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: Why are you assuming this is about Pantheon and Aatrox? If anything, it's talking about how Atreus became the avatar of the War God and his body was completely overtaken by the Aspect, instead of guided and blessed like all of the others.
>Why are you assuming this is about Pantheon and Aatrox? Real answer? My own biases. You're right in that it could be about him clashing with the aspects. Either way we don't know for sure yet. I'm fine with whatever path they take regardless.
: Honestly I've been waiting for a Pantheon rework mostly for some really good lines in response to Aatrox. I want it to feel like a real clash of the gods when they face each other in lane!
I feel 100% the same! If they give us at least that I'll be happy.
: I also am hype to see more interaction between Aatrox and Pantheon. I'm imagining that "unadulterated loathing" song from Wicked but with the two of them.
~~I didn't know I needed this until now. ~~
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Hope you get your beloved lore :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=d00mface,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ej7Ez1y8,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-04-17T10:06:10.370+0000) > > IIRC the artist themselves said it was an early concept rendering of Aatrox. So the weapon and him look a bit different than the final version. > > EDIT: source It might have been originally, but rn it's a canon universe pic. I'd say that's a Darkin that looks similar to Aatrox, but not Aatrox himself
I’m gonna go with what the official source tells me but thanks for your input anyways.
Kyokuga (EUW)
: VO Update for old champions
I would love for {{champion:110}} to get a VO update tbh. I'm surprised they haven't done one for him by now.
: 1 thing. In the Darkins pic, that's not Aatrox, cause that Darkin is not weilding a blade
IIRC the artist themselves said it was an early concept rendering of Aatrox. So the weapon and him look a bit different than the final version. EDIT: source >This was an early exploration of an alternate Aatrox design. Back then, I was experimenting a lot with how warped Darkin might look from their original forms.
: I don't remember them all off the top of my head. But "Macbeth" and "Richard the III" were both big inspirations too. Also certainly Trumbo's "Johnny get your gun" influenced this-- though I'm not the biggest fan of that book.
Neat! I can definitely see those influences in Aatrox as well, thanks for sharing! :D
: Thank you so much d00mface! And yes you are right on the money. (Even spotting how I carefully worded the description of Aatrox's previous form.) When we were just staring on Aatrox, the main narrative pillar was "The Devil." So I absolutely looked at how that archetype was used previously-- and I absolutely did re-examine "Paradise Lost." And yep, the goal with this sort of character is to both deliver the archetype that people clearly connect with, and also hopefully find a way to make this incarnation, unique from the various characters that inspired it FYI: We usually aim to have a minimum of 3 to 5 reference characters that we can use to define the archetype's core traits in early production and to keep us from attached to a single point of reference. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
That's awesome, I'm glad I wasn't just imagining things/totally off the mark! I do have to wonder though, did you ever consider using any Paradise Lost quotes in Aatrox's VO or would that have been too on the nose? Also, you've gotten me very curious about what other reference characters Aatrox might have had - are you allowed to share those? ~~Honestly the whole process behind developing Aatrox as a character sounds really interesting but I won't bombard you with more questions lol.~~ Anyways thanks for coming by this thread and responding as well as, again, for making Aatrox the supremely awesome character he is! You really killed it with him, he's perfect. P.S. As part of my final for Advanced Creative Writing this semester we've been tasked with bringing in a short piece of prose that has inspired us as writers and I already know I'm bringing in The Cage!
Pale Mask (EUW)
: I absolutely agree that Aatrox is the game's premier example of a fallen angel: a rebellious, tortured soul who descended into the abyss both because of his own sins and those of his masters. I like the fact that he is disgusted by his twisted form, but has completely given into his despair. I do think that this could've been better represented VO and splash art-wise, however. He doesn't give the fallen angel vibes as much as he could. An example of this would be his [in-progress splash art](, where he's depicted more as a dark god than a living siege engine of the apocalypse, although he is, by all means, both.
Aatrox's VO and appearance are super divisive among the community (ESPECIALLY the VO) so it's totally understandable to me that you might feel it doesn't hammer home the fallen angel archetype as well as you'd like. Personally for me the VO, the accent in particular, is one of those unique things that I feel differentiates him from other fallen angels in such a way that keeps him fresh and unique. But I can totally see where for some it might take you out of the fantasy of a fallen angel.
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Rodsquad (EUW)
: There's no "but actually!" , Zoe is a child.
