Chermorg (NA)
: I disagree with this for the same reason I disagree with giving people higher rewards for preseason. If you're all season bronze, but then during preseason you climb to gold, you still only get bronze rewards. Your rewards are a snapshot of your account as of one very specific point in time. If you get punished in the 2-3 months proceeding the end of season, your account is not in good standing at the end of the season. Even if you improved after, it does not change the fact that at the end of season your account was not in good standing, thus you were ineligible for rewards. Similarly, improving your play after season end does not improve your rewards either.
Thanks for your reply, I understand your point, i partially agree with it but meh.. In the end of the day both groups of players got punished once in Season 7 (i believe that actually whoever is banned twice is already perma, so its fair to assume both groups got 14day suspension once). If both were punish in Season 7, its unfair (in my perspective) to arrange a date and say "Hey, from now on you will miss your rewards if u get a suspension." This attitude, in my perspective, its a previlege to bad behavior in the beggining of the seasons. This needs to be more trasparent. I dont want anybody to lose rewards, but i would want that both group of punishible players from least season would be allowed to work their progress to get the rewards they miss. If from Honor 0 - 2 isnt enough, maybe do it from Honor 0 to 5.
RallerenP (EUW)
: IMO I think that if you get punished after the date they release you shouldn't be eligible for rewards just because you were punished after the season ended. I think if you were punished in between the date they release and the rewards being distributed you shouldn't get the rewards at all. -- I don't think it's fair to to release them to people even if they reform. The ranked rewards were taken away as a punishment for bad behaviour, and just because you are reformed now, it doesn't make up for the damage already caused. With that logic we should give accounts back to people if they were permabanned just because they are no longer toxic. You shouldn't get the rewards back, but we should remove the rewards of those punished after the season ended, but before the rewards were distributed. --- The fact that the rewards are takes away also functions as a detterent. When the season draws to an end people get stressed trying to climb and may flame teammates for mistakes. Taking away ranked rewards is an insentive to not flame your teammates over dumb mistakes because you can't take back flaming, but you can make up for lost lp. (Sorry if this post makes no sense, I am very tired right now.)
Thats fine man, i respect and appretiate your reply. Good night
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Meddler (NA)
: I don't have any update on LB at present sorry. Certainly still well aware of the need for work there, still intending to do it and paying attention to posts like these. Can't answer any of those questions with confidence beyond that the Rengar stuff will almost certainly come out first. Edit: Could people not downvote posts like this just because it's not what you want to hear please? Quite understand the desire to see change faster. Downvoting doesn't have affect that at all though, it just makes it so this response is hidden for people like the two posters above looking for a reply. If you think this is a poor call on our part, post about it wherever you wish of course, but please don't just bury the conversation.
Medler you have no right for asking people to NOT downvote your comments or threads. We live in a democracy, people are free to upvote or downvote whatever they want. Your perspective about fair upvote/downvotes may be different from us. As you might understand by now, a lot of people isnt happy about the things you and your team are making to specific champions. I know u dont give a fuckk about my random comments like this one, but i wish i could see you being replaced by the guy who originally designed Leblanc. Its pretty obvious after one fcuking year that you have no clue about what you're doing. Are there anyone who wants to take responsibility for this failure rework? 1 fcking year medler.
: ^^^^ THIS plz riot this is literally ever lb mains dream :)) at least get ride of her 1.5 sec cd her waveclear and revert the sfx plz make lb great again plz {{champion:7}}
I confirm its our Dream. At least is my currently League Dream.
