Lapis (OCE)
: Do people actually like csing?
because u press TAB and u enjoy having more Level and Cs than enemy, and that lead to dopamin , dopamin gives u FUN
ali afri (EUW)
: I have 0 impact on my games
trolls never get banned , less troller win
: I've found what will kill LOL
the thing is this that lol even cant hold its old players , first keep old players then look at new players ( if there is any new player for lol OMEGALUL)
Yets4240 (NA)
: What is depressing is that they've already removed core defensive stats or gutted them into non-viability. Tanks used to have HP + Resistances (that actually fucking mattered, armor is a serious fucking joke and is simply ***NEVER WORTH THE GOLD ON ANY CHAMPION EXCEPT FOR MALPHITE***) + HP Regen + Dodge + AS Slows + Crit Damage Reduction + AA damage reduction. Of those stats, Tanks effectively only have HP and. . . um . . . Tabi? Magic resist is still good, but not relevant here. It used to be 2+ members of the team would go FH (when it slowed AS by literally twice as much as now, and gave more armor for a lower cost) now I can't remember the last time I've seen a single person buy it. Cold Steel, or rather, the passive it replaced before it was named, was a 20% ms and attack speed slow, not is a 10% as slow alone [which was somewhat recently buffed back to 15% at least, but it now has a shorter duration] Randuin's active used to be a four second AoE movement and attack speed slow of equal value. Now the AS slow is entirely fucking gone, the duration is fucking cut in half (only 2 seconds vs 4) and its even a weaker slow than it used to be (55% instead of 60%) while the item gives less stats, and costs more. HP regen is a joke, and tank items other than 'Mogs don't even have it any more at fucking all, except for {{item:3800}} which then has next to no defensive stats to pair with that regen, but with its active it is easily the single best tank item in the game currently, which say a fuckton about how much tank items have been utterly fucking annihilated. Even if you have massive HP regen, its out of combat, like Ocean Dragon or Warmogs, and utterly useless in the fight which is the antithesis of how it used to be, with HP regen working for tanks to counter the lifesteal and spell vamp of damage classes. ADCs still treat tanks as mobile fountains or HP batteries due to rune alone, let alone actual lifesteal items (which, of course, just got systemic buffs across the board +5 AD and -100g for virtually all of them) but tanks no longer have in combat regen. Oh, and then think of all the extra instances of true damage flooding in. Between IE and Conquerer, when I play a tank I die from between 45-75% true damage, even if the other team has no champions with innate true damage. Died to a Yi and Vayne the other day as a Nautilus, took 89% of my max hp in true damage, dying in 3.7 seconds. Sure they both had a rageblade, but I was doing well that game and had a full defensive build. Too bad my 300+ armor did literally fucking nothing, and my 4k hp + shield melted to over 1k post mitigation DPS from just two people.
when riot add 70 armor leveel 1 on aftershock nobody speaks , then people speak about 20% true dmg that we had in old runes as well
: We need the old balance team back. ghostcrawler and co. obviously have no idea what theyre doing
phreak and ghostcrawler, 2 trash i ever saw
: So Let's Talk About Tryn & Why You Shouln't Buff Him
Randuins Omen to slow him when active ult + Thornmail to slow att speed. bb trynd
Cocho (NA)
: How much games do you play a day? Hard to get honored if you dont play. QT plays 107503 games a day. Like every day lol
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: I actually think Pyke is pretty balanced
there is no way u kill him as an assassin or dps champ , he just dash out , if u follow u will be stunned , he will also go camouflage
: Yes Riot forced you to get punished for bad behaviour instead of being normal person like majority. > (one of my friends in team also have to smurf, because we was chat banned togother !). Yeah, toxic premades wanna force themself to events for non-toxic people.
Is this fair that i didnt know i cant play in clash with my team before clash come out ? i was first honor1 and then i found i cant play on clash with honor2. im honor 1 same


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