: 2018 Lore Party Thread! Free-For-All Time
I really liked _Art Is Life_, I think it was my favorite story, and I wouldn't have been surprised if it won the whole contest had it continued. I never really had an opinion on Vlad before, but this story got me interested him. Also my boys, the darkin, were mentioned in it so that's just a happy bonus for me! But, in all seriousness, getting someone to be interested in a character they previously had next to no interest in shows just how important lore is as a tool in attracting new players. It's just as important as any gameplay mechanic in that regard imo. After all it was Aatrox's reworked lore that finally got me into League after many MANY years of resisting the temptation to play. I hope everyone at Riot understands just how important the lore is and the narrative team gets all the kudos they deserve!
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: 2018 Lore Tournament - 10th December: The Cage vs. The Shadow Door
Oof this is looking tight. My vote goes to The Cage though. Not just because I love new Aatrox and am biased towards anything with him in it, buuuut also because I really love how well they portrayed the claustrophobic feeling that comes with being trapped in a small space. Imagine being stuck in Aatrox's position, unable to move or even breathe? What a scary and horrible situation. It reminds me of all those horror stories of people getting stuck in caves they're exploring or people being buried alive... I don't have claustrophobia per say, but this story definitely touched upon my fears when I put it in a real world context like that (being buried alive, although unlikely to happen, is still one of my biggest fears!) And for that it gets my vote!
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Aatrox has always been handsome you cowards!
: Bloodmoon Aatrox, Pyke and Svir. Plus, Prestige BM Aatrox Skin.
Aatrox with a human face is gonna take some getting used to.... it's definitely uncanny valley for me right now though lmao
: Imo, she's one of the most interesting non-champion characters. And her influence on modern Runeterra runs really deep. Her weapon, her reign, Icathian war, her relationship with multiple champions in the game. Sort of an unspoken focal point of lore. And yes, I agree, I would absolutely *LOVE* more information on her! She seems to be the most prominent female ascended and her being an ivory coloured lion sounds like some visually amazing stuff. Come to think of it, I would absolutely love a comic about her/with her in it as a main character.
Definitely agree, for a non-champ she can be traced back as the root of many important events and people on Runeterra. There is so much that can be explored there and I hope that someday it is. It would be awesome if they delved into her thoughts, relationships, etc someday. A Setaka comic would be ideal and would be a great vehicle to explore more about her. I'd love it if they could do a miniseries about her/relating to her now that Riot has this partnership with Marvel.
rareform (NA)
: I agree, I think it would be awesome to learn more about her and what everyday life was kind of like for them. The Ascended/Shurima story lines are my favorite. I actually created a champion concept with a lore that included Setaka, filling in some of the blanks around how she was taken by the void. It's not really about her she just happens to be a critical part of the story but if you'd like check out the link: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/JxgIum4I-icathias-ruin
The Ascended/Shurima story line is my favorite too. I'll be sure to check out your story when I get a chance!
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: While I don’t dissagree with the prescription of this post (league does need some more sexy bois). I don’t think the quote you took from me is fair. It’s taken out of context. And perhaps more damning, even if it was in this context, you’ve made an ellipictical argument (i.e a logical fallacy because it lacks a connection to your central point) I did not give Aatrox a joke about vlad—saying that people might like him better if he “shimmered.” This has nothing to do with him being or not being “sexy.” I omitted the joke because i thought the average Aatrox player would not have the instant recognition of shimmering= twilight = vampire = Vlad. Instant recognition is needed to be funny, otherwise instead of laughing the audience pauses and then works it out. ( So instead of a laugh i would get. “ huh? .... oh, because of twilight” ) This was a joke at vlad’s expense for Aatrox players. That decision was based on the target demo for Aatrox, not league as a whole, and influenced by two facts. One that champion was targeting male players and, more importantly two, Twilight is now more than 10 years old. Even if the reader was to then make the ellipitical jump you intended, i.e that WAAARGHbobo doesn’t respect “Twilight” (And I don’t. I think it’s as vacuous and trite as the “Transformer” movies - which I also hold in utter contempt) the next logical jump you propose also doesn't support your argument. Because it then further assumes i hate “Twilight” because it is for girls. ( There are hundreds of girl flix and fiction i love — I hate Twilight because I think it is badly executed. Similarly i love robots, which is why i hate the Transformer movies with a passion) As someone aspiring to be a writer, your arguments need to be better structured and avoid using cheap associations as supporting facts. Mistakes like those undermine the points you are trying to make because even someone unschooled in rhetoric can “feel” that your over-stretching. That said League does need more female fans, and riot actually has prioritzed attracting more female fans internally. So this sort of criticism and discussion is needed and helpful to us. And kudos for the bravery to post something you knew would get you attacked. This is the sort of civil discussion our community should have.
