uJhisper (NA)
: Is Shaco the perfect idea of what an assassin should be?
I actually think he is top 3 most toxic kits in the game. I think Kha'Zix is the "perfect assassin". Shaco IMHO feels like he completely lacks counterplay and can get away with anything, to the point most don't even get flash on him. When you fight him, you either die or he gets away and wastes your time. There is no scenario in which you win, unless he's a really garbage player. And with a slow and a point and click ranged nuke as well, flash built into his kit with extra stealth capability, uncounterable ganks... balanced? Not really. If he is not completely clueless, there is no way you can catch him or get away. Other assassins AT LEAST have no way to escape if they fail to one-shot. Kha'Zix for example is a much more high skillcap assassin; you better be on point with your positioning and all-ins, or you will just die. But he can be countered by any amount of decent teamwork (I.E. vision and grouping). Shaco is on par with Zed and LeBlanc as far as one-shotting everyone with little to no risk involved, but he doesn't even have the problem of having the possibility of being starved for gold, cause he does not need to lane, and you can call yourself happy if HE does not invade YOU. Practically nothing you can do except hoping he's a bad player. And yes, he falls off late game. But he will still split push and never be punished for it. So no, not a good example of a healthy champion.
Zacster (NA)
: Upvote For Mastery 5 BM
WHAT? I didn't know this! Why would they do it?
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Salron (NA)
: "Yep. Enemies will see your buff respawns no matter what. Prepare for invades accordingly"
This is a REALLY stupid idea. Enemy team will know what you are doing pretty much at all times. There will be no point in warding for the enemy jungler anymore, you will just know where he is at all times, without having to scout or ward for him. This is the kind of change that makes me doubt that Riot even plays this game at all.
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Nutty (NA)
: Kha'zix Q animation speed is faster on PBE is this a bug or will be added to Live also?
: Anyone else live in constant fear that their favorite champ is gonna get Nerfed or Reworked?
Used to main {{champion:121}} in S4. Used to main {{champion:41}} in S5 and until now. I don't even wanna talk about this. I hate Riot. I don't even want to main anything anymore because I KNOW it will instantly get nerfed into useless as soon as I start playing it. I hate my life.
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: Bans should be used to take out champions that counter your planned team comp.
Yenn (NA)
: Why is a Diamond+ player intentionally feeding/AFK in one game not grounds for a ban?
Actually it should get zero tolerance in every elo. People that do it are just terrible people and they should not be allowed to ever ruin someone's day again.
Yenn (NA)
: Good to see Diamond V is an RNG clusterfuck, just like last season
I feel like it's like that everywhere. I started in Bronze two years ago. Then went all the way to mid gold last season. Played in full plat and diamond lobbies in normals with a clan. In every division there are people who seem to have no clue what they are doing regardless of their elo, and there are people that maybe don't have great mechanics, but play with a brain. I find this to be the worst flaw of this game. The ranking system is just all over the place. No matter where you are on the ladder, you will always get people that seem to not have a clue how to play the game. It still blows my mind to this day. I am by no means the best player ever, but I never feed horribly, or go AFK, or go alone vs 5 people. I always perform at least decently. And I just don't understand how people manage to do incredibly Bronze 5 plays in pretty much every division I have ever seen...
: Honestly, I'd be more interested to see what would happen if flash was just removed completely. Think about it. With no escape, champions _designed and balanced around not having an escape_ would actually have to play like it. Safe mages wouldn't be able to shove under tower and get one free escape from the jungler, for one.
They should make that a featured gamemode. There is suddenly no summoner spells. Aside from smite i guess because u cant really jungle without it...
Khoul (EUW)
: "Cinderhulk meta was perfect"
S4 was good. Cinderhulk was just "if you want to win you must pick tanks with aoe and sit in the middle of everyone and wait for your dot to kill people". not very fun imo.
Cherysse (NA)
: Do you think solo baron is fair?
THIS. Baron definitely needs a buff, too many times you get ONE/TWO people sneaking Baron in like not even 30 seconds. That just should not happen. It should take an entire team to do it, and I would argue it would need to be much harder but give even better reward. It should be risky to do, but more powerful.
