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: ***
i would like to keep death timers hight but to put a cap to the objective you can take with an ace. it would be intresting to give some armor for 1 min to the next tower when one close get destroied. this way teams behind can still recover but cant win by just one ace
: Baron being powerful as in baron literally did a fuck load of damage to tsm and they didn't respect Ever's comp what so ever. Around 20 minutes Dlift get's picked off and then causes yellowstar to suicide which was a fuck up. Haunzter then dies around 23 minutes, which was a big shutdown for ever. They also get Bjerg shortly after that which allows ever to reset the map and gain control. Then around 25 minutes in, Bjerg get's cought once again, then decided to yolo swag flash w ult evers entire team, which leads to him dying as well as yellowstar. After that, yes tsm aces ever, but lose 3 team members in the process and weren't able to finish the game off of that ace(Also Dlift get's all the gold for that fight.). So evers team gets to stall even longer. So then tsm decided to do baron, but they go and kill evers support, which is fine. So then tsm tries to do baron for the second time. At this point all tsm has to do to win is let yellowstar and bjerg kite ever off of their team instead of trying to 5 man rush ever for another teamfight. Tsm decide to fight ever once again and net a kill onto evers top laner, but since they took damage from baron they won't be able to finish and have to back. Then this is when the shit hits the fan. tsm try to baron for the 3rd fucking time, and since they took a lot of damage from baron and gave ever every opportunity to come back, they win the fight straight out because evers team is by far stronger than tsms in a 5v5 scenario on equal terms. So saying that one team fight won ever that game is kind of ridiculous when tsm literally handed ever that win on a silver fucking platter. There is no excuse for tsm losing to a korean challenger team. I'm happy to see that they were able to beat them in a best of 3, but that game was absolutely dog shit played in the mid/late game on tsms part. Also in the final fight Dlift decided to 1v1 evers adc and got fucked, and since he was the majority of tsms damage he literally lost them that fight.
sure tsm fucked up there but they did a pentakill just 10 min before that and had the opportunity to push a lane without a turret and the minion already there. why 10 min should make that big difference? because if you look at the the gold difference after the two ace you will see that the two team had the same gold. this is unfair in my opinion. sure they needed to get punished for that mistake but i think that two aces should mean the same thing during all the game. early game aces are important because of the gold and experience difference they make and late game they should be important because of objectives. right now mid game ace dont mean as much as late game aces. i think riot should make a new feature to make enemy turrets stronger for a while after you destroy one. i think on a single lane they should get immortality after 2 of them gets down (obviously for just 1 min). having outer turrets up at 30 min it's a big deal. it means you played perfectly because anybody could take them down in few seconds but this is not rewarded in any way and it's sad imho
: Death timers are broken
i think that the problem is mostly related to the tower's health and the strenght of adcs to take them down. the problem is that an adc can take down a tower in few seconds. often the deaths timers are even too low. if the minions are pushing probably before 40 min an ace means nothing. i think riot should add something to make sure that an ace gives the right number of objectives always. something like bonus armor and mr to the next tower for 1 min after a tower in the same lane get down, immunity to the next tower if the first one gets down during the 60 seconds of armor boost. something like this. maybe longer deaths timers mid game so an ace means a tower even if the minions are pushing and the lenght of the game is the same because the only time taking more than 2 towers change the outcome of the game is when the victory get stolen
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Mandaari (NA)
: New Players Should Get One Free Champion
i agree but i hate smurfs and they would just stop evribody with their main. it would be nice if the new players could get 5 random champions (one for each lane) by completing 5 tutorials. this way new players could 1 avoid the problem to not having a champion for one particular lane 2 having more different champions played because many would stick to their first champion unlocked because they love him like me warwick
: **Icathian Delight** : Kog'Maw's basic attacks and damaging abilities coat its target in digestive juices. Enemy champions that have perished after receiving at least [x] stacks are available to be devoured by walking over them. Devouring an enemy champion grants Kog'Maw a permanent [y] damage on hit (not sure whether it should be magical, physical, %hp, etc). Upon death -> current passive + (25*#of stacks) additional scaling. ...I don't play kog enough or anything to really come up with a great passive, but I've always wondered why he was never able interact with enemy champions as food... I mean the guy is always hungry, but he only ever vomits. How counter-productive.