Some of the comments in this thread have me yikes-ing hard. Zoe's a kid ya'll.
reba042 (NA)
: I'm upvoting this just because of the steven universe reference.
Serxen (NA)
: Interesting concept, I didn't really care for it at first but after thinking about it I think it could be an interesting support. The "Happy" ability you spoke of could stun enemies briefly and slightly heal allies, they could also have an "Anger" ability that taunts enemies and increases ally movement speed toward enemies (choose to use it on either an ally or enemy). I have been having this idea for awhile but maybe the ult could be "Sadness" and it could lock down all enemies for a few seconds. But having a kit like this would take a lot of tweaking.
Oh I really like those ideas, the anger one especially! But yeah, as you said, a character with this sort of kit would def take a lot of tweaking.
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: What is everyone's favorite champion, and lore?
{{champion:266}} I love his personal lore as well as the lore of the darkin as a whole.
: Considering the wharf rat diet (as I understand it) includes (but is not limited to) garbage, plant matter, insects, fish, amphibians, birds, small mammals, medium mammals, large mammals, rotten meat, fresh meat, dead bodies, alive bodies, and occasionally other wharf rats, it's likely that wharf rats and poros wouldn't get along. You could try putting them together, though. Might be fun.
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: Annual Reminder: There is STILL no old-ass grandma champion
Listen I know there are some people saying "being an old lady is no one's fantasy" but speak for yourselves please. If there was a way I could play as sweet little old lady support giving cookies and hugs to my teammates that would be ideal. And extremely cute. I wanna be the team grandma dammit.
: I like this Ledros fellow
OP is a rapscallion and a scoundrel. Do not trust his words. >:|
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: I strongly prefer writing film and TV scripts. I entered writing really backwards. I went to art school for undergrad. Studied animation and film. Fell in love with storyboarding. Worked in advertising. Hated it. Went to grad school to become a director or cinematographer (leaning towards the latter). Only to discover I liked writing scripts and jokes in my first writing class. I've always loved reading books and did some acting as a kid-- but my parents were visual artists and I (and they) kinda assumed that was where I would end up. I worked as a video editor before getting to write for TV and that even further pushed me away from writing description. Because of all of the above-- I prefer the more slimmed down style of screenplays (And I lean towards reading books with minimalist descriptions like Amy Hemple or Elmore Leonards). 'Cause when I'm writing descriptions, it feels kinda weird to not draw the stuff or thumbnail it-- and instead use words to describe it. It always feels kinda ugly and slow. In my prose writing I really tend to try and minimise descriptions as much as possible. Comics are even weirder because every part of my storyboardist brain wants to go at it-- but I also know that would give the artist no-freedom and make the job tedious. (because I've been on the other side of the relationship with a writer over describing.) shrug. It's weird.
Not weird at all! I think this is really cool and insightful actually. Thanks for sharing! :D
: Ashe: Warmother. Issue 4 Available now! (in special addition or free!)
Hi, Odin! I loved Ashe: Warmother as a whole - I’m certain I’ve said this before but this (+ your other narrative work on the region) has really gotten me invested in the Freljord so thank you again for that! So my question for you now that Warmother has completed its short run is... Do you find you prefer writing prose or comic scripts? Do you find one easier than the other? Do you think you get different/better feedback from one medium vs the other? Sorry to go full English major brain on you, but I’m always curious about the preferred mediums of my fellow writers lol.
: Would it be possible to get any info on the Varus VO Update that was teased a year ago?
I didn't even know this was a thing. I hope they haven't abandoned it... I've been playing a bit of Varus lately and giving him an updated VO would be a treat, especially if it included Kai and Valmar.
: I Got a Sketch Commission Done of Rhaast and Myself
Great art! I love when people draw themselves with their fave champions/mains: Here's a pic I drew of me and my boi and here's one drawn for me by my friend (Rodsquad in this very thread!)
