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: Any tips for Ahri?(plat 4+ elo)
Take towers, inhibitors and then nexus. Korean advice.
: well i dont agree about jax but i agree about conqueror , this runes is by far the most broken oen in the game , cause of it bruiser now kill tanks like they are soraka , champs liek garen used to bully fiora , irelia , jax , riven ; but with conqueror , this is not happening anymore ;
fiora taking conquerer lol.
: Reminder that Tenacity is a useless stat in game, basically a noob trap
Not even remotely true. Having 50% tenacity from legend tenacity + mercs is super good against champs like {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:58}} etc etc. The only time you SHOULDNT take tenacity is if their team consists of something like {{champion:90}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:254}} . Basically, if they have lots of surpression/knockups or knockbacks then dont take it. If they dont then take it. 50% tenacity with mercs and a fully stacked legend tenacity or 61% with steraks passive aswell is REALLY good against some shit like Morg's 3s stun or Ahri's 2s charm.
: Champion that can carry in mid.
Everyone lol. They all fill out different purposes n shit. Just choose who fits your playstyle: This is an oversimplified example: You have champs who OS and roam a lot: {{champion:4}} {{champion:13}} + (basically every assassin) Teamfighters: Anyone with AOE dmg Peelers {{champion:61}} CC bots with burst {{champion:45}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:127}} and then theres {{champion:268}} but lets not talk about him.
Rexxiee (NA)
: "aatrox was too unhealthy to be kept in the game"
new irelia and akali are more healthy to play against than the old ones, change my mind.
: Riot, now that Fiora receives buffs, can you fix her overwhelming minion aggro on q?
Thats why theyre buffing the early game healing lol. They cant take out such a mechanic, she wouldnt be punished for missing vitals and just get free poke then.
: I feel like LeBlanc shouldn't be able to 100-0 squishies through exhaust with no item
: > [{quoted}](name=ankoanko19,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bTnrziOc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-22T22:09:42.538+0000) > > Yeah no this is a bad example. This would've happened if you played in S5, S3, S4,S1 whatever. I agree, armor doesnt feel very impactful if you dont have lots of it {{champion:33}} but this example isnt a good example. i DID play in season 3,4, and 5. and no... it DIDN'T happen every single item in my ENTIRE build (outside of {{item:3311}} which i was in the process up upgrading) had HP and/or Armor. {{champion:25}} is inherently one of the more tanky AP support, becuase of the fact that she is required to get in very close proximity to multi enemy targets for her ulti and if she cannot surive for at least .51 second she cant ulti ((her ulti takes 3 second to go off and {{item:3157}} only lasts 2.5, so u still have .5 second where she can be killed even if u cant just get out of her ulti range while she is immobile in zhoyas. also becuase i can.. "riot: we are increasing her spellshield cost from 50-80 becuase and she maxes it early" ... yeah riot... no we don't max it early. sorry to disappoint you... but that is COMPLETELY BULLSHIT spelshield scales with AP and the only thing maxing it does is make it stronger. so if i build ap and max my W 2nd it still strong enough until i reach lvl 14, unles i am ver an cc or ap heavy comp hell i would build {{item:3143}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3047}} on top lane NIDALEE in season 4 pre 4.17 with my AD bruiser build. don't try to tell me it didn't work. i was there
Yeah nice rose tinted glasses ya got there. I remember Talon, Yasuo oneshotting far easier than theyre doing today.
: i had a bad game... but it proves a point, armor is worthless
Yeah no this is a bad example. This would've happened if you played in S5, S3, S4,S1 whatever. I agree, armor doesnt feel very impactful if you dont have lots of it {{champion:33}} but this example isnt a good example.
: Honestly, I think that this is the problem. If one champion struggles you can either: -Increase the damage of the champion, therefore also increasing the general game damage. Every champion is a part of the game, so every champion has an impact on the overall damage. -Increase the utility, granting them stuff like longer CC, stronger slows and speed ups, base ms, mana regen. This makes the champion stronger, while not increasing overall damage. -Increase the defense, granting them base or scaling armor, mr or hp. Results in lowering of overall dmg for a bit. -Nerf their counters. This doesn't solve the innate problem the champ has, but if a champion is really struggling in a meta, nerfing the dominant picks can make them viable. There are propably more options, but those are the 4 I can think of on the spot. 3 of them are a way to buff the champ without increasing dmg. The problem is, increasing damage on one champion doesn't impact the game that much, but constant buffing of damage starts being noticable. And every damage buff adds up to the overall game damage. Now it has reached the point of easy oneshots and very short teamfights. This doesn't mean Riot should cut every source of damage in half, they should just nerf the damage of the most dominant picks(obviously damage is not always the problem with a champion, I'm speaking in general). One or two patches later, if the nerfs hit too hard, buff the champion's defense, utility or just nerf his counters next. This should slowly reduce the damage overall. I won't talk about runes as the comment got really long, but I think they are a problem too, as they are right now.
