: You know, people never complain about the male characters being sexualized...
I don't know where this idea that "no one complained about Sylas!" comes from. I distinctly remember a lot of complaints about his look and how they went for sexy shirtless dad who's about to build a shed in the backyard in a beer commercial instead of withering emaciated inmate who ate rats and is trying to start a revolution. In fact I've seen complaints about his look even recently, not just after the initial reveal. I can't speak for the other champs since I haven't been around that long but saying no one complained about Sylas' looks being more sexy than necessary to his character is simply untrue.
: It looks so futuristic that I almost feel like that's what they were going for. One of my favorite tropes is the "heavens/angels are just really technologically advanced" angle. I have to say, I like it.
If that is what they're going for then they hit the nail on the head. I get the feeling that this wasn't intentional, though, so I'm not sure I want to give credit where it isn't due just yet. If they turned around tomorrow and made it clear in lore that was the intent I'd change my tune though.
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: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
I enjoyed how pre-rework Kayle's armored look heavily contrasted to Morgana's more revealing (at least above that tent skirt) look. Now it feels like that particular contrast is not nearly as pronounced as it was. Also the body suit just looks strange in general to me. It looks more sci-fi than fantasy; like something we'd get in the super galaxy skinline, not in the main universe.
Kayle's armor feels like a serious downgrade. I like Morg's look though, she's cute, the goth gf we deserve. (look at the little freckles on her face!) (also those silly butt wings!)
: Champion statues
I think the statues are super neat. If they made one for my boy Aatrox I'd buy it in a heartbeat. A Kayn one would be neat too! Related note: I wish they'd make more plushies as well. I have the Nasus one and it's good quality, delightfully small, and extremely cute. I need more!
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: We want Darkin Stuff to buy in Store!
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: Elderwood Needs to be introduced again
I love the aesthetic of the Elderwood skins. I have Elderwood Hecarim and he's super pretty! I love me a big tree horse. Naturally I saw this fan concept of Elderwood Aatrox and have a mighty need: https://twitter.com/neburaart/status/1049275719724007427 ~~Maybe someday it could become a reality. Let me dream. ~~
: Aw shucks, thanks! I do love Aatrox ( I’m unfortunately terrible with him even before he got nerf’d ). He was sadly misunderstood because of the way youtubers rip the VO. (He ussualy only auto-taunts (via First Encounter) one or two people , once per game. But the vids made it seem like that’s all he says. And yeah, while Aatrox is definately a villian with a capital “v,” there’s glimmer of the hero he once was hidden in him; ultimately in his refusal to be beaten by his prison, which makes me hope that in the extended universe we can someday look at him more closely. And give him a chance for redemption. Thanks again for you kind words. Made the end of a long, hard day — nicer. Oodin.
Oof yeah, I've definitely noticed that people get the wrong idea about Aatrox based on the first encounter lines. It's sad when I wanna talk about Aatrox and just get "HOw cAn yOU LIkE hIm hE's jUst A rUssIAn gUy whO OnLy yELLs!" I can't even imagine how annoying it must be to hear that ad nauseam as someone who worked on him. Even thinking about Aatrox getting 'a chance for redemption' makes me giddy not only as a fan of Aatrox, but as a writer. I'm very curious as to what that would end up entailing and all the steps he would need to take to truly redeem himself. I'm glad I could send some kindness your way, your response really made my day too!
: Malzahar is best Void
Yes! Can't go wrong with more cosmic horror :D
: Who should steal Lux's first kiss: Sylas or Ezreal?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Since most of my champions are being reworked, or will be reworked in the future, there's no champion that i really like. But i guess Leona's kit is pretty awesome, the fantasy of going right into the fray and melt everyone with your ult is really satisfying to just think about it, even if it rarely works that way, since she's a tank not a fighter. But if she will ever be reworked, i will probably lose my will to play the game.