> [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=6W2WN9xA,comment-id=004e,timestamp=2018-12-03T18:00:04.992+0000) > Similarly i love robots, which is why i hate the Transformer movies with a passion *slides in* Unrelated to the topic as a whole but as a fellow lover of robots who hates the Transformers movies I really recommend IDW's Transformers *comics*. They're a better representation of the franchise and like..... actually good.... and not just blowing things up and tiddies. *slides away*
: Many narrative writers and editors are on twitter, as [chronicled by SpiderAxe](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/cAO52ItV-any-lore-rioters-to-follow-on-twitter). Collect them all! I personally find twitter a bit show off-y (and angry-y), if you'd like you can always DM me [on Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/user/Interlocutioner). I do my best to answer any questions that come in there. Also, Thermal Kitten, aka, Ariel, has written eloquently on game writing in the past, and you can find my thoughts as well [in this thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/AHwU8e1q-a-question-about-writing-lore-and-writing-for-video-games-in-general?comment=0001). Best of luck D00mface... because if you ask me what's key to becoming a game writer, luck's definitely part of it.
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: When you're a god-warrior, every day is a celebration in your honor! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I like to imagine that sometimes the god-warriors had exclusive parties all for themselves. There ain't no party like a party of the gods after all!
: I am reverse, double-dog, anti-hurt that you asked. Wait, I don't even know what that means... But. I _can_ tell you that there have been no narrative internships, afaik. However, recently there was a [narrative contest](https://polycount.com/discussion/198871/riot-creative-contest-2017-winners-narrative), part of Riot's creative contest on Polycount... and Blood Magicks, from these very boards won! And ended up writing Vlad's new bio!!!!! We'd love to do more work with aspiring writers soon, just can't make any promises. At the very least, maybe keep an eye on Polycount, since we have some precedent there. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Omg, first off, thanks so much for responding! I really appreciate it! Second of all - that's awesome! I'll definitely keep an eye out for future contests like that on Polycount. I'd love the opportunity to get to write a bio or something like that if I won such a contest! Writing is my passion + I love League's lore and would love to someday contribute! :D {{sticker:sg-lux}} Thirdly, I was wondering if there were any ways to get into contact with any of the narrative team more privately? I don't want to sound like I'm just networking, and I really appreciate how easy to reach rioters are on the boards, but I'd also love to talk about narrative stuff (both what the job entails and maybe the lore itself) without having to worry about getting downvoted into oblivion for no apparent reason or having some random person comment something mean or unhelpful, y'know?
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Arakadia (NA)
: Bard. _Bwwwwooong_.
A bard plush would be so nice and round .... I have a mighty need.
: The Grand Archives of Piltover [CONTEST]
Is there a date for when winners will be announced/contacted?
: Do I Smell As Bad As I Look?
I don't think its meant to be sexist, it's just Neeko being cheeky in a childish way like someone saying "Girls rule and boys drool!" Or a young boy being like "ew cooties" at a girl. It's just childish silliness, not meant to be taken literally/seriously. I'm sure not every male champion really smells... I mean look at Taric. That boy probably smells minty fresh.
: for some more diversity can we get a biracial champion
It would be cool to see a champ from Bel'zhun. Perhaps a Shuriman/Noxian child born of one of those political marriages they talk about on the map. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/avatar/images/5/5e/Kori_and_Sneers_discuss.png/revision/latest?cb=20140226200944 This pic/quote lines up with how I imagine such a child might feel born into their situation.
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: Neeko is confirmed as gay!
I love this lizbian (lesbian lizard)
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: That or make a legendary skin with varus being a complete darkin
Now there's an idea! I'd definitely be into that.
