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: Contact the Riot Support and be PATIENT. Some polish scammers hacked my account and i reported it immediately.They shutted down my account until they could've kicked the hackers out. I just had to change my password and i was good to go. But be patient.It takes Riot Support some time to send you and e-mail back. Don't worry,they will get your account back eventually.
thank you dude you are the only one who understood me
: How much do you guys bet that this is fake? {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
Dude do you think i will insult my self ? and ban my account also you can check from my match history that i never play yasuo also i never use chat in most of my games a
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: > [{quoted}](name=aziz miboun,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=knr7QQlu,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2018-10-29T09:58:32.717+0000) > > im also an arab guy but the only one have my password and is my ex girlfriend well you know who to blame then. Some girls can go a bit crazy after a break-up. Tho I still don't understand why would you give your login info to anyone,
well i was not the one who inted i think riot can check the ip adress
ƒrostγ (EUNE)
: Why would a random arab guy hack your acc and flame ,that makes no sense.
im also an arab guy but the only one have my password and is my ex girlfriend
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: Unlock Permanently Banned Accounts ReFormed Players
i m not permanently banned but i know a lot of players that gets banned for the typical reason's some cause of( flaming,scripting or inting )its true they must get their punishment but at least not a permanently ban maybe 60 days ban or something else Now they are reformed some did new accounts and the others never played league again

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