: I do see. It's unfortunately easy to put together a list of things that frustrate you about the game. In bug chunks it is difficult to respond to all those opinions. Singurytas addressed a lot of the points in the original post with his separate opinions (below), most of which I agree with. To address the first points re {{champion:41}} {{champion:114}} : We have changes on the way for them. We probably went too far with {{champion:5}} love and also have plans to tune him in 6.4.
I don't understand why the hell you want to gut GP so hard. He is one of the best champions you ever made, and now you want to make him useless. He has well defined weaknesses and counterplay, and potential to carry if he gets fed, while being fair and not too hard to shut down. High skill, high reward. But you never seem to let high skill high reward champions. You just gut them and give power to point-and-click champions, because they don't get played as much in competitive. Which they never will, because they are boring and one-dimensional. But still, you are trying everything you can to make GP useless, because you can't figure out a better solution to the problem. I am disappointed with your approach to balance. When you can't figure out how to deal with a champion being dominant, you just nuke them, instead of trying to make their competition worth considering. Just like the good old Kha'Zix treatment.
: Riot i am fucking sick of Blue Ezreal abusing the Iceborn.
: I'm pretty sure they're not tempted, as they're not that immature.
You must be fun at parties {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: ehh , I'm pretty sure LCS casters are not allowed to cross certain lines in regards to what they say and some of their conversations are scripted so they're less likely to make those mistakes since they have a multicultural audience.
I know they aren't, that's why I'm saying though, I wounder if they WOULD say it if they could LOL
: I think my favorite LCS moments are when the casters accidently drop an F bomb.
I never saw that happen, did they actually do that? Admittedly I don't watch much LCS, but if they did that's hilarious
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: I think the balance team just doesn't really play the game.
I honestly agree on the fact that the balance team does not seem to play the game themselves. But I don't really agree with some of the things you say about champions. {{champion:41}} is honestly one of the best champs Riot ever made, with high skill cap, good counterplay and interesting mechanics. Also, {{champion:32}} is actually a very good jungler right now. I don't know where you got the impression that he wouldn't be, but just look up some winrates. He is more than viable right now. {{champion:79}} is actually back and quite strong as well, and so are {{champion:111}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:62}} . But that aside, yeah, I agree on your general point of them not really seeming to know what they are doing most of the time...
Woook3r (NA)
: Might be due to the fact that the ad assassins can farm and split push better. They dont fall behind like ap assassins. Also, i dont think that ad assassins are hated as a group. I think that the ad assassins themselves are hated. So, two of them have invisibility. If evylyn or shaco (coincidentally, shaco is also ad assassin) were more powerful, I would rage on them just as hard. It just sucks when you dont see anyone, and then you die... As for zed, when i started playing this game he was in midlane 1-4 games or more. Im just tired of seeing him. Tired of seeing the zed show. Tired of endless harass.
You actually made quite an interesting point, the FoTM spam, and it does indeed contribute in making something very annoying. I believe that might be one of the primary hate inducing factors, because it IS frustrating to be playing vs the same champs every game.
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Edgehy (NA)
: Riot, you are going way too ham on these Gangplank nerfs
They need to not make the nerf live. They are basically doing the Kha'Zix treatment all over again, and we all know how well that worked... GP CAN be very strong if he gets fed, but if you play well against him he is honestly not that strong, and his barrels are easily countered. I feel like GP should instead be the example of a well made champion with very defined strength and weakness, counterplay and a high skill - high reward design. If Riot deletes yet another champion due to their incompetence and incapacity of finding a better solution, I may as well take a good long break from this game. I am tired of the way they approach champion balance. They ignore champions with toxic kits for YEARS, and then when there is a champion that is strong but healthy that is popular in competitive, they can't figure out a decent way to handle the situation and just flat out nuke them. I demand and expect more from the biggest game company in the world. If I am going to keep giving them my time and money I expect them to be competent in their game balance, and respectful to all the champions in the game.
: {{champion:121}} - Only assassin I find to be of near perfect balance.
Way too weak at the moment, but his kit's design is the essence of a well executed assassin.