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: I think they're unpopular only in theory at the moment. I think people here are more bitter that "OMG EZREAL LUX MF GOT MORE SKINS! RAGEFACE!!!!" and not actually giving them any credit as real skins. I mean, they are basically 750RP skins in terms of design (since they simply remodel the champion, and reuse particles and animations), and I also understand the pricing of 1350 if you don't own the original skins too. But I think most people here don't consider that and are just hating them to hate them, even after Riot corrected the pricing if you own the original. I personally love the idea of them, and I think the skins do look super adorable on like Lulu and Soraka. I'm probably going to grab a couple of them at some point, and I think a lot more non-vocal people on the boards, and even off the boards will pick them up too. I foresee them being successful, and I'm kind of interested in knowing what the future will hold for Variant skins...
That's a valid point. I hope they do well then because I'm definitely curious to see what variant skins we'll see in the future.
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: I theorized that perhaps how the Shurimans got the Sun Disc in the first place was that a Shuriman that traveled to Mt. Targon and became and Aspect returned and gave knowledge of the celestial magic to his people. This still coincidences with the Targonians 'giving' the Shurimans the Ascension ritual, the Aspect would have had to consented, as well it lessens the idea that Targon were some how manipulating the Shurima empire. A lot of people have an assumption that Targon gave the Shurimans the Ascension ritual solely to stop the Void, but the Void did not concern the Shurimans until Icathia, thousands of years after they received the Ascension ritual. I would imagine it would have been a past Aspect of the Sun, hence the Sun Disc. Whether we'll see an Aspect from Shurima, in game as a champion I'm not certain, but that would definitely be interesting, I think they would look down on the Ascended for letting Shurima fall, assuming they are someone that recently becomes an Aspect.
Headcanon 100% accepted. I dig your logic! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: 80s Neon Skinline
As long as the skinline has lots of nods to Jem and the Holograms it would make me happy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Theory: Aatrox was a horned owl.
I'm personally of the group that believes Aatrox's ascended form was that of a dragon. The wings, the scales, etc all lend themselves to "dragon" on their own, but in a lot of the early thumbs for his splash art they had fire coming out of his mouth as well which sells it for me. This idea is still present in his final splash to a degree, if you look closely on the animated version of his splash on his universe page you can see steam coming from his mouth and embers coming from his eyes. Intentional or not his whole design screams dragon to me.
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: Aatrox concept from Sharpcut93
Gosh. He's so pretty. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Caithresh (EUW)
: Well ... I feel like your second question is about to be answered with this lady's {{champion:25}} rework :) Well, maybe not, but I feel like she'll explore Targon's darker side or something.
Gosh I hope so. I'm pretty excited to see whatever they do with her tbh.
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Drugoth (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=d00mface,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gJl04ufi,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-10-20T19:00:40.380+0000) > > I for one would love to see more diverse body types among female champions. How about more interesting back stories and character personalities first? How about a super interesting and unique kit? I feel like some people's priorities are messed up in this world. You don't make a fat character for the sake of having a fat character. That is transparently shallow as fuck.
Those things aren't mutually exclusive. I was just mentioning body types because that's the topic of this thread, chief.
Rodsquad (EUW)
: Would there be so much outrage that Riot couldn't add a fat female champion?
I for one would love to see more diverse body types among female champions.
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: Aatrox skin idea
Dark Star Aatrox would be an awesome skin! I'd love it if they took some inspo from say... Unicron from transformers (just more made of stars and dark matter and less robot). His comic design has this cool deal where his wings are basically their own asteroid belts and I think that would fit Aatrox pretty well as a dark star! https://transformersluxembourg.lu/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/1530955374-unicron-1-sdcc-variant.jpg
Elipo (NA)
: That's because varus lore was retconned from family guy who lost his wife and son and got magically corrupted to darkin w a gay couple inside to fill a political agenda
: Idea for Varus if he ever gets an update.
: Darkin corrupt their hosts over time. He will likely get more darkin-y as his story progresses in future. (Aatrox has been active for a while, Kayn's transformation in game is not typical of the process)
Huh, neat. I kind of figured something like that was at play, but wasn't sure. Thanks for clearing that up! Any chance then that we'll see a more corrupted Varus in some form in the future? Maybe as a skin?
: I'm with you there. Varus was my "first" champion, so I'm really protective of the character's integrity, but since it seems this whole Diet Darkin thing is what Rito is sticking with...let's go all out. Keep him gorgeous and twinky, but get some cohesion here with the rest of the cast.
I have faith that riot would be able to keep him a gorgeous twink while also leaning into the monstrous demon aesthetic of the other darkin. So long as they whole ass it and don't half ass it I think they could make something that would please old fans while making Varus fit in with the current lore more!
