: Shurima Story Q&A [COMPLETE]
Really loved Azir and Xerath's new bios. Those short stories were really emotive and sad. I guess I have two questions, one relating more to Shurima and another general one. 1) Is there any specific reason you guys excluded Cassiopeia's new bio from this release? 2) Are there any plans to put all canon lore in one place, namely the client? Right now they are all seperated and kind of hard to find and the release of new lore is easy to miss. Besides, it's kind of weird that the game's lore can't be found in the game or the client and that you have to find these micro-sites to read them. A new player wouldn't know where to look and probably not even know there was any lore besides the little paragraphs in the client with the way things are. Follow-up question: Do we have to wait for the new client for something like this to happen?
: Hey, dialMARK4acti0n Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I think your concerns are spot on. This isn't going to be a satisfying answer, for which I apologize, as I can't give specifics on certain things that are being worked on by various teams. All I can say is that we share your concerns and we are working on solutions. By 'we' I mean Riot, not just Narrative, but we take our responsibility for delivering content of a higher quality, at an improved cadence, very seriously. We worked hard last year to improve our quality (and we continue to do so), and to deliver on aspects of storytelling that we've had a lot of problems with in the past, as you outlined in your post. One of the ways we want to deliver improved content is through the updated champion introductions through the work done by ChampUp and Champion teams, as well as the work being done by Foundations on those Champions who aren't being taken care of by other teams at the moment. This work will sometimes be seen in clusters, such as with Targon, in a themed way that we think is cool and imparts more of the vision of the world at the same time as speaking directly to the character of the Champs. As you mentioned, this isn't particularly an 'Event' but a bundle of themed content. The aspects (no pun intended) of delivering story content that we are still setting up are pipelines and resourced teams focused on 'pure' story pieces in various media. It's taking a while partly due to our very exacting bar when it comes to recruitment. We don't just want incredible writers (which is very difficult on its own), we want incredible Rioters, and that's a big challenge, particularly as we scale up our efforts on a number of fronts while continuing to do our best as part of the teams bringing new Champions and new visions of old favorites that are worthy of League, Runeterra, and you, the players. It is a profound responsibility to find the right people who deliver excellence that scales while enhancing our culture for the long-term. We do this to protect the future for Riot and for the players. I understand the frustration at the cadence of specific streams of content, but we are unwavering in our commitment to building quality and sustainable consistency for a while to come. I hope you will see and enjoy the results of some of the work we are doing in the next few months, including work from a Rioter or two that you won't have seen before. When it comes to our story, our Champions, and our world, we absolutely want the same thing. Building the teams that can deliver improving content is taking time. But we are getting there. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I assure you, it is being heard.
Thank you VERY much for your reply. This is the best case scenario I had when I wrote this post, to have one of you guys over at Narrative answer. It was indeed very satisfying. It's just that not being in the know of all the inner workings of Riot, it's easy to think that nothing's being done, but I'm sure that slowly but surely you are getting there. I just wanted to start a discussion, to maybe have an open dialogue with you guys over at Narrative on what's up with lore and we can expect from the future. Thank you for taking time to reply so in-depth and really, I love what you guys have been doing lately. Burning Tides and Shadow and Fortune were both incredible and really pushed the envelope when it comes to League of Legends lore. I can't wait for the next storyline! I'm sure in the future, you'll continue to improve on what you've done. I don't know what you guys feel about this, but I feel like having easy access to the bios and the storylines I mentioned above in the client would be a huge step up to making all those people that say "lore sucks, there's barely any" start changing their mindsets. I think that you guys could work on better communicating when new lore is released, where it can be found, etc. I feel like a lore menu on the client, similar to the old JoJ, would be the way to go. That'd be swell. Maybe with the new client? I know you guys have some technical issues, but I think it's important for the lore of a game to be found in the game itself, instead of random micro-sites. That's a cool way to release them, don't get me wrong, but at least put a link in the client. Anyway, I'm sure you know more about what your plans are than me, of course, so I'll leave you guys to it. Again, thanks for the reply. I feel like this type of conversation is important.
: I agree! Also, are you planning on continuing your FM&T series? I really liked it. I'd appreciate something on The Black Rose a lot BTW!
I don't know. Life has gotten in the way and I've been doing other things... Maybe? But, for the time being, I'm not writing anymore. Sorry if that's disappointing, but life is what it is.