: Please give this a thorough read. Your first instinct when you see "revert" might be to ignore the comment, but hear me out: **until you guys find an appropriate solution**, why not just revert her to her previous iteration? Current LeBlanc has a massive list of problems which make playing/playing against her a bad experience: 1. New LB has a ton of bugs I assume no one will address because she is being reworked eventually. 2. New LB's kit is too complex. Because she is balanced around her maximum potential and her skill floor is high, she is too unfriendly for low elo/new players to pick up. Old LB had a simple design while having a high skillcap, which made her rewarding for low and high elo players alike. 3. New LB lacks predictability. Being able to mimic W at all times ensures an escape, whereas old LB was punishable if W was on CD and Q/E was cast last. 4. New LB is only made viable by awkward itemization. Building an AD/AP hybrid item feels horrible on an AP ~~assassin~~ mage. 5. New LB demands too much key input precision. Pressing R locks you out of snapping back to W. Accidentally fat-fingering R twice is extremely punishing when you mean to use R(Q/W/E). Karma and Heimerdinger don't have this issue. 6. New LB is too slow. _Static_ delays on W, Sigil cook, and Sigil cooldown remove the smooth, combo-reliant identity of the champion. An increased cooldown on R, the fact R takes two button-presses, and enforcing Q over W max are just some auxiliary factors that further slash the tempo of her gameplay. 7. New LB has a non-interactive laning phase. The current Q max Pantheon-style laning phase is extremely oppressive against melee champions, since she does not need to use W offensively and can just E if they jump her. It's boring to play against and boring to play as. 8. New LB lacks tradeoffs. With the old W max and shorter R CD, LB was forced to decide between trading/skirmishing or waveclearing. Each option was punishable: W'ing to trade and potentially getting ganked, CCed, or even out-traded, waveclearing with W-R but not having R for a fight, or saving R and being unable to clear the wave quickly. Each option was exploitable and made playing as/against her interactive. 9. New LB suffers in an era where shields/burst mitigation are prevalent. Nullifying Orb, Hexdrinker, Sterak's Gage, Death's Dance, and shielding supports make her 1.5s delay brutally pronounced, particularly in teamfights. Old LB had natural/organic time delays with her mark/detonation system that telegraphed her spell rotation (Q/R(Q) telegraphs the use of W or E), and allowed her to match the burst of enemies that might kill her in _less_ than 1.5s (i.e. late game ADCs, mages, assassins). 10. New LB's SFX sucks. All of these factors, among others, make the current LeBlanc extremely unenjoyable to play. Old LB was not without faults, but she was balanced and enjoyable to play. New LB has been reduced to a state where she feels awful without being any more healthy to play against (except a static delay, compensated by overblown Sigil damage and unnecessary utility on R). [Even Riot phroxz0n agrees that new LB feels "not so great" to play.]( I believe that there is inadvertent bias against LeBlanc since nobody on the balance team plays LeBlanc, so there is no one to play devil's advocate. From your team's perspective, it's understandable why you oppose a revert: * conceding to the demands of players casts weakness and doubt on the gameplay designers. * designer time spent on current LB's FX, design, and gameplay would be for naught. * the playerbase would have adjusted to current LB now, and a revert would force players to re-adjust. * mains of Rengar/Fizz/Shaco would be in uproar, demanding the same for their champions. I can assure you the player merit gained by making her kit simpler/predictable/enjoyable again far outweighs the disadvantages of this change. Let Reddit and the LoL boards be a telltale sign: any discussion about old LB is met with swaths of players reminiscing of old LB's enjoyable playstyle. [Even high-elo players sympathize with this sentiment.]( In Korea/China (which are underrepresented on Reddit), LB was extremely popular due to the mechanical and macro demands of her kit, which Eastern players excel at using to potential. Compared to the other assassin reworks, there is no doubt that LeBlanc's was of highest controversy. Old LB had pronounced weaknesses (poor waveclear, single-target damage, waveclear/mobility/damage spell tied together) that were exploitable. New LB (and subsequent changes) had these weaknesses removed and was given power, but that was stripped away bit-by-bit, leaving a shell of a clunky champion sitting in limbo. A change at this time of year would be well-met since preseason is prime time, if anything. Everything in consideration, I ask that you cast aside any pride, any prejudice against LB/LB players, and any visions you may have for the game balance/design in regards to LeBlanc. Even if it's temporary, reverting LB to her old self would show you have the players' best interests in mind. For that, many casual, hardcore, and pro LB enthusiasts would be dearly grateful. {{champion:7}}
What a great post! I agree 101% In 5 or 6 days, it will mark 1 year that Leblanc was took away from us. One year without having the possibility of playing my favourite champion. This obviously made me play very few games this season, compared to the previous ones.. May the God of League hear your voice and give us Old Leblanc back.. I would be extremely happy, even after losing my ranked rewards this season.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ceNLIFE,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yVeicHup,comment-id=00060000000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-07T23:11:14.036+0000) > > I am not asking for people who got ban before 22/08/17 to lose their rewards. That would be fcking unfair! > > Im saying that they could allow both players who were banned once in this season to receive it, either before or after 22/08/17 Well, thats not gonna happen since they announced that those will lose rewards. Only thing you can argue is for them to remove this feature next season.