: GP's kit doesn't offer a whole lot of counterplay at all. And if I remember correctly, you're one of the guys who complained about a TINY nerf to GP. 1. Build crit. 2. Become tanky anyways. 3. Restore 15% of your missing health and ignore single bits of CC entirely. 4. One-shot ADCs once you can do all of the above. 5. Have an ult that literally eats teamfights no matter what you build. 6. 40% armor penetration.
Except you can easily remove his barrels. You literally can remove them before he can hit them. SO yeah you can literally nullify his strenght with good positioning and timing. That is called counterplay, and well executed one for that matter. Also, where exactly did you see tanky Gangplank? Have you ever even played him? You honestly sound like you have never tried him and therefore don't really understand him...
: The most balanced champions.
{{champion:41}} I think this guy should be the reference bar, and they should try make other champions on par with him. Very defined strength and weakness, lots of counterplay, versatile build paths, high skill required but also high reward if used properly. He can be strong if you outplay your opponent, but he is very weak if you get outplayed. I really think Riot hit a great spot with the update. Unfortunately now they want to gut the champion. I really hope it doesn't go through, because it would be an insult to good game design. They should work on making other champions like him, not trying to remove him from the game...
50789 (NA)
: So are we going to be ok with fizz e up every 4 seconds mid-late game, invulnerability + a zhonyas
Meanwhile, Rito is trying to gut Gangplank as hard as they can. But no significant nerfs on people like Zed, Fizz, Leblanc or Riven, who are just plain out broken. But don't worry, they know what they're doing.
: Holy shit... those Xin changes are ACTUALLY going through??
Don't worry Riot's logic got this. Buff Xin cause he's not enough of a point and click powerhouse. But then nerf Gangplank, because god forbid playing a high skill high damage champion.
: He's still T1 in competitive.
Ok, I get it, but there is millions of people that don't play the game in the LCS. I honestly think that competitive should adapt to the game, not vice versa... Just because a LB or Riven are not contended picks in LCS does not mean they are healthy. And just because GP is strong in LCS, it does not mean he is unhealthy or that he should be made useless just for the sake of pro players. At least, that is my point of view.
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: When you start using your most hated champion
It definitely helps to play as all champions at least a couple times. You learn a lot from it, most importantly how to screw them over next time you face them. But there are some that are SO MUCH BS that I completely refuse the notion of using them. I'm looking at you {{champion:35}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:1}}
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: Why do AD champions get 4 keystone options and AP champions get two?
Because no one has a choice. Everyone only gets ONE keystone. Thunderlord's Decree. Or in alternative you can also get Thunderlord's Decree, or maybe Thunderlord's Decree. Or I guess if you really want, you can still get Thunderlord's Decree.
: Gangplank's strong for a lot of reasons, a lot of reasons that made him permabanned at Worlds (i know that was a while ago but still relevant). He's got a global ult that slows and deals damage making it easier for him and his teammates to secure kills and to zone off objectives. He has barrels that stay there for 2 minutes and can allow aoe crit slowing damage with massive amounts of armor pen. He can farm significantly better than any other top laner when played right, especially with Cull. Lee Sin, on the other hand, seems to have a high skill cap because he has so many abilities, but because of his energy regen passive it's possible to just use all your abilities and escape anyway while securing the kill. However he does have a skill floor somewhere. Many times I've seen Lee try to dash to me only to W to his ward behind him even before he connects and deals any damage.
I never said GP was weak. All I was saying is that he since they nerfed his barrel armor pen and the mana refund on his Q, he is not so OP anymore. He is a strong champion, but he is quite hard to properly use, and has a very clear weakness, his bad early game. He is quite easy to shut down early in the game. And you can also counter him quite hard if you play the teamfights appropriately. So I don't really think he deserves any more nerfs, I think he is currently decently strong, but quite healthy and fair.
Tzi (NA)
: I'm a Bronze solo seeking serious advice.