Oh no, I hope nothing like that happens. It would be sad to see you leave the game due to your fave getting changed... I've only played Leona once or twice and I find her pretty fun. I'll have to try her again sometime c:
: Tarn you are so, so valid. They need to give you a special role on the boards that just says "#1 aatrox lover" Also you know I like the little cat mage and Riven and also edgy ninja man (Only riven deserves to be mentioned by name)
Ah yes your favorite champions *looks at smudged writing on hand* cat in a funny hat and emperor zurg
: Can we take a moment to appreciate how sexy WAAARGHbobo's characters are? Obviously he made the king supreme of fangirl (or any fan, really) bait {{champion:202}} but (almost) all of them seem to have adoring, loving, dedicated admirers wherever I look. They just really stick with people. Aatrox and Rakan go without saying, but I've seen lovers for all of them. Even Kled. Even Tahm. How does he do it?
Hahaha yes, WAAARGHbobo makes hot characters for a wide range of tastes :D
Rodsquad (EUW)
: Kha'zix, aka bestest boy.
This a very good, premium, grade A buge right here. {{champion:121}} I do not play Kha, but I enjoy playing alongside him as well as hearing you and his other passionate fans talk about him! Your love for buge is strong and valid.
: Riven appreciation post
I want Riven to hold me in her strong arms. I love her.
: Aatrox's New Voice/ SFX
I would love to learn how they engineered his voice as well! His voice has such a domineering and imposing quality, demonic is certainly the right word, I really like his voice. Definitely agree with your P.S. too! I love dis boi {{champion:266}} !!
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: Targon probably assisted Shurima in defeating the Void after the Fall of Icathia. It's at that time that Pantheon and Aatrox probably got to know each other. Later on Pantheon spearheaded the effort to unite mortals in defeating the Darkin after the Fall of Shurima and they started fighting each other. Also Aatrox was probably aware that Pantheon wasn't mortal much in the same way he knows about the Aspect of Twilight not being mortal
Targon aiding Shurima in defeating the void seems likely to me. If that does turn out to be the case it's something I'd really like to read about for sure. I hope they cover that period of time more in the future; maybe if we get another darkin champ or, like I said, whenever Pantheon's VGU comes up!
: So! We're getting more music themed skins this year, right? Well, who are some good contenders?
Gonna need some Jem inspired skins pronto. https://gifimage.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/jem-and-the-holograms-gif-8.gif
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Rodsquad (EUW)
: More creativity in custom games?
: Roadmap hype?
*Rolls up to Riot's drive thru window* Can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhh.... {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}}
: Awaken shows we need Draven's Ponytail removed for his canon Classic skin.
Genuinely didn't even notice he had a ponytail until you pointed it out. Consider me #shook.
: Today is a good day
Shhh you're gonna {{champion:222}} it!
: i have a brilliant idea! the new skin, Meca Xayah & Rakan!
This is just about the last place I expected to see ChoRyuJin, holy shit. I think that'd be pretty badass if they did something like that... especially if the skins themselves were full of references to GaoGaiGar :'D
: Skin Universe Lore in 2019: Alt Fantasy, Multiverse Theory, and You
I'd really like to see more 'what if' AUs and lore. I'll be honest and say I prefer 'what-if' AUs to the 'big' AUs. Like 'what if x didn't happen to champion y, here's what they would look and act like' sort of things. That said I also wouldn't mind more stuff for Super Galaxy, Event Horizon, or Guardians of the Sands in particular as far as big AUs go!
: Can we, as fans, not systematically bash on Demacia or pretend to like Demacia to make fun of it?
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Myrmiron (EUW)
: PSA: Bloodmoon Aatrox looks hideous ingame, don't get mislead by his sweet splash art!
I'm sure he is to somebody's liking, but those crusty feet? that weird uncanny human face? the hair? I ain't about that, chief.
: > [{quoted}](name=d00mface,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=mMUefayi,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-01-09T23:58:56.746+0000) > > I'm an Aatrox main and this + the state of his current animations make me very sad. I know he was on an experimental shortened schedule or w/e, but I'd like to hope at some point they could go back and clean him up. Also maybe change some animations that were holdovers from old Aatrox? (I know that one is probably an unpopular opinion though.) Nah, I think it'd be a good idea to replace any animations he kept from Old Aatrox with brand new ones, it's just that it doesn't seem very likely that they'll actually do it.