this idea is nice. the stack thing could work very well on a late game carry like him but the best part is the eating the enemy champions. it would be intresting if instead of the stacks he cuold gain back some life. this way he could try to walk over the enemys to get life back instead of running away and to fight the last opponents. this way positioning-protecting rotting body it would be a new playstile in bot. also he could gain more life the more stack the enemy has and this would promote even more the attack speed
: in my oppinion he's just a mid laner abused in bot he does the same s in mid lane except for farming the only reason why he is able to do this is because his base damage is super hi and he scales well its not like trundle support who is an off meta pick but brings some form of cc and uttilty to the table i like variety bot lane and don't mind zillean lux even lee sin or anything and i do also think he lacks a bit of a weak spot bot lane even if he misses many of his abbility's he's still able to zone really effectivly and even all ins are dangerous cause of his hi damage and his stun still this is my personal oppinion also on a site note the new frost queen charm is to big i even see 70 percent of mid laners taking it that also played well in the hand of brand cause he's only weak spot was mana issue's wich frost queen solves quit effectifly
if he actually was abused bot he would be used more i think. keep in mind that he does damage but with him you cant go too far from the tower, you die from just one grab, you cant defend your adc... and even if it was a problem him being op it he would need to be balanced and not being reworked
: Hum, did I miss something? How do you know 3 of them will be reworked?
they are going to rework the mages. and already announced wich ones.
: well the defenition of a support champ is acctually to support others to get kills and have uttility in you're kit zyra annie and vel koz have this so i'm ok with them supporting but brand is taken bot just for the raw damage and thats pretty much a buzz kill for me he doesn't even need damage items
the definition of support in a dictionary could be that but as a role in lol it's different. brand is taken bot also because he works well against 2 champions. his laning fase as support to the adc could be very good by giving zoning to weak adc and by taking to low healt the enemys for the adc to last hit. the fact that he feels to not be an actual support but that he works it's, in my opinion, a proof that he is unique. and since we need more support players it's wrong to rework something that works
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: I'm going to have to say... {{champion:83}} Now wait, hear me out. He's got a Creative and unique kit, relying on ranged abilities to supplement the fact that he's a short-ranged Melee Bruiser. Has built-in sustain and Harass He can Farm under turret, or shove if he needs to Jungle, Top, Support, I've even played him in Mid before. For me he's fun, it's amusing to play him and watch as the Enemy team scampers around trying to counter my Build and splitpush while my team gets objectives, Alternatively, it's hilarious to watch as they blow cooldowns to kill the AP or AD carry, and my Short-CD ult just makes that effort worthless for a few more seconds, usually securing a teamfight.
i'm a simple man. i see yorick i upvote
: I have to disagree with this entire post. The only level at which the blue upgrade is decent is the level in which you play, bronze. This trinket is largely considered to be bad at diamond level where I play most of my games. It has it's uses, and it fills a niche, but it's very bad at providing vision control. Extremely bad. Why? Because we actually kill them. It takes one hit. They don't last and you cannot use it to control a contest able area. In essence, this whole post is incorrect, it's not awesome to have this upgrade, it's very bad for the game that the yellow trinket nerfs were so harsh, and the game at high level play is ridiculous bad and unenjoyable since so much vision was removed leading to a very stagnant, snowbally game style that is the only viable option. Bronze post was bronze.
i'm silver so maybe it doesnt count too but in the matches were i see enemys actually destroyng the wards it still is pretty op if switched with the normal trinket. there are many places were nobody looks for wards but still gives vision and are helpful. like all the bushes in lanes are ususally not checked because nobody would place a ward there since you have max 4 of them. if you have infinite wards you can place in these bushes too. also if you are winning you can get all your jungle warded just in case. in a few weeks i think people will start looking better for wards but now who looks at the bush in the inner tower for a pink? and there you can see who is going bot or top
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cFlame (NA)
: I thought somewhere in these boards someone said they were taking a look at Aatrox and Shen, does anyone know where that information sprouted forth from? If its true why isn't it in the champion update info?
for what? a rework? i heard that they were going with poppy, taric and then yorick, btw i doubt that somebody at riot cares about yorick. this year they said they were going to rework poppy and warwick but i dont think they are actually working on warwick. it could be the rework after tarick
SnowFall (NA)
: If Ohmwrecker could empower allied towers.