Personally, I think that you should stick to playing Normal Drafts until you get a good feel for the game. You should play a lot until you feel confident about your abilities and until you see that you can outfarm your lane opponent majority of the time. Also, you should practice until you can quite reliably win your lane. Finding your best role can be tricky. Even after years of playing the game, when the meta has big changes I change my mind of what I should main, although I generally gravitate towards jungling as the role I prefer. I think the best way to figure it out is to play a lot of different things and find the best combination between what's effective in the current meta, and what if fun to play for you in the current meta. With time you will probably try out a champion that you will feel really feels good to play. Their strategy should feel instinctive and natural to you. For me it was Kha'Zix jungle, a couple years ago. I tried him because I was curious and really understood and enjoyed his playstyle. But everyone is a different case so it really depends on what you like and perform best as. So I would say you should practice CSing, find your favourite couple positions, and then make a list of your favourite champions to play in that positions. Get better to the point where you feel confident and outperform most of your opponents. A couple tips to close off with: ALWAYS try all champions in free rotation at least once. This will help you greatly understand every champion's playstyle, strengths and weaknesses. You will end up understanding the game a lot more if you played all champions at least a couple times. Don't rush to ranked. If you just rush starting ranked while you are not experienced and confident enough, you will just end up stuck in bronze, which is a place that is quite frustrating to play in and will likely tilt you due to the prevalent negative attitude. Practice a lot in Normal Drafts. When you feel like you have improved a good bit, start playing ranked and see how it goes. Don't get frustrated if you don't succeed at first, it takes years to improve, and then again, LoL's ranking system is not very accurate, and you rank ultimately won't matter regardless of what it is. So just practice to improve your own performance, and most importantly take it easy. GL&HF :)
: new report option: not taking assigned role
MagÊ (EUW)
: Gangplank and elise are nerfed for the fucking sake of lcs
I don't understand all the Gangplank hate from Riot. I feel like he's in a good state. His early game sucks, and it's fine, and he's strong late IF you master his mechanics and strategy. I really don't think he's that strong right now. He seems quite fair considering that he is definitely a high skill cap champion. And about Lee, to be honest, I never was a Lee hater because I think that if something is very mechanically complicated it should be stronger. Despite that I do think he's a bit over the top at the moment. He is a bit too good at everything, and just out performs every other jungler.
: Riot, allow smite to be used at all levels.
The fact that the entire role of jungling is locked out for a quite significant amount of time is not right. Either make jungling approachable without smite, or allow it since the beginning. It is not fair for people to not be allowed in a role.
: so if somebody gets a storm and gets a power outage they should get banned? you are looking at this in one extreme. not everybody that dc's is a rage quit. some people legitimately have problems be it they get bugsplatted and the game crashes and it takes them even a few minutes to resolve the issue (if possible) and get back in to people who have like i said earlier possible power outages/internet problems. shouldent mean they should get banned. the idea is good, obviously if somebody dc's constantly and consistantly they should be looked into for intentionally leaving games. but this would help people. give them a small amount of ambient exp (so for example if somebody dc's at the start they are level 2-4 by the time everybody else is 6-8 , and say maybe 30-70% more ambient gold while dc'ed, i mean sure people might look at it as being exploitable. but in what world is leveling at like what 20-60% slower and getting less ambient gold while crippling your team going to be a good thing. the biggest thing will be the levels (especially for people who experience issues when the game starts and are unable to join for 5-10 minutes) because this will mean they will be able to walk into their lane with skills (even just level 1 skills)
Honestly my harshness come from personal experience. In almost three years of playing multiple games a day, I think it has happened like once that I was completely unable to reconnect to a game within a couple minutes. I don't know, maybe I am just lucky, but I don't really see that happening as often as people claim, and I think a lot of people are just not responsible enough. If your internet has been wonky in the past days, don't play ranked. Tell your relatives not to mess with the router because you are playing ranked. Reinstall your game. Seriously, IF you take precautions, you WON'T DC. And if you aren't responsible enough to make sure you won't DC, then yes, I think you should get banned, at least from ranked.
: League never has been or will be better than the Cinderhulk meta
REALLY? You enjoyed 10 massive tanks sitting in a spot spamming buttons and AoE damage with no skill and deciding the match like that? I mean, honestly I don't think the game was ever as boring as the tank meta was...