Yeah.. Hopefully the next season will change this. Anyway fkk this garbage company
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ceNLIFE,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yVeicHup,comment-id=000600000000000000010000,timestamp=2017-11-07T17:02:16.735+0000) > > Thats a great question and point from you. The answer is no. But that doesnt mean i am wrong. Eventhow i never complained about it, i never agreed with it either. > > And before you judge me and before you call me oportunist, saying that i only complain about this because i will fail the rewards, let me tell you that i already helped a lot of people in league when they were having trouble with stolen accounts. But thats the point. You are calling it unfair. But if they change it now, wouldnt that be unfair? Wouldnt that be unfair to people who were in same soup in s4, s5, s6?
I am not asking for people who got ban before 22/08/17 to lose their rewards. That would be fcking unfair! Im saying that they could allow both players who were banned once in this season to receive it, either before or after 22/08/17
: By that logic, Riot could just as easily say that any player who received a ban is ineligible for ranked rewards for the entire season.
Or they could allow players to have 1 ban per season and allow them to receive rewards. It would not be the first time.
: Someone who gets punished on the Nov 8th is lucky, someone who reaches Gold on the Nov 8th is unlucky. Such is the nature of deadlines, I don't see how this one is any different than any other deadline. As for people punished earlier in the season, Riot maintains they want players to reform. Someone who got a 14 day ban in February but who changed their ways to become an example in the community should be eligible for Rewards.
I understand and partial agree with you. But your answer is not a coherent one.. Why not simple make who ever got only one Ban this season to receive rewards? The end of season deadline (tonight) is perfectly acceptable, season must end at some point right? What about 22 August 2017? Thats none sense.. Its not fair in my point of view, both summoners inflicted riot behavior policy, the difference is in some cases thats fine, and in others its not fine. I cant look into this and think its fair. I understand you and respect you, but i cant agree.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ceNLIFE,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yVeicHup,comment-id=0006000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-07T15:49:02.904+0000) > > If you explain me what point you want to make with it, i can answer. Right now it seem irrelevant question. Well this system was in place for 4 years already. And suddenly you decided its unfair. Did you complain about it being unfair before?
Thats a great question and point from you. The answer is no. But that doesnt mean i am wrong. Eventhow i never complained about it, i never agreed with it either. And before you judge me and before you call me oportunist, saying that i only complain about this because i will fail the rewards, let me tell you that i already helped a lot of people in league when they were having trouble with stolen accounts.
: > [{quoted}](name=ceNLIFE,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yVeicHup,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2017-11-07T14:51:53.944+0000) > > This has nothing to do with this post.. OFC it does...You are complaining about something they notified you about 2 months before it happened. PLenty of time to improve your saltiness.
But what saltiness baby? Holly, i will ask again, what does riot statement 2 or 3 months ago have to do with my point? I am comparing why should equal behavior be treated diferently in different stages of the season
Chermorg (NA)
: The finish line is the end of the season. The August cutoff is that point where after which if you stopped racing it’d be impossible to catch back up and win the race.
Thank you for your replys, i honestly understand your point of view and respect it, but i dont agree with it, and i think its pointless to try to make you understand my own point of view.
Chermorg (NA)
: [The blue name is given to Arbiters]( - basically we volunteer as moderators on this (and other) subboards along with the wardens and archivists, and we are knowledgeable about the punishment and behavior systems :)
Thank you, i understand now.