Jaspers (EUW)
: Personal bias is fine. I too am interested in the Darkin but from a perspective that I don't like the retcon. It's not a "I'm just not interested." but more of a "Why would they do this?" fascination. The issue comes from what they 'were' versus what they are now. What many people (you included no doubt) want is an idea of what they _were_ like, why were they worthy for Ascension, what made them so great. It gives people the sense of they are tragic heroes instead of the horrific murderers they are now. I've seen many people here talk about how Aatrox's character is like that, he's a tragic character who yearns to be what he once was but to twist and malform unwitting victims to change their form to be something he wants doesn't say tragic but monsterous (while he slaughters armies for little to no reason). How do you talk about Rhaast's lore/past without talking about how he was apparently 'worthy' to be Ascended? All this would do is remove from his now murderous character people are meant to fear. And it's that part of the Darkin I don't like. It's humanising what was a race of unstoppable beings out for war. Adding to the grey where there should be none. The only story they could write would be within the Darkin War at it's height as he just slaughtered people for fun, long gone from whatever made him worthy and keeping him as a monster.
Ah, I guess that's where we differ then. I'm someone who likes the darkin retcon and prefers what they are now. Heroes who fell and became horrible murderers is a story path that has always interested me. I do understand why people have a preference for the old darkin lore and preferred them to be as inhuman and unsympathetic as possible, however, but that's just not the characterization I personally prefer for the darkin. I will admit a part of me is interested in what he was like, why he was considered worthy, but that doesn't have to be the story they tell. I like your idea of a story within the darkin war of Rhaast slaughtering people for instance. I really don't have a preference for what kind of story is told though, tbh, I'd just like _something_. Whether it's a story of Rhaast when he was an Ascended or if it was him already mowing down the battlefield as a darkin either is fine with me. I think you can tell a story about Rhaast and still make him unsympathetic if that's the direction they want to move with his character imo, but for me personally I don't _need_ it to be that way.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Keeping some mystery helps characterisation or general story development. Honestly, people may have wanted to know Wolverine's real name but did anyone actually care in the end? We all still call him Wolverine/Logan. Rhaast is one of the least grey characters in League at the moment (sadly) and keeping him as a homicidal maniac with little characterisation outside of "oh, that thing is alive, let's kill it." helps put the point across that this thing is dangerous and Kayn even willingly contemplating the idea of trying to best him is a mistake. I understand Riot's stand on it, technically Rhaast isn't the character, Kayn is. ... although, Kai and Valmar technically aren't champs either but we know all about them.
I think you bring up a very important point and it's something that my logical writer brain and biased darkin liking brain are definitely at odds with each other over. On one hand I agree, would a story about Rhaast reveal _too_ much and make him seem less monstrous to a detrimental degree? I know a lot of people see "flat character" as a scare word, but flat characters have a purpose in fiction too! It's possible that keeping him a flat character would be more beneficial to the story of Rhaast and Kayn as a whole. On the other hand I still want to know more about him because I like the darkin and they interest me. I recognize that as personal bias. It's entirely possible that if there was a story about Rhaast it could keep him flat and play him straight as a monstrous villain without taking him into a gray area, but I understand that a lot of people might be nervous about how well Riot would handle that. If there was a story with Rhaast that played him as a no gray area villain would that interest you? Or would that still take out too much of the mystery?
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: There's been one official contest that I know of, through [Polycount in 2017/2018]( The winner was a player active on the boards, [Blood Magicks](, and she ended up writing Vlad's AWESOME[]( [new bio]( as well!! Unfortunately, I haven't heard of any new contests, including the contests run by EUW/EUNE. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} But I can say, it's a long term goal for the narrative team here to bring in new voices, and harness the passion of our fans. There have been mysterious conversations.
> [{quoted}](name=Interlocutioner,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=eekdIeA2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-13T00:02:20.026+0000) > But I can say, it's a long term goal for the narrative team here to bring in new voices, and harness the passion of our fans. There have been mysterious conversations. Now this has got me _very_ curious and interested. It would be awesome if there was some way for fans to contribute to the lore no matter how small those contributions would likely end up being. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Upcoming Shonen Skin Line
School of [insert wacky thing here] is a pretty popular framing device in anime to get a bunch of characters of varying personalities and backgrounds together who might normally not interact otherwise. There are so many anime like this I doubt I'd ever be able to name them all! So, I don't think it's going to be specifically mimicking any one particular school anime be it MHA or Assassination Classroom or otherwise. I think more likely than not it's going to pull its influence from a bunch of different school centered shonen anime just like how star guardian pulls its influence from lots of different magical girl anime!
: Why di Rainbow Meowrick cats not have sunglasses like Meowdin of the Mist?
Because she's the giant cat that makes all of the rules.