really nice idea. the upvote wasnt enough. i needed to get in and say it. btw i would like to see what the omwrecker does so i would reather see a phantom shot or to choose the target of the tower and not only a buff for the tower
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: > [{quoted}](name=2ManyJons,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ze4kJ7yl,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-08-15T13:20:10.865+0000) > > I don't know, if the stars align just right, Twitch's increased range and attack speed along with the piercing shots can do more to multiple targets than Vayne can to a single. > > He just suffers so much in his early, mid, late mid, and early late game that it's almost not worth trying to get him to that late game. Id say if all 5 of them line up next to their tower so you hit all 5 and the tower the yeah, twitch>vayne lel
damage output by twitch is really strong and, if you are good, you can get a good allignement by going invisible before the teamfight. the problem is that if your support dont defend you (usually appens when it isnt a friend in ts) and the enemy has a good assassin you are dead as soon as the teamfight begins. obviously vayne is well balanced and she can combined more damage with the possibility to stay safe in many matches i have a better late with draven for example that with twitch because as soon as i get fed there are the kamikaze who suicide to kill me
: > silver bolts combo x2 > every burst combo in the game > silver bolts combo x1 > every poke in the game. Oh god, it is so wrong in too much points First: silver bolts combo is NOT a poke. It has 500 range. Poke is something long-ranged, so it can be used from afar without a chance to respond. And when that Vayne takes some real poke(like Xerath's Q with Luden proc, that can be casted from like 3x her attack range)-she loses like 50% of her hp and can not do anything about it Second: 2 silver bolts procs are like 40+8% max hp at 1st level, and 120+16% max hp at last level. All other damage is from autoattacks and her Q. Its definitely not ">every burst combo in the game" Third: If Vayne is so op, why isn't she banned often?
she is banned often actually. the problem is that nobody bans the adcs because usually it's not the first pick. first pick is mid so you ban either the mids or the junglers. she is the 2nd most banned adc after kalista. 8 %banrate and draven who is the 3rd is banned only 0.67% so ten times less.
KayleeT (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SquishyTentacles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KfUxrYmE,comment-id=00230002,timestamp=2015-08-12T17:01:11.661+0000) > > You have an ability that does 8% max health TRUE damage every few seconds. Considering that she usually rushes BotrK, which gives an 8% current health phys damage, and an active that does an extra 10% max health damage > > If she get bust out 3 autos in 2 seconds, those two seconds will do 8% max health (+ 30/40 true damage), 8% current health with each hit, and 10% max health with blade passive, along with the ACTUAL damage from her AD, not to mention an additional 30% with her tumble with an auto attack. > > idk IMO i think that's a bit too powerful to have in the early-mid game. Botrk? Early game? Rofl Edit: Implying Vayne is anything other than garbage early game makes it seems you've never played her before
she is played in solo lane top. this means that early she is so strong and safe that she can play without a support. weak early champions are like twitch and kog maw. try to play twitch top. you are 100% dead evry gank and error. she is way too safe considering her late game damage. she can escape with the q and is it's not enough she can trow the enemy away
: > Vayne, in her current state, cannot be allowed to exist. You can't itemize against her. If the idea is "build thornmail, frozen heart, and maybe randuins" to itemize against vayne that's ridiculous. > How are tanks even supposed to remotely itemize against her? Is this considered balanced? I'm not going to necessarily argue that Vayne isn't strong right now, but her current state isn't one that has been changed too dramatically in the past couple of years. If anything, it seems like just Vayne being the same Vayne we've known her to be all along. To the best of my knowledge, Vayne wasn't seen as such a power pick even just a few months ago. As far as itemizing against her goes, you probably know that you have the same options against her as you do any other basic attacker, but I guess Silver Bolts just makes all your itemization choices feel bad? Silver Bolts reads as a spell that says "I'm a great tankbuster," so to me, to be upset that the spell seems to be doing its intended job begs the questions "Is it doing that job too well?" and/or "Is she doing other things too well?" All that said, I'm not really sure what the appropriate measure, if any, to take on Vayne is.
it's not only the fact that she is op it's also the fact that she has a 36% pickrate. it's useless to have 125 champions to make infinite combinations when you will always be against tresh and wayne. i want to play against a zilean or a yorick or kartus or singed sometimes, maybe in a mirror match with my zilean or yorick or kartus. also consider that she is one of the worst looking champions. people just play her because she is op and this is sad. i dont think you will find somebody screaming cowards charging with her. i swear when i go stealth with twitch i get down my head and start to say sneaky sneaky. wayne players? do you ever guess why they are flaming? it's because they are not enkoing the game. they need to win and thats the only reason to pick her. i prefer be against a teemo because i know that the other guy is enjoing his characther. the wayne player is just a dick who needs to win to feel better
: Riot, do your new players a favor
new account needs to be bad in something to repels the smurf who are the real beginners problems. runes would be nice if cheaper but i dont want all the 450 champions free. using garen for a week is ok for a new player but is hell for smurf. i would keep almost evrything that way. i would also take away free rotation for the first two weeks and give some more free champion for those weeks
: Ah yes! We can't forget the passive!