Jannas dmg scales off her MS. They could revert the ''nerf'' they gave her which was -5ms, she would get utility & dmg then.
saltran (EUW)
: Yes, Janna should be strong for her shield and peel, not for her poke.
That will just make her the best support for 5 years again.
: Reminder that Absolute focus is still useless
Rexxiee (NA)
: Akali needs to be nerfed into unviable tier until she gets another rework
Wut you serious? Youd rather play against the " i hit level 6 imma delet this " champ? Current Akali really isnt THAT bad.
: Nerf Conqueror
Well its Irelia.. so its magic dmg, physical dmg and some true dmg. 20% of all her dmg to be correct is converted.
Paroe (NA)
: IMO manamune needs to become an onhit item that doesnt descale... Like... 1% of your maximum mana as onhit damage would be fine. Maybe even 2%.
3 patches later: Manamuna change has dramatically shifted Ezreal's power curve, making him a bit overwhelming to deal with. Armor 25>24.
Celiorap (NA)
: Why Can People Who Build No Damage, Deal Tons?
Because if tanks deal no dmg they're useless..
: Leblanc Csing is impossible
It's her main weakness. A leblanc might be ahead but you'll always secure farm better.. unless you're Anivia.
: Stop asking for Iron to be renamed to wood
*It would be insulting for anyone placed in the tier* I mean if you're placed below bronze then yeah..
" it is not fun seeing you go half health at lvl 1" if you know about her level 1 trading... why not play safe level 1 lol
Ranmiaku (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ankoanko19,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mdeJ0EZO,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2018-09-17T18:27:54.241+0000) > > If this was a few patches ago I would agree with you. But literally every single dmg rune Zed uses has been nerfed or at least changed in the way that isnt benefical to Zed. Nevermind how mages can go corrupt+timewarp and outsustain him with ease. you're talking like the runes weren't also nerfed for every other champ lol, and outsustain him? the problem is mana since you're forced to rush seekers armguard against him, and on top of that hes super safe, and doesnt have to worry about mana at all
What mage uses domination as their primary that got nerfed from these changes? Timewarp + Corurpting DOES give you mana for fucks sake. Zed isnt op, just git gud.
Fargo79 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6I8fAPEy,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-17T13:50:46.913+0000) > > "Luden's Echo has all the stats Mages could ever want, let's remove it from the game." > > {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} actually no it doesnt have everything a Mage wants.. it doesnt give HP, Armor, or MR.... the HP and armor are the more important ones.. the defensive/offensive items for Mages lack considerably when compared to the AD items. most AD items have like 3 stat buff plus 2-3 passives.. most mages are more concerned with making sure they have enough mana to be able to use their kits. so ya nerfing back an item that gives the wearer additional HP and damage might be a good thing..
steraks doesnt give armor/mr either. It doesnt give out every stat that a bruiser needs but it is damn close to it. Same with ludens echo for mages.
: > He's currently the most banned top laner and has maintained top 2 most banned toplaners for a long while. Nope > This champ is already S tier, buffing him will only increase his ban rate, and most people don't wanna deal with his bullshit. S tier with 0 competitive presence? > Clearly Riot is favoring the pro scene instead of looking at the state of soloque for most players. How? Corrupting Potion + Timewarp Tonic isn't being changed, so Darius will still be outclassed. 4th place, close enough.
: Tbh I hate {{champion:119}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:45}} (just a few) way more than Graves, I barely hate Graves at all. Mostly due to lack of bad experience against him.
Yara0 (NA)
: Kai'Sa is literally just better Vayne.
You're only the 64928th person to say that! No shit, Riot wont buff Vayne or nerf Kai'sa right before worlds patch ends. They already gave Vayne some placebo buffs and Kaisa some placebo nerfs but thats it until 8.22.
Yara0 (NA)
: You kinda just invalidated anything you say with that one.
But your statement is horrible ''Ahri isnt a good champion''. She is top 5 she just ISNT the best champion! Why do all Ahri players have the mentality ''If my champion isnt the best, its the worst''.
Zeyphel (NA)
: Nop. FF depends on the matchup and let me clarify you that if you use it you are willingly to pay the price by having less burst potential and a late game that feels less powerful. Also, you would be easier to oneshot because you can have sustain but if you get oneshotted, which many assasins can do, you won't be able to do anything. Yet, Kassadin animations are a little slow for a champion that's supposed to be an assasin.
Are you telling me the keystone which has a 78% pickrate is ''situational''?. The entire point is to get to late asap with Kass, and you can sustain yourself with FF. You dont need more burst potential than you already have, you need survivability. See it like when Veigar took stormraiders surge instead of thunderlords simply because he already has dmg, its better to survive.
