Reksee (NA)
: I think that Riot should remove the attack damage scaling on kayle's Ultimate.
No they should not remove the ad ap scaling 1. She has no lock down or stun. 2. She is similar to Kogmaw if focused garbage. 3. Champ has a terrible planning phase. 4. If someone built armour against your ad build or magic resistance against your ap then your doing no damage... It's the same with true damage look at Reksai and Rengar massive op early game champs... The problem is that if someone went magic resistance and armour your doing negative damage. Kayle will continue to out scale you and that's a late game champ for you... If you don't understand champ go home seep tea and don't play league because the simple thing to beating kayle and killing him early game and stunning the champ at right times before his Ult.


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