wean (NA)
: no.
Can you tell me how it would not?
wean (NA)
: How To Buy Honor:
Wouldn't that just ruin the idea of a system based on player behaviour only? Lol
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
DanKBluR (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Xayah Q - "Double Daggers" SFX Bug.
I actually experienced this myself too! It was really weird and I thought I went crazy for a minute. Well I can remove my bug report now. (Will remove it later because I currently have no time) Upvoted this.
Rioter Comments
: {Alpha Client} Making the friends list "Minimisable"
Rioters in the past already said that that isn't currently possible of how the client is designed.
Cüre (NA)
: 2 clients open while using the new client and the second one is using my cpu causing me to drop fps
The client is always opened, even in the Legacy client. The Legacy Client is minimalized but is still running in the background, so that said that is not the difference. The current client is still in BETA and may require more CPU than the Legacy one.
: New addition to the 'Collection' tab in new client.
They said in a few patch notes ago when the client was still in the Alpha stage that they were actually already Implanting this in the client. However not yet.
RawBeaf (NA)
: EWWW! Beta client?!
It's currently loading slower than the legacy client because it's BETA, at some point during the BETA the performance will increase.
: if i am on alpha, i also can log PBE?
HI! The short answer is no, PBE is a separate server. Glad I could answer your question.
: League client update Q&A: Profile and Collection [Now Complete]
Hey Riot, First of all great client. But I got a question for you: >**The training tab is meant to be for the tutorials, but the current tutorials seems to be a bit outdated. Are there gonna be (at some point) more _and updated_ tutorials?**
: Crafting the Client: The Play Loop
I saw faker do it {{summoner:31}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3117}}
: The friends list doesn't close, but that means it isn't hiding anything either. You can imagine how not knowing whether a player will have their friends list open might effect design decisions. We intend for the added consistency to pay dividends for teams designing features in the updated client as well as for players whether they're using a feature for the 1,000th time or just learning it.
If you could make a button that slides something over your friend list it would be better, You have your privacy for others when people are streaming or something etc. Just a slide over with a text like ALPHA or something like that. Also I don't really like the animation in the lobby and queue, is this gonna change later? It's not that smooth as that it is now on the live servers. Thanks, Vincent
: Bugs, Reliability, and a Fresh New Ride
Make a skin to promote the launch of the new client, A skin that's special.


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