: Normally I roll my eyes whenever I see your comments but this might be the first time I agree with you completely. Kassadin still doesn't do any pre 6 and even post 6 he still needs certain items to get the ball rolling. His his early game is still pretty bad to weak with few good match ups. The only thing that finally changed imo Kassadin finally being able to get out laning phase without getting destroyed if you are good enough while the enemy laner finally not having basically full control of the lane early game.
Which is why you pick FF on Kass.
r43b1ll (NA)
: I wouldn't say broken, just a nightmare to balance around.
: I've been saying this since Season 5 when he got buffed like 3-4 patches almost in a row because Riot said "hurr durr, no one plays him whens hes not strong" That champ is cancerous in a low-key way. I ban him 100% of the time on certain mid-laners. (edit- If I recall hes also been buffed a couple times through 6-8 without ever seeing nerfs)
When you outplay your AP opponent just because you exist + your point & click Q shield 😎 nevermind how FF on him is literally saying ''bitch cant poke me''. I use FF all the time on Fizz, shits hilariously broken on melee AP champs. fleet footwork
iDarkWind (EUW)
: Why wouldn't he be performing well? After the Wukong nerfs to his mid lane, Talon nerf, runes that must of the assassins used nerf (AKA Zed), most of the AD picks in the mid lane are not in a good spot, and with that the mages and some assassins that benefit from the electrocute changes (LB, Ahri) became popular. Obviously that the counter to them would find so much sucess (AKA Kassadin). This is a specific case where isn't the champion that is strong, but the fact that his counters got nerfed.
and yk, the buffs to his early ult CD which were kinda huge.
Yara0 (NA)
: {{champion:38}} and {{champion:4}} both have higher play rates :/ they are also more mobile. Pick rate doest really mean much cause {{champion:64}} and {{champion:157}} always have high pick rate regardless of how good they are. And i honestly dont think {{champion:103}} is that good of a champion. Damage wise there are better choices and mobility wise there are better choices. Ahri is really good at avoiding ganks which leads to less feeding which is why her WR is usually up. But looking at her team fight damage and single target burst. There are allot of champions that are better to pick then ahri. Honestly think her ult is the biggest problem.
See it like this: Is Kass, Talon or LB open? No? Pick Ahri. tf isnt more mobile than ahri, wat
: What do you know, Ahri back up to highest playrate AND winrate midlane in Plat+
It's like the old saying goes: IF{{champion:103}} MY{{champion:40}} CHAMPION{{champion:103}} ISNT{{champion:40}} AT{{champion:103}} ALEAST{{champion:40}} 53%{{champion:103}} WINRATE{{champion:40}} THEN{{champion:103}} IT'S{{champion:40}} UNDEPOWERED & NEED BUFFS.
: Stating this in the least rank-shaming way possible: If you were good at the game you wouldn't be Silver to have this conversation. Like, if I'm not stupid, I wouldn't have to tell someone "Yeah, I'm 13 and I'm still in the 5th grade, but I'm not stupid, trust me." I'd just not be in the 5th grade. It's the same thing here. You'd just not be Silver. Now, is solo queue perfect? No, it obviously lends itself to certain styles of play over others, even if the others can still be considered "good League play", but it's nothing that'll keep you in *Silver* of all elos.
Is just a a troll. The dude has like a 75% wr on Malz with 42 games and is still silver. Smurfs
: Come join our discord <3 lgbt!
Sad that you have to put " pls no flame " :/
: > [{quoted}](name=Guzergus,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fLZpd9uA,comment-id=000f00000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-17T21:16:05.781+0000) > > There is absolutely no evidence to back up this claim. > > It has, yet it still represents your skill in the long run. Learn about statistics and then talk to me. > > You don&#x27;t have to matter more than 9. On average you will get as many bad players as good. Ultimately it&#x27;s up to you to influence your win rate. > > This part is irrelevant. I personally have never shamed anyone and statistically I&#x27;m better than average, even though I don&#x27;t have an audacity to propose balance changes, unlike those silver-gold guys. People like you that say real journalism is "fake news," cherry-pick what they want to reply to out of context instead of posting the whole statement. Thank you for affirming your ignorance.
Your account was created only so that you can show people that silvers are good.. You have over a 50% wr on almost everything you play and are still in silver. Seems like a smurf to me.
l MrD l (NA)
: the reworked version didnt fox problems though and just created more ... LB is a fine champ she has a very strong early but sacrifces a useful late game to do it
Not even late lmao. Lane opponent ruses 1 MR item and makes you useless since you cant outduel them anymore.
Hashihime (EUW)
: It is time to revert LB!
Q>R never kills anything unless youre playing against a level 3 Tristana and youre a level 14 Leblanc with 3 items. They made her dmg more backloaded and not upfront with the revert. Reworked LB was so busted that they literally nerfed her dmg all together by around 70% and she STILL saw play and got nerfed once more!