Yeaaaah I don't think they'd actually do that, as much as I'd like to see it. There's that one rioter who does animation tweaks in his free time (though it mostly seems to be walk cycle tweaks) so maybe if a bunch of people brought it to his attention he'd take a look and see what he could do, but other than that I'm not holding out much hope. I'd just be happy if they fixed the transitions between animations, the rest is secondary. (At least as far as animations go... the fact that his joke is completely silent is definitely another important thing I want fixed of course :'D .)
: Stop with the Prestige skins already.
The thing I hate most about prestige skins is that they've basically become a gaudy chroma behind a huge paywall and that there are no other chroma options for those that DO get prestige skins! I'm an Aatrox main and while I don't even like BM Aatrox that much (his face and his crusty little feet bother me lol) I'd still much rather have, say, an option for a purple BM Aatrox chroma than being forced to either choose between base BM or grind for gaudy gold BM Aatrox.
: Just a question about Aatrox's joke/taunt
I'm an Aatrox main and this + the state of his current animations make me very sad. I know he was on an experimental shortened schedule or w/e, but I'd like to hope at some point they could go back and clean him up. Also maybe change some animations that were holdovers from old Aatrox? (I know that one is probably an unpopular opinion though.)
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Rodsquad (EUW)
: Does Nasus have tail?
I want to believe.
EdgeLady (NA)
: There was a thread on this a month ago or so; I think it was said there were likely festivals held in the Ascended's honor, since they had made them as their gods.
Oh neat! Now that I think about it I might have actually seen that too, but didn't remember when I was making this thread... whoops.
: They probably held assemblies or events. Formal. Most likely for occasions such as crownings/important dates.
Oh yes, I could definitely see them doing things like that.
: Kayn Question
{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} You didn't have to roast him within an inch of his life like that!
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: Jarvan IV got turned into a tyrant.
Every day with these threads. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Caithresh (EUW)
: Nations of Runeterra- popularity contest
: 2018 Lore Tournament - FINAL: Twilight of the Gods vs Where Icathia once stood
_I-ca-thi-a!I-ca-thi-a!I-ca-thi-a!_ Honestly had a feeling WIOS could take it all the way and I'm glad to see that that's looking to be the case! I like Twilight of the Gods too, but as much as I love it and all the juicy darkin content it brought with it... WIOS felt easier to follow overall, immersed me more in the world, and overall just felt more interesting to me. Plus it's got my girl Setaka in it (and Aatrox, though he isn't mentioned directly). Really, there were just so many strong stories this year and I hope that this trend continues in the future. It's been a great time to be a fan of league lore imo :D
: What do want to see in 2019 lore wise
- I think they'll probably leave this intentionally ambiguous, but I'd love to learn more about what Nidalee really is + maybe some info on her birth parents. - I'd like a story or a comic of any of the current darkin meeting up (probably Varus and Aatrox because I don't think they're going to let Rhaast take over Kayn's body any time soon). - Related to the previous, but I'd like to see Varus find his sister. - This one is completely self-indulgent, I'd like to see Syndra meet Annie. I have no idea how it would happen, but I'd like to see it nonetheless. I wonder if Syndra would see a bit of herself in Annie and take pity on her.
: The strongest character in runeterra?
{{champion:101}} angry triangle.
: Incomprehensibly disappointed we're not getting a Candy Kayn and Christmas Eve skin.
: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Tabu This was a potential thing at one point, but never really carried out idk if you knew about it.
I do remember this! It would be interesting to see what if anything from Tabu carried over to a champ like this. (Probably not much beyond the 'shaman' title tbh, but they could always make a skin that's a nod to Tabu eventually).
: The concept/ theme is interesting but i don't want it to just be that. If the theme is represented in the kit (spirits/ object possession, old forbidden/ dark magic...etc.) then i'm all for this.
Oh yes definitely. A cool kit like that would really tie it all together. I just didn't want to write down a kit because A. I'm not good at making them and B. that would probably qualify this post for C&C and not here. :'D
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