Zwunde (NA)
: can u stop pretending to be 900iq and just accept that ur a flamer who wont get his rewards it just makes u look like a douche lol
Why youre here sharing your hate man? Gtfo..
Chermorg (NA)
: I disagree with you that it’s unfair. The season rewards are designed to measure your performance as of one second - the end of the season. Likewise, in a race, it doesn’t matter what place you’re in all around the track, it matters what place you’re at when you cross the finish line. If they cross the finish line then immediately stop, they’ll still get first place. But if they stop before the finish line, they will likely be passed, unless they stopped *way* before the finish line and could catch up again.
Lmao, then why the finish line ends in August when the season finishes in November?
Zwunde (NA)
: why are you whining about punishments, stop being toxic and you wont need to worry about it :O
But what does it have to do with this thread? Why do you lose your time with useless answers that dont give anything positive to this discussion? Talk about the fairness of this matter
Zwunde (NA)
: justice and fairness in league of legends lmao good one buddy
? Why does everybody need to be just like you, hmmm?? "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything " :)
Zwunde (NA)
What do you mean XD
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ceNLIFE,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yVeicHup,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-11-07T14:51:02.368+0000) > > I am generally salty concerning justice and fairness When did u start playing league?
If you explain me what point you want to make with it, i can answer. Right now it seem irrelevant question.
: Yet you were banned at some point for, what, being too fair?
Sorry Mr. Never Was Banned Before, you are the pure example how a sportmanlike should be. What does one thing have to do with the other?!
Chermorg (NA)
: Again, it is completely fair. The rewards are based on your standing at one moment in time, just as is, say, a T-shirt for an organization you are in. If you behaved up until they gave the T-shirt’s out, you get to wear it, even if they kicked you out after - it’s your T-shirt once they hand it to you as you were in the organization when they gave them out. Likewise, if you misbehaved, were on probation, but then by the time in the year they handed out shirts you had recovered, you’d still get the shirt. The season rewards are a snapshot of how you ended the season on the exact end of season date. They are not a trophy or anything like that - they are a record of your standing as of *one particular second*.
Its not fair, and your answer is a pure contradiction. Season ends tonight at midnight. Rewards will be given out in the next few days. Imagine a summoner being banned tonight after midnight (banned at 08/11/2017 00:00:01). This summoner failed his behavior, this summoner hasnt received yet his t-shirt but he will receive his "T-shirt" even with bad behavior. How a single second can change everything . So you will have to arrange another example and another story, because this one doesnt make much sense. Anyway thanks for your reply! I just want things to be fair, but thats asking too much
: They let you know of this 2 months in advance.
This has nothing to do with this post..
Eedat (NA)
: Honestly just seems like you're super salty that you aren't getting rewards or something
I am generally salty concerning justice and fairness
RallerenP (EUW)
: Solution: Don't flame at all. Then you don't have to worry.
You are totally right. Im not here running away from my responsibilities. I have receive my 14day ban, and im clear now. I assume my mistakes and i move on. But dont ask me to close my eyes to unfair situations presented here.
Chermorg (NA)
: The season rewards are based on how you end the season. They are a *snapshot* of your performance - hence why you do not get a higher/lower border if you are ranked higher/lower during preseason or next season. That snapshot includes a measure of your recent punishment history - if you were punished prior to the end of the season, you're in a "limbo" state. Riot has set a hard deadline of 3 months (actually a couple weeks less than 3 full months this year) to show **reform** in between punishment and end of season. If someone is punished after the season is over, they still ended the season on good terms, and as such they keep their rewards. The rewards, again, are a *snapshot* in time of your performance - not a rolling indicator.
Your comment lacks of fundamental reasoning. If riot wants the season rewards to be based on how my behavior performance was, then they should evaluate it as a whole (12 months) and not in 8 months of the season. A guy banned on 21/08/2017 is totally fine for them, but another guy banned in 22/08/2017 have no chance to receive their rewards because THEY want to. Just within 24 hours everything can change. I cant agree with it, its not fair and you know it. And there is more, now we know that season will end tonight 07/11/2017 23:59:59 . A player banned in 08/11/2017 00:00:01 will receive his rewards. I am asking you, where is the fairness in all of this?
