: it would be cool, but look at the pbe rn, the new item storm raider or whatever got there and instantly taken down. Balancing team didnt notice that the idea of a 100%crit item is the most broken thing in the game (cause gp + any assasin). You think some item that gives a really op stat wouldnt be removed,by accident? Also coding takes a while.
Developing the editor would take some work while putting the actual items into the store should be a non effort. You would be able to build some very powerful items for a select few champions which is why I put it as a con. However, the idea is that it would be versatile enough for everyone to have fun anyway, even though you would face min-maxers in some games. Maybe craft an item with HP, armor and the Frozen Heart passive to somewhat counter.
: if they manage to pull that off, then this is iiiinteresting. like youd have a limited gold budget available, build the base stats of the item out of the component items you chose, and adjust the stats of the finished item with a slider. like imagine you had 3000 gold available to work with. item stats usually have a pretty fixed gold value. 1.) you start with the components of the item > {{item:1028}} + {{item:1029}} + {{item:1051}} worth 1100 gold in stats. > this locks the stats of your finished item to armor, critical strike chance, and health. 2.) you can buy one or more passives for your item. usually each item in this game has a passive that is worth a pretty specific amount of gold. > in this example, we would buy {{item:3122}} passive for 400 gold > bringing us to a 1500 gold item for 15 armor, 150 health, 10% critical strike chance and the wicket hatchet passive to start with 3.) you now get a slider for each of the base stats and can customize until you end up with a 3000 gold item total. the base components are auto swapped out for bigger stat items, when you put one of the stats over a certain threshold. > after chosing the base stats and the passive, you have 1500 gold left to work with > add another 300 health for 800 gold -> ruby crystal gets swapped with giants belt in the recipe > add another 10% crit chance for 400 gold -> brawlers glove gets swapped for agility cloak in the recipe > add 15 armor for 300 gold -> cloth armor stays boom, you made a new crit item for {{champion:86}}, save it and buy it in the shop of the new game mode. >new item = {{item:1011}} + {{item:1029}} + {{item:1018}} + 900 gold > 450 health > 20% crit chance > 30 armor > wicket hatchet passive to keep things still reasonable, you could only pick one custom made item to appear in the shop in this new game mode **or practise tool**. items are crafted in a tab on the client, similar to how you prepare item sets for your shop, or how you prepare your rune pages. which crafted item you want to make available in the game is picked by chosing from a drop down menu, similar to rune pages. so you can craft many items for different champions beforehand and can decide on the fly, which item you want to make available to buy in the next game. this could really help riot figuring out what items people want on their champion, what effect they would have on games, and what has potential to be added into the game. its like thousands of people creating and playtesting new items in a rotating game mode.
That sounds very close to what I had in mind. I was also thinking about cost reduction for delay mechanics, something like "gain 10% movement speed after 10 minutes". Something like this could spin off-meta builds even further where items can be tailored to synergise with the current runes.
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