add some lag in an area. people would love to play against teemo instead
: [CHAMPION CONCEPT] Windows 98, the Forgotten Hero
this champions is just stupid... in a good way. i love it. probably riot wont even consider the possiblity of this champion but it should totally at least use some of the abilities. load time and safe mode would be awesome in a champion like nocturne
: I got that too after the last patch. But oddly only tier 2/3 boots disappeared from my item sets, the tier 1 boots are still there. I was going to go back through the sets to replace them, but I figured it would be a giant pain.
i'm not sure but looking at all the builds it could happen only with the boots with the enchantments actually
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: Notification when Reported: Instant feedback is too instant.
logged just to upvote. to be sure, while they fix it, wait for them to leave the room so you wont get reports only because you are a good citizen who takes the time to report the abusive players.
137434 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=alvisez,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A5E3A3Zi,comment-id=0000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2015-07-06T15:24:09.758+0000) > > their escapes are good (i still think that vayine is easier because she has also the get away from me button) but they arent as good as her during the whole game and i think they have abilities to land to be good. with wayne you dont have to learn some skill shot But you have to learn to properly position yourself to get the most out of your condemn (think of all the times you have been knocked to safety by inexperienced enemy Vaynes who were trying to stun/kill you). I'd say Caitlyn is probably the easiest adc, especially to learn. Long range so easier to stay safe, plus have traps and the net to get you to safety (and just shoot net in direction of enemy to get further away, so easy to quickly use and pick up on). Vayne's escape is a point and click so no skill shots, but she also has to be closer to the action to be effective.
yeah. it was an hyperbole the fact that vayne is the easiest (i'm not sure it translate correctly in english). maybe also ashe is easier but i'm not sure
Messaiga (NA)
: Azir isn't really too op right now, but there's a lot of unnecessary (or unfair) power he has from his kit. He may have a 45% win rate, but don't be fooled. After playing 50 games as him his win rate rises up to 52%, peaking at 55% after 125 games (and this is in Plat). Take a look.
nice page. thanks for the link. i like this kind of informations
Dragmosh (NA)
: You can't isolate Azir's lane like that. To prove it, suppose Azir had a 30% win rate. According to your formula, 50% * (4/5) + x * (1/5) = 30% <=> (x/5) = 30% - 40% <=> (x/5) = -10% <=> x = -50% implying that Azir has a **negative** win rate. In short, your formula returns statistically impossible results below 40% and above 60%. You did mention in a previous post that it's impossible to have a win rate outside the 40%-60% range, but basic statistics says that every value between 0%-100% is possible and valid. Saying a 30% win rate is impossible is like saying it's impossible to flip a coin 10 times and get 3 heads.
of course you have to consider my impossible as a higly improbable. since we are considering a big number of matches it's almost impossible to reach the over 60- less then 40 and as you can see by yourself no-one of the 125 champions get out of this range. btw i dont think this formula is accurate i just want to say that 45% is really low as number in this case (the lowest is 44). in an other case you would think that 45 is almost 50 so it's ok.
Trídent (NA)
: Obviously, Vayne isn't as difficult as someone like Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaven. However, she definitely isn't the easiest adc either.
yes. you are right. i said easiest to mark the fact that he choosed 3 bad examples of hight skill champ. probably some vayne main got even offended by my inaccurate statement and they are a lot
: Season 2 Ezreal, 4.20 Weedwick, and Immediate-Post-Cinderhulk Sejuani were all just below or broke the 60% winrate barrier before they received nerfs. Likewise, Riftlimp Kassadin, Immediate-Post-"Compensation" Veigar, and even No-Range Azir were in the thirties before receiving buffs (or in Veigar's case, people eventually realized trying to argue with Riot about him is pointless anyway, so he wasn't heavily changed). I think that maybe immediately after Cassiopeia was reworked (the first time, in Chapter One of Stashu's Terrible Rework: the Incomplete Edition) she might have broken through to 30% winrates, though I am not sure. Similarly, Pre-Hotfix Release Zyra was BROKEN ALL TO HELL. I am almost certainly sure that she broke into the sixties (although, to be fair, there was a hotfix soon after, so not many people had the time to play against her or adjust to her to give her enough games for that to carry any real weight). You wanna know who has a lower winrate than Elise? Ekko. And Leblanc. Both with around 44% winrates. In fact the only person with a lower winrate than those two is Kassadin, with about a 43% winrate. Well who's near the upper end? Malzahar, with a 53.75% winrate, and he currently has the 4th highest winrate in the game right now. Third being Ahri at 54.27%, second being Amumu at 54.45% winrate, and the number one highest winrate goes to Heimerdonger, at 54.51% winrate. Hell, Taric, freaking TARIC is in the top 15 with a 52.31% winrate. Meanwhile Katarina sits at a 49.05% winrate, who is a mere 0.02% behind fucking YORICK! Thresh, the most popular support in the game, with the second highest popularity, behind only Vayne, is sitting at a %48.49 winrate. I got all of this info from lolking. Do you see why winrates are not the most reliable thing to base power off of?