: Disconnected players should passively gain some exp and extra gold
I don't think it's a good idea. It would probably get abused. Also, DC people should not get any benefit, they should just lower the LP loss and gains of the other players and get banned.
: I've mained Kha ever since I've picked him up, and I find with a few small changes (and the new nightfall item) he will be just fine. I can't see him being overpowered, but that's a blessing. Last time he was overpowered he was nerfed so far into the ground he could barely solo a jungle camp. I think any damage buff at this point would be a little excessive. Looking at his tooltip in my last game; when an enemy was isolated I had a 1100 damage q on a 2 second cooldown (not including the damage from his passive, w or hydra proc). So he seems fairly healthy(ish) to me.
But think about how much tankier Juggernauts have become, and think about how much stronger ADCs have become. IF they are isolated you do about 1300 damage, not enough to kill and then have to wait for cooldowns. In that time, the juggernaut does not care about damage and kills you, and the ADC just turns around, crits you 3 times in a row, gets healed by it and kills you. The point is you are SUPPOSED to ONE-shot isolated people. Otherwise you have no reason to pick Kha'Zix, because he is less reliable and durable than pretty much any other jungler, and he needs to have much stronger damage to be worth picking. With his current damage, why pick him over an Elise for example? Or a Lee Sin? Or a Nidalee? Or a much higher durability and utility champion like Amumu, Rammus, Volibear? Or a much simpler to use Xin Zhao, Nocturne, Shyvana, Udyr? Kha'Zix, at the same point in his build and levels would not be able to 1v1 any of these guys succesfully, even isolated, unless they try to run and don't fight. The reality is they are just better. Kha'Zix is much less durable, he is very hard to master, he is very situational and struggles against many team comps, has no teamfight presence, lack hard CC and utility for the team. The only reason why you would pick him is his damage. But right now, any of those guys I listed would just outdamage him as well, and with that, any viability is gone.
Dinko (OCE)
: [Visual Bug] Mecha Kha'Zix Unseen Threat Visual Aura
I had noticed this as well. Hopefully they will take a look at it. It shouldn't require much work to fix.
: He still has pretty good damage, if you can get people isolated. Evolved isolated Q dmg(max level) 221+(10-180based on level)+270% bonus ad. That's just his q which has a 3.5 sec cooldown at all levels. Add that to his passive if they cant see you, and you can really blow someone up.
The problem is with how strong ADCs and Juggernauts became, pretty much everyone can 1v1 you succesfully, because you don't have the durability to fight for more than a couple seconds, meaning if you don't instantly one-shot them (which is quite hard if you are not like 3 lvls ahead), you are going to die.
Ren Ex (NA)
: Meddler, I have to ask, have there been any ideas tossed around for Kha'Zix to give his Isolation the Garen treatment? Possibly scaling his Isolation ranges over the course of the game? Have any designers tried Increase the Isolation Radius, but, at each Evolution (6/11/16) giving something to help him back? Could possibly look something like: * Level 1- 500 Isolation Range * Level 6- 400 Isolation Range * Level 11- Structures no longer remove Isolation * Level 16- Minions no longer remove Isolation This would give him gradual increases to his power, at clear break points, that allow him to still fulfill his lategame fantasy as an assassin, while still focusing on his Isolate and kill playstyle. His early game power, where Isolation is much easier to achieve, but his damage is lower, would be relatively unchanged, but would also help to alleviate a lot of the issues of being literally countered by minions. This would aslo play into his theme of "Change and Overcome", by showing how Kha is adapting to better hunt his prey. And, for balancing sake, completing The Hunt is On! would ONLY grant Kha'Zix the fourth evolution point, nothing more.
This is quite an interesting idea, I think it would probably be good
: All I know is, as Yorick, since you spawn your own minions, you're never ever isolated.
Yeah. And Elise does that too
: do you also want % max health true damage on every 3rd hit passive for him? no seriously. how many buffs on earth do you want for kha zix. why don't you settle for fairness instead of trying to give him the craziest buff in lol history. what is that stuff.
That was a list of possible ideas. I did not mean for more than one to be applied at a time.
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