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: Gangplank - Urgot interaction balance
{{champion:41}} w heavy counters{{champion:6}} ultimate so...
: > [{quoted}](name=always jng fault,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8wvEMk7e,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-05T17:22:55.894+0000) > > Finally aram isnt just "Better poke team wins", maybe poke champs are weak or just permabanned but before they make aram so unhealthy for every other champ who doesnt have large range that they deserved the nerfs > > Rito pls keep the changes The problem that every single person seems to completely miss here is the underlying MAJOR ISSUE in ARAM: tank meta. If any team has even just 1 more tank to the other team and that game extends past about 18 mins, then typically you can pretty much guarantee (or nearly guarantee) the win will be for the team with the tank. So what is happening with this ban is that everyone is removing the top tier damage dealers from the pool, and leaving trash and tanks. For me personally: I hate playing trash characters.... but the worst is the tank meta just got a massive boost to an already nearly insurmountable existence! I really hate that in any discussion I've read on ARAM that every single time we just skip right past the BIGGEST ISSUE that ARAM faces... for the past 4 years tank meta has reigned supreme. (The reason tank meta isn't even a thing in SR/pro tour is because the ramp of the game is over before tanks become too tanky... however in ARAM, the pace of the game means that tanks over scale any damage and it's pretty much mathematical at around the 18 to 20 min mark... which if anyone actually plays ARAM can say that the bulk of the games can easily make it to that time point.) Banning champs literally plays STRAIGHT INTO the tank meta - at least in week 1 it is... what my dream is either of these: 1) players completely don't even vote - literally removing NO champs OR 2) players ONLY VOTE out tank/bruiser characters like scion, mundo, garren, aatrox... etc.... People who are banning zigs, veiger, teemo, etc... these people are hilariously pushing the tank meta which is HIGHLY more precise a victory than even the ultra best Ziggs you'll ever face.... these tanks literally just roll their faces across their keyboards with literally ZERO skill and will literally face felt your most skilled damage once the game hits past about 18 mins. Every time. Nothing you can even do.
Every time i play tank on aram i got melted by ADCs going full crit without armor pen {{champion:51}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:51}}
: No don't. {{champion:39}} is already a total failure of design and balance in SR, now they made her worst in aram. Revert all changes that buffed her ass
10 times better than face every game a lux , a xerath , karthus , fiddle on aram pre nerfs
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