all i wanted to say is that 45% is a really big number. the best champion right now as you said has a 54% winrate and the lowest has a 43%. so azir is really down in a less then 12% variation. of course you can find some example of bigger variation since these numbers refer to this week and the game is been out for years with over a hundred of champion. the winrate for the law of big numbers is a really important factor in my opinion for the normal champion. the champion you talked about in the second part are not significant in my opinion. being the most popular champion like tresh, kata or the opposite with yorick and tarick really influences your winrate. kata and tresh are used by noobs as freelo train while you use taric only if you are fabulous inside and know what you are doing (also the enemys dont know your abilities). azir has a 8% pickrate and a price that wont let you buy him just for the lol. his 45% winrate imho means a lot
: miss fortune, corki and tristana are a few (not completely serious but MF and corki are two of my favorites) miss fortune's slow allows her to escape without an escape especially if her passive gets built up and tristana and corki have large dash mechanics corki is also an anti-tank in this tank meta, something invaluable
their escapes are good (i still think that vayine is easier because she has also the get away from me button) but they arent as good as her during the whole game and i think they have abilities to land to be good. with wayne you dont have to learn some skill shot
Trídent (NA)
: Vayne isn't good early game. Just because she is strong, doesn't mean she takes no skill. Most mobile champs have a high skillcap, for LC$BIGPLAYZ
the mobility of kalista is hard to master. the mobility of vayne is just. hi sion. i see you want to come get me. let me just move you here by pressing a button. here again? well then. let me get invisible and flash away
Trídent (NA)
: He's just overloaded. Winrate also means nothing. People look at LCS, see Azir #LC$BIGPLAYZ, then hop on the Azir freelo train, to discover he has a very high skill cap and floor. Because of this, the winrate is very low. Vayne the easiest adc...? ................................... Leblanc too easy to play? .... For those two ^ you need to master their mechanics in order to play them to their full potential.
if he the freelo train theory was right then azir wouldnt have an 8% pickrate and vayne a 30% pickrate. what is funny is that the hard adc that evrybody uses (she is the most used champion right now) still has a 50%winrate. leblank actually lately has been nerfed and is in a bad spot but you cant deny that the passive and the flashback are the best weapon for champions you cant use. btw i think that the lcs are not reliable as example. there are too much few matches and the guys who play in lcs are just not on our level. evry champion need to get mastered but simply vayne is not hard as kalista or draven and leblanc isnt hard as azir. (kalista is op so you dont need to master her to win but to master kalista is harder then vayne
: You're over-analyzing this. All Azir's winrate can tell you is that in 45% of ranked games, he's on the winning team, and in 55% of ranked games, he's on the losing team. It is impossible to be able to tell how well or how poorly each Azir plays just off of winrate. It is impossible to tell how his other teammates influenced the game. It is impossible to tell you anything from winrate alone, other than "this is how many games Azir won and lost on average". If you factor in his play rate as well, which you said is 8%, then you _might_ be able to make a claim that Azir, for having a somewhat below-average play rate (for people who aren't like Vayne with a 34% play rate) and a below-average winrate, you could say that the relatively small group that plays him has too much difficulty with him because of his weakness, and he needs to be buffed. However, this type of conjecture is not reliable. Again, you have basically no way to tell what happened in those games other than which side Azir was on when the game was won and how many times he's picked. Unless someone's winrate is an insane outlier, like in the thirties or sixties, then you cannot determine strength on winrate.