: If you want to hear a line that is easier to compare to other performances by Ramon, listen to Aatrox's "enemy flashes mastery" line that ends in "I am fighting an imbecile" as the filter on his voice isn't nearly as heavy when he delivers that line and it sounds eerily similar to his saying the same word in Dragon Age.
Ooh I'd like to give that a listen and compare. Do you have a timestamp/video where I can listen to his Dragon Age character say that?
: I want a {{champion:101}} pool party skin. I know, weird right? But he already looks like a squishy water monster, sooooo.....
You are a visionary my friend. I'd buy that in an instant no joke.
: The Grand Archives of Piltover [CONTEST]
I'm excited to see the results whenever they get posted. c:
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} When I was working on the worldbuilding for this, I assumed Lissy was from the matriarchal, child-centric, culture of the Freljord. And though she was creating something new with her cult (a new religion) her point of view was still from within that society. So her motivations, world view, and religion reflect that culture and her somewhat rightfully paranoid point of view. In a way her religion has its own rules, ranks and orders outside of the old culture. But it was built from that culture of oathsworn and valuing children above all. So yeah. She created a place for the orphans and the unwanted (and as Nunu shows her cult sometimes creates orphans to get children.) But the cult also takes adults and volunteers. Was Maalcrom orphan or a bastard? there's a good argument there. (i.e. I'm not going to reveal his backstory.) Maybe he originally choose that path because he liked the idea of being a healer more than being a warrior. Or was he attracted to the notion of a life devoted to something larger than his tribe? Or maybe he saw how badass they were and wanted in on that? Basically I don't think of her cult in black or white terms, because I think it's made of a lot of people with a lot of different reasons for being there. And I think she's too smart to only collect certain people. The frost priests in Sejuani's tribe are pretty clearly "baddies." But I would argue the frostguard in Ant's story are heroes. I think there are elements in Lissy's cult that have to be evil, but if we let it get too evil it wouldn't be realistic. And providing a place for lost children seems like a win-win for her. I can't say if any of this will pan out. Riot changes stuff all the time and I certainly don't feel like have much say in the directions we take. (In lore, character, or games.) But I can say your analysis of what I was doing is correct. (mostly)
Hi Odin, just passing through to say that I'm really digging all the work you're doing with the Freljord. You've almost single handedly gotten me invested in a region I previously had next to no interest in. I'm super excited for the next issue of Ashe: Warmother! Keep up the good work and have a nice day, man! c:
: Will the chibi champion icons ever be coming back?
Pls Rito I need a chibi icon of my boy {{champion:266}}
: Old league lore was bad, like really bad.
Me reading the part of this post that mentions old Aatrox lore: ~~for the record I agree with you lol ~~
: Look at these absolute Chads
SSmotzer (NA)
: Yes. Renekton was struggling with the mindless rage of an alligator before the fall of Shurima, and Nasus was a good boy. At this point it is safe to assume a cat Ascended would struggle against the urge to chase small creatures and sleep at all times of the day.
God I wish I was a cat ascended with that kind of struggle.
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: Runeterra and Mental Illness
{{champion:266}} Is suicidally depressed and I think it was said all the darkin have PTSD to varying degrees.
: rito, more pool party skins for summer. now.
I have a mighty need for pool party {{champion:266}}
Reiizm (NA)
: Lore facts that sound like bullshit but are actually 100% true
Varus, Aatrox, and Rhaast are ex-furries.
: Who do you think needs VGU or VU’s?
{{champion:80}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:9}}
: On this day, NINE years ago, Mordekaiser was released unto the live servers
: 2018 Lore Tournament - Winner's Artwork
Very awesome! I hope Graham enjoys his gift :D _Onward to another year of fantastic lore!_
: What League Universe Story would you like to listen to in audio format?
I'd love to hear Where Icathia Once Stood, personally. I think that story in particular would be well suited to the audio format!
: You know, people never complain about the male characters being sexualized...
I don't know where this idea that "no one complained about Sylas!" comes from. I distinctly remember a lot of complaints about his look and how they went for sexy shirtless dad who's about to build a shed in the backyard in a beer commercial instead of withering emaciated inmate who ate rats and is trying to start a revolution. In fact I've seen complaints about his look even recently, not just after the initial reveal. I can't speak for the other champs since I haven't been around that long but saying no one complained about Sylas' looks being more sexy than necessary to his character is simply untrue.
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