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scazzman (NA)
: Ranked rewards debate
Totally agree.
AraMoOse (NA)
: Well, if we're all about being fair, why aren't you suggesting that NEITHER get rewards? That would be fair.
Why would i suggest that? Those guys deserve their rewards, if they are not permanent ban, if they only failed one time this season, why would i wish them to lose their rewards? I understand that would put both sides equal, but ethicaly i cannot ask for that, thats not the right way to approach this matter.
: Terrible first game in diamond. Wrongly banned for int feeding after one game.
What really makes me perplex is how any team from riot support couldnt handle this single situation without the need of a thread on boards. A single click in this guys profile and last matches would reveal himself. He is obvious not a troller or a intentionaly feeding. He is a fairplayer, who had a bad game. Im glad you get your account back.
: You're welcome to have an opinion but at the end of the day RIOT owns your account, my account, and the game Think of it as a belief people are willing to reform I don't think a 14 day ban= murder but maybe low tier shop lifting And if the user doesn't reform they're perma banned as many have posted on these boards. so they're allowed to be rewarded if they reform and if not they're kicked out
Thank you for your welcome. A 14 day ban is not obviously the same as murderer, but i was trying to make a point about the Law. In the end of the day (or the year, or even the season) both players were punished with a 14day ban. The variable here is 22/08/17 wich i cannot agree to be fair. But i respect your perspective. Thanks for your reply and good night.
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AkaTalon (EUNE)
: Rewards after 14 days ban ?
Hello guys, the same happened to me, i only received a 14day ban (very unfair tbh) after 22 August, so i wont get rewards. As stated in this thread i found this really unfair. Whats the difference before 22/08/17 and after 22/08/17? Only riot can see difference here, this is the exact same behavior and in one riot decides to reward people and in the other riot punish them. The fair here would people with only 1 ban this season to receive their awards. Season end is close, but we can try to do something about this. Lets make this have some visibility, maybe a reddit thread would be appretiated. Lets make riot awards people with only 1 ban this season, either before or after 22/08/17
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 27
Hi Meddler, Will the game ever be balanced to the point that every single champion is equaly 'the same' ? We are finishing season 7 and this game's history and statistics tells us that ALWAYS at some part of the year there are champions stronger than others, and vice-versa. Can you give us old Leblanc back?
Poske (EUNE)
: I got extremly tilted when you said Faker was considered the best LB... gosh he is so far from that **Considered the best BY FKING WHO? 12 year olds who played LB ten times?**. Just because There is a video where he says she is his pickpocket pick and he was tehnicly the best midlaner??? Every single Good High elo LB player gets tilted by how bad Faker is at her. **I am not saying faker is a bad player** (Rather an amater le bl player). Good map averness, Game knowledge But his le blanc JUST FKING NO.. not good He HAS BEEN CONSISTENTLY THROWING NON CORRECT COMBOS WITH OLD LB. Percentage is extreme Around 80% non correct combos per game AND he as a player doesnt know he is missplaying with her else he would sure as hell fix those mistakes. Examples Doesnt Start with E where enemy has no vision of him and he is waiting in a bush (Correct combo would be to delete with (EQRW / EWQR depending on distance of other enemies/champion he is trying to one shot) BUT NO he OPENS WITH QRW , enemy vayne thumble dodges his e BECAUSE HE LOST THE fking ELEMENT OF SURPRISE throwing a skillshot as 4TH ability and then he kills her with ignite OP LCS BIG PLAYS his missplays gets put in a montage and then he gets praised. Thats how 8/10 of his le bl plays look. **Want more examples? List me a LB faker montage. You ll notice me finding something wrong with atleast 80% of what he did and after you hear my reasoning you ll agree** Seriously anyone just reply to me I swear I can outclass every single faker LB montage by making a 7 minute video by using footage of my own latest 1-2 le bl games. Maybe once I get a place on my own.. I ll become a youtuber we ll see He has been consistently building new LB wrong. Gunblade into nomicon makes me cringe (Correct build is in my match