considering the big numbers of players of lol i think we could really tell a lot by looking at the winrate. the single matches and ability of people are really nothing with these big numbers. my only doubt about the 25% thing is that to claim that you should know how hard he loose and feed when he loose. he could be normal in 90% of matches and really bad with a 100% chances of loosing for his team in the other 10% and then he would have his 45% winrate with a 45% good matches. btw all this was just to point the fact for people who dont know math that a 45% winrate is really really bad (thirties and sixties are impossible numbers). just to let you know that elise has 44.5. there is only a 0.5% of difference between azir and elise. we all know elise. 45% is really really bad. i dont think it's a priority to put him to a 50% winrate but he cant be nerfed for sure
Ipols (EUW)
: Don't try to do math if you can't. also if a champion is difficult to play he'll have low winrates because unskilled people try it anyway. let's say they give Fizz 300 true dmg on his Q. The fact that I can't play fizz for shit but I keep playng him doesn't make him weaker but makes his winrate lower edit: Anyway I don't feel like Azir is OverPowered, maybe the ones I met were bad players. I don't know
since i'm pretty sure i can do math i would like to know what you think i said wrong. here have my counts explained about the 25% so you can understand what i did and correct me: evry champion in the team with azir contribute to a 50% winrate azir contribute to a x% winrate. a team with azir has a 45% winrate (lolking is my source about this). 50%*4/5+x*1/5=45%. x=25% winrate btw to answer your second part azir is picked the 8% of time so i didnt think that the noobs could lower his winrate since he is not picked usually but he still has a 47% winrate in diamond so you either are saying diamond guys are noobs or azir is actually bad right now. please respond to the math part that i'm curious why you think it's wrong. i know it's pretty simplified but should be actually correct
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: > vayne is probably the easyest adc ever. No. Just no.
ok then. name 3 adc who if focused can escape better then her and has a good early, mid and late game as her. kalista is way op but you can say it's hard to master (you can still win with her without using her passive and being a noob) but vayne is really easy
: > [{quoted}](name=Anyael,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4GQVfyEY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-06T06:44:19.355+0000) > > His ult is far too strong in teamfight situations for him to also be a lane-bully and a hypercarry. > > He needs a rework. I don't think he needs a rework, his design is okay. It's just in need of having power reduced from certain areas. As it stands, hes just too safe.
i really dont understand how people keep saying he is op. have you played him before talking at least? look at lolking. he has a 45% winrate. since there are 10 players in an average match evryone should influence the outcome of the match for 10%. this means that he plays bad in the 75% of his matches. his ulty can save him in lots of situation but it has also a long cooldown. there are lots of powerful ulti with longs cooldown. i cant see the problem. the secret with azir is to wait and to attack him as soon as he used his q to move his soldiers. he doesnt have a long cooldown on that but you dont need more than few seconds to shot somebody like him. and also dont take some melee champion against him. he counters their farming ability like lots of other champions do.
: Just because a Champion isn't EZ PZ doesn't mean they are immune to nerfs and don't have many things that need tweaking to balance them. Thats like saying {{champion:7}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} are 100% fine because of "muh skill cap"
i really dont understand how people keep saying he is op. have you played him before talking at least? look at lolking he has a 45% winrate. since there are 10 players in an average match evryone should influence the outcome of the match for 10%. this means that he plays bad in the 75% of his matches. also i would like to say (never actually played riven so i wont talk about her) leblank and bayne are op and way too easy to play. leblank has a free flash and clone to save her and vayne is probably the easyest adc ever. try to make a mistake and get out of a difficult situation with twitch or kog maw and then try to make the same with vayne. this is a game where you have to push 4 buttons and for her there are only 3. how can she be hight skill?
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Kuzja1 (NA)
: Weather Effects
it would be cool. especially if you could know the wheather before the match and some champions could get bonuses for certain weather. it could force to use different champions and so we could finally see some yoriks (maybe in the fog) instead of always kata, yasuo, teemo. anyway i dont think this will ever happen. riot is struggling to give us another map and rework some obviosly outdated champion like warwick. making something like that would take a lot of time to make it balanced so it will never happen
: New Game Mode: All Items
i let the same post yesterday without seeing your. i wrote that it would be awesome for 3 reason: 1 we could try some fun build without ruining the game. i saw this tanky build for kartus but if i try to build a warmog on kartus as first item i'm going to take 4 reports. here i could just try a couple of lifes and then use it normally 2 we could actually see what build is better between two because we can just recall and try a completely different build against the same team. lets be honest most of us just copy the builds from the pro player and dont understand whats going on at least for the first 29 levels 3 it would be a easy match with no flaming since we have all the gold there would be no feeding and evribody would be calm ps i would like to see us starting at least at lvl 9-10


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