: Don't understand the Q, fiddle doesn't need AS.
its for his passive. q> aa
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: i cant log in
SAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE upvote so riot sees it, maybe. Such a bad company I'm not even kidding.
: Tired of Smurf/Troll accounts?
I like your idea, but what if I don't have a facebook account? Like me, I don't use social media so... Maybe an alternative. I don't have any ideas. But it's till pretty easy to create a facebook account so no biggie, I guess.
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Håppy (NA)
: You're just salty. QSS. You play kat/jinx most of the time, and qss/zhonyas are important items on both of them. If you can't "sacrifice" your build for them, you're following a strict build path and deserve to be punished for it.
While editing it seems I messed up a bit. What I meant was that SOME champs cannot sacrifice their build path, but I turned it into "I". I'm too lazy to fix it.
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UnStylish (EUW)
: I can't get used to my mouses cuz one of them is heavy and the other has no software
If you're crying because you couldn't dodge a bronze player karthus q then you need to take a break. Also, just buy the same mouse?? Or a wireless mouse?? Or a wireless mouse with customizable dpi???


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