VanaQuish (EUNE)
: I never said that the should balance around low elo. I said they shouldnt balance around high elo. Balancing around mid elo is the best course of action. And no its not. Someone said that akali is broken in high elo. However in low elo she is not.
She is op in low elo. She has almost a 30% banrate in bronze for fucks sake. An Akali smurf would absolutely wreck low elos even further because of how well Akali carries and can get ahead. ''Balancing around mid elo'' What is mid elo? Ask a challenger player and they say Diamond 4. Ask a bronze and they say Gold. Ask a Diamond and they say plat. We should ONLY balance from high elo whether in soloq or pro.
: Am I Boosted? (Do I get carried enough to get to Plat)
I think Gbay99 refrenced it pretty well ''You dont have to be 16/0 every game, as long as you allow your team to carry you, you deserve the win''.
Celiorap (NA)
: Akali Still Not Getting Nerfed
..wat? is this satire?
ErosLock (NA)
: I just started maining Teemo and I keep winning because the enemy jungler camps me?
Teemo really isnt that obnoxious anymore.. Many bruisers can deal with him pretty easily {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:240}}
: If it was a Yasuo / Zed bug, it'd get hotfixed asap. Poor Zyra, Riot doesn't give 2 fucks because she's not on their 'mrs. popular' -payroll.
That's not true. LB is filled with bugs.
VanaQuish (EUNE)
: > Yea, keep balancing the game around average players You are so weird really. HEY LETS SCREW OTHERS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO TIME TO DEAL WITH HIS SHIT. I mean sure its not per say wrong. But most of the players ARE not in high elo. If you want to play a game where "the best are the ones that matter" go dota 2. Lol doesnt do that. > hey they're not abusing a broken strat, it means we have to nerf zed!!! Are you an idiot? Against a competent zed, mages have to go armguard and zhonyas. They also have to go resolve so they have extra hp to survive his burst. However mages with no mana, well, makes them extremely weak. > except he goes corrupting potion when he knows it's going to be a lane where he trades often ie: kassadin whenever he plays against a passive lane that scales like lissandra or ryze there is absolutly no fucking reason to go corrupting potion Quite irrelevant. You yourself said, "best x player runs inspiration corrupting potion and dark seal". Granted you didnt say always, but you did imply it. However he runs the strat SOMETIMES.
man, stop it. Riot shouldnt balance around low levels of plays even if the majority are there. If something is op in high elo, it means its op elsewhere. If its op in only silver, it can be dealt with else where.
Ranmiaku (NA)
: Zed needs some hard nerfs..
If this was a few patches ago I would agree with you. But literally every single dmg rune Zed uses has been nerfed or at least changed in the way that isnt benefical to Zed. Nevermind how mages can go corrupt+timewarp and outsustain him with ease.
: You just said you haven't seen any adc are OP threads since 8.10, but then agreed that Jhin is Obnoxious as F. Which is it? My only point of mentioning Zed/Talon was purely to argue that they are the only champ compositions that can shut down a late game adc atm. Adcs are shredding anyone who has to stay in a fight and actually duel.
Because your thread makes no sense. Nobody screams about the ADC role being op (like how people did before the crit changes) but about 2 specific ADC's.
: You haven't? There's at least 3 daily Jhin threads about Hail of Blades + Stormrazor. There SHOULD be threads about Jinx. There's threads about Kai Sa nearly every day. There may not be Xayah threads, but there's plenty of adc QQ. If an adc gets to 3 items, they turn a game around right now. Can end the game in the next 5 minutes unless they are assassinated by {{champion:91}} or {{champion:238}} . If the other team is tanks/fighters/adc/mages, they run the map and push to end in 5 minutes.
Because Jhin is also obnoxious as fuck? 1k dmg with tons of mobility? Zed is not nearly as big of a problem ever since the domination nerfs.
: OP is talking about people like you, that make up facts about game balance and use hyperbole to try and make an argument.
I havent seen any " ADCs are op " post since.. 8.10.
saltran (EUW)
: What's the point of this thread?
Salty that ADC's arent the centre of the game anymore.
: Was fervor really that good against tanks? Bonus 20-40 AD doesn't sound that strong against armor-stacking guys. I personally like Conqueror on bruisers, 20% true damage being dealt by them isn't overbearing in any means , but i hate when Yasuo ignores my armor due to his ult+conq+IE. And asking for reversal of runes reforged doesn't sound good either, old runes were big grindfest
Fervor was like Conq except more rewarding and had more counterplay.. It also lasted longer and didnt rely on some stupid timer. If Fervor came back, it would be a nerf to almost all bruisers (except for the obvious ones {{champion:114}} ) but it would still be worth it in a way. Riot just needs to rework the bruiser class entirely.
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