to do that right ? And you want to buy defense to counter him? Riot added conqueror just to make us suffer from True damage cancer, Thanks Riot ! This champion should be the next reworked, not Nunu. Zero interaction champion with basically no counterplay other than Afk in base or 5 man him because Hey i do 35% crit level 1 and i get 100% with 2 item ! Oh wait it also deal 32% true damage with Infinity edge and conqueror ! so why people dont pick tryndamere in LCS and win with 0/10 ? because people will buy randuins + thornmail and shit on the champ, tho i dont know about game like a LCS player
: It almost feels like Lead Design kinda forgot halfway what made this game popular in the first place
Velasan (NA)
: Because the game isn't about your KDA... it's about the enemy nexus. You aren't winning because you are 12/2, you win because you get 12 kills of resources as gold and then use it to destroy the enemy nexus. The goal isn't killing the enemy team, it just happens to be the best way to achieve the goal of destroying the enemy base. That's why split pushing has ever existed as a strategy. Literally the point is ignoring most of the enemy team to push hard into their base.
i mean, what is this game that i can destroy enemy nexus if i give them 12 kill and then take my laners farm ? is this a normal thing ? i thought if one is feeding the other team should easily destroy enemy nexus. YIKES
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