: An effective QoL nerf for Gangplank with Undying Grasp
Make his Barrels point and click pls riot
Lakinther (EUW)
: When can i expect nerfs to Pyke and Yuumi?
I hope yuumi gets picks at worlds so this cancer gets nerfed and can finally have some counterplay
: Xerath is being oppressed...
Xerath is ugly anyway i need anorher ahri skin
: "Eve isn't weak at all right now, but we're buffing her anyway" - Riot
: I'm beyond frustrated with the lack of attention Zyra gets from RIOT
Mc Raton (NA)
: Thanks for trying Riot.
Cant believe they buffed this statcheck piece of shit
: Akali is now utter garbage
Akali is for boosted like u so skilled to spam q
Ste1n2k (EUW)
: a little change about Yuumi
Just remove this untargetable cancer
: Accidentally said the N word not HARD R.. (Im black if it helps...)
: Can we please reduce Talyah mana casting costs?
: Please stop ignoring Wukong.
Monkeys Enjoying playing braindead press r champ?
GigglesO (NA)
: After spamming some yummi games I kinda dislike other supports...
: The state of Ranked 3v3 post deletion announcement
: I'm incredibly tired of burst meta.
Oh look anorher "burst meta op" post . Have anything better to do then complain?
: OVER BUFFED FIORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^
Ubeebs (NA)
: I need help im a low elo supp and want to get better
: Garen offers no counterplay
: Dmg/mobility creep has become ridiculous.
: Delete the toplane
: Autofill every 3rd game is tilting me
yıff (NA)
: katarina needs buffs, she is simply unplayable.
Yes give her damage réduction like ireliaand percent healthy dmg so she can oneshot tanks too
: Balancing
I have abother balance idea . Shut up
: Top Lane's State
: I feel no pity for people who still have faith in balance for this game.
: How to win games when team feeds every single game
: Troll Support Players
Trolls are healthy for the game they reward tactics feeding
: I'm a failure of a human being
: gonna lose more lp because the game wont launch.......
JRobin31 (NA)
: One-Shot by Full AP Shyvana under Base Tower...
: Why can caitlyn have that much damage + headshot with the longest AA range?
: i admit i had a bad game but holy shit.
: Thanks riot. Played since season 2, finally quitting this garbage heap.
: There's actually AFKers almost every game now
Sylphic (NA)
: When will Riot stop pretending like supports' power creep is not a problem
: Fuck u riot
Padrin (NA)
: Zoe is Obscenely Unfun to Play Against


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