: The thing is that the Darkins themselves don't have a common trait. The real Aatrox actually looks like his ~~Arclight~~ Justicar skin, his demonic appearance as base skin is because of him using the flesh and bones of his victims while Rhaast looks exactly like that. Most of the Darkins have either kept the animalistic form or used a pletora of different magics to alter their look as they saw fit, there is no distinctive physical trait except the relationship with their weapon (if they were captured).
I don't necessarily mean in lore so much as if you were an outsider looking in and you saw Aatrox and Rhaast's character models you would say they're probably the same species. They look similar visually with their red skin, dark armor, horns, red eyes - etc. You can tell quickly they are a part of the same group in the same way you can tell that certain champs are from certain regions based on their clothing. Varus doesn't really look like either of them though and at a quick glance you wouldn't be able to tell he's of the same "group". Does that make sense?
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: You watched too much moana
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I'll have you know I've only seen Moana once smh.
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: Hm. The best answer to this question is that the path is unique for everyone. I'd start by working on your prose, and getting your core writing talents up to the level of your tastes. For the actual job path, though? It really, really depends. For instance - (cue flashback music) I've been writing since about the sixth grade, and started writing professionally about halfway through college. I didn't study Creative Writing, though. At the time I hadn't really liked CW curricula (mostly because it focused on dead white guys writing mean letters to their kids), so I ended up studying political theoretics -- writing comedy sketches and reviews for deep house/techno music on the side (our magazine was _extremely_ popular in the German underground). Eventually I followed the poli sci path to Switzerland, where I studied poverty politics in at the Université de Genève and started doing some financial analyst work in and around the IMF. International finance was a mistake. I was great with collecting information, but extremely ill-suited to working with numbers and deliberately ignoring the human cost of whatever I was supposed to be working on. I came back to the US, picked up music reviewing again, finished my undergrad degree and moved to LA -- where I landed, somehow, as a games journalist. Did that for a while (eventually I'd try international finance one last time to disastrous results) before contracting with Pole to Win as a QA on Touch My Katamari. Of my team, I was the only one who knew what the Katamari series was, and one of the longer time employees didn't like me because I wore a puffy blue scarf and ate lunch on the roof. He had seniority. It was... not my favorite position. Eventually I moved on. Cue the music industry again. Then talent management. Eventually back to games journalism, and then... well. [Something unexpected happened](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb4eiCUruB4). I was 24. I chased the youtube rabbit for a few years, but as many of my former collaborators will tell you, that life kind of sucks. At 25 I won an international writing award for journalistic excellence and, in a twist of fate, was terminated from my job for it because ha ha whoops I whistleblew on their awful management and talent practices. An old buddy of mine was talking about the situation to a friend who worked here, and Riot eventually contacted me with an offer... just a scant two months before I would have run out of rent money. Did a brief stint with Cards Against Humanity to help me not starve to death, and then eventually I was here. Not on the writing team per se, but here. After that I just kept honing my craft. One of the old leads asked me to submit dialogue lines on Ekko, and my major contribution to that was coining the term "Pilties" (thank you Political Theoretics! YOU WERE USEFUL AFTER ALL). I got to keep writing lines while at the same time writing and producing a lot of the cartoons you see on the League Community page (thank you being a mid-level YouTuber! YOU WERE USEFUL AFTER ALL), until, one day, I was offered a slot in the narrative team proper. So to answer your question of what to do to get a job like this? Write well, don't stop writing, and network like an axe-wielding sociopath. If you're lucky it'll all work out. Possibly. Maybe don't listen to the things I say.
Thank you for taking the time to respond! Getting to hear about the unique paths people take to get to their current jobs really helps in easing my worries about the future tbh. I think a lot of times in college we feel like we have to have all our ducks in a row now and our futures perfectly planned or else we'll be some sort of failure (at least I know I feel that way sometimes). So, I really appreciate your sincere response. I'm going to keep working on my writing and keep networking! Thanks again! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I'm no expert on the matter, but there have been two similar kinds of questions asked and answered in previous Ask Riot posts. I'll link em below. > **How can I become a writer at Riot?** https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/02/ask-riot-malzahar-kills-the-lady/ > **What does Riot look for in narrative and world building writers?** https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/04/ask-riot-snowdown-showdown-and-pro-kills/ Does that help at all?
Yes! That was super helpful, thank you! c:
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