history). Mercurys banshee rush? I can guarantee you he cant reach chall by one tricking her Faker signature champions are zed, Orianna, taliyah, ryze. LB shouldnt even be in his top 30 list **Enough about faker i ll just fking tilt myself more. ** Lets forget about that I ll talk about your points The WQR combo was a good combo... back in like season 3. In season 6 that combo was more off sign of bad LB combo. puting ultimate on cooldown wasting bunch of mana There is so much bad about that combo. I only used it when I had blue buff.. , there were so many conditions for me to even consider that combo... **That combo was like her 30th most relevant combo** Yes in season 3 where she was forced to max Q it was good top 10 of her combos then easly .. Now WQRE combo was good for example missing e would turn a combo in WQR... so yeah a single miss or hit was a diff between a trash combo and a good one I would suggest this combo over the WQR. Pre level 11. 1000 Range poke combo. Mimic Distortion > Q > W back to mimic (Mimic distortion did less dmg then original distortion once distortion reached level 3-4 ) **so yeah the WQR Is absolutely not what was wrong about LB. And yes there was nothing even wrong about her. (Maybe dashing 2 screens away one shoting and then blinking back is XD**) Riot just wanted to add even more counterplay by reworking a perfectly fine champion. I adored old LB, I adore new LB to even this gutted distortion LB You cant fault riot for wanting to add more counterplay to a any champion. Problem is there are so many trash status champions even nowdays LB should have been far on a list You see goal of assassin rework was to add atleast 1.5 second counterplay. And they didnt feel like she was tricky enough despite it being her theme I did make a multiple thread saying LB has bunch of themes before her rework Assassination, Combo variations, Juking, an ability to adapt, poking for example She still assassinates, she still has combos, she just uses juking nowdays more to facilitate the other 2. Thats the only diff between old and new le bl Oh and some players find it clunky that they have to press 2 buttoms with her R and she is more item powerspike reliant (Revolver, sheen , lichbane, protobelt, ludens etc) I understand there are bonobos who cant make LCS big plays with her RR despite me making them ALL the fking time. But what baffles me the most is them not appreciating the fact that they can **control when clone spawns** I never saw an Old le bl player who could control an old drop below % hp clone better then me. I managed to control the fking clone properly (Forcing enemies to dive my clone under tower while me the Real le bl is going towards midlane then killing them by jumping on their back for example) in like 80% of time **YET I do not want that mechanic back? I was aware that extremly small % playerbase could utilize clone juking and even then extremly small % of that % could utilizie it often enough to be considered goot at that mechanic** I doubt any of you BRING BACK old LB ranters EVEN FKING USED alt + rightclick or managed to react properly with her old clone. and even if you did how consistently? Its sure as hell not near 25% even I peeked as #1 LB world this year APRIL. I played every single version of LB and I have been consistently one of the best LB players with any Lb VERSIONS (Been playing her since her release I was few hours late for realease le bl prerevert status though). Reworked LB was the most fun version (Also it definetly deserved nerfs) Common le bl misconception. She had a bad waveclear. NO ugh she didnt she was bad against sieges (Somewhat, you could double dash delete minions blink back most of lcs players lacked balls for that but thats beside a point) **So le bl had a good waveclear LB couldnt really waveclear minions against sieges without risking alot** LB nowdays has a worse waveclear then a prerework LB. Due to her requiring 2 spells, more mana, and the fact that she maxes w last (18 second cooldown). she needs like level 9 to clear entire wave with WQ not any different from the past with single W Laughting out loud. You're a good writter, and thats all.. You dont exist man lol You praise yourself so goddamn much, i wonder why you are still hardstucked in Diamond (in EUNE), when you're the #1 LB World. (Thats what you say, wich i actually dont believe, because something went wrong right? Currently you're #295 and thats a big drop buddy, what happened? LB Nerfs? EUNE D3 hard competitivity? Sub hero cro what? ?
: Rioters working on LeBlanc need to be more transparent
: Leblanc survey - My answers!


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