: I think Jhin was the first champion I was thoroughly interested in, lore wise. For me, it seemed like League never got a champion that was genuinely dark, and didn't just have bad blood with some other champion (Shen and Zed, for example). I might be alone in this, but I like gameplay over story. Not that it should be nonexistent, but I just like playing League, and enjoying a champion goes beyond what lies in their backstory. I also love Jhin's VO, I fell in love with him when I heard it. I kinda want to continue this discussion, because to be honest, I was never much of a lore guy. So I think it would be fun to learn some things from someone who is.
Oh yeah... Jhin has an AWESOME VO. Best one in a while for me. He's so well acted and developed. His VO is so good it makes me want to play him more, even if I don't like his gameplay that much.
: I find it pretty impossible to take a game seriously when its lore and/or story content are inaccessible from the game itself.
Yeah. It is pretty weird. But lore isn't exactly what sells with League.
Xulsigae (NA)
: How would the League have prevented Burning Tides and the Harrowing?
Burning Tides, for example, had the fakeout of GP's death. If the League existed, one week after he died, MF would be fighting him daily on the League, which would ruin the whole purpose of GP dying and rising from the ashes.
: > [{quoted}](name=dialMARK4acti0n,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gkIWwdlB,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-04-11T19:17:44.435+0000) > > I'd agree with that. The old lore had its charm. But, honestly, Burning Tides and Harrowing type events just couldn't exist with the League of Legends itself and I love what they're doing with these events. Champions interacting. Resolutions and development of stories. Characters that roam around Valoran looking for something or someone. > > I feel like it's a bittersweet situation. Why wouldn't they be able to exist? The League operated largely on an international level and worked through consent of its member nations. IIRC Noxus' invasion of Ionia was completely cool with everyone until Ionia joined the League and demanded a resolution. The IoW didn't really meddle with internal affairs, they didn't stop general Du Couteau's kidnapping in Noxus, they didn't stop Swain's rise to power, why would they be interested in Bilgewater's civil war? And even if they did, all that needed to happen was MF and/or Gangplank saying they no longer wanted to be part of the League, thus no more representation. Then along comes the Harrowing and whoops--sorry Bilgewater but you're no longer protected since you quit. I agree lore should be more accessible, but I don't believe the League was constricting story expansion.
Lucian, for example, is looking for Thresh. If the League exists, he's with him on a daily basis and we don't really know what's the interaction between the two. With the League out of the picture, Lucian's lore is still relevant, because he's looking for him all over Valoran and when they come to a head in Shadow and Fortune it's more engaging, because it's the first time they meet since Senna died. Those types of stories can't exist with the League.
: Aye, the old lore was kind of in a pickle when it came to interaction and junk. Definitely a shame :/ The new client might offer a solution with the whole lore clarity thing at least, guess we'll have to wait and see :P
: > [{quoted}](name=dialMARK4acti0n,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gkIWwdlB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-11T19:14:38.828+0000) > > I agree! The voiceovers aren't in question here. They have been ABSOLUTELY STELLAR lately! The VO department is doing great things. I'd just like to have in addition to that, easier to find backstories and storylines with these characters. > > Seriously though, Jhin's VO is EXCELLENT! I know, I just want to have more of VO
: Part of the charm of the old lore was how it was pretty approachable whilst still having a bigger story behind it. The new lore is definitely well written and enjoyable, but my issue with it is that without the League of Legends itself it's kind of just a generic fantasy world with nothing setting it apart from a billion others. Having the League as a twist to the setting was what made it different if you ask me. Also, I think the new lore tries too hard to be all grown up and junk. Too much gore and stuff for the sake of it :O
I'd agree with that. The old lore had its charm. But, honestly, Burning Tides and Harrowing type events just couldn't exist with the League of Legends itself and I love what they're doing with these events. Champions interacting. Resolutions and development of stories. Characters that roam around Valoran looking for something or someone. I feel like it's a bittersweet situation.
: Even though lore isn't exactly the reason why I play this game, I do enjoy having a fleshed out character, as it makes the game that more fun to play as you can connect with the champion. This is why Aurelian Sol is one of the best champions to date as he has a fleshed out character and a lot of dialogue, which makes the game interesting. Personally I think riot should make every champion that gets reworked or new one get new dialogue like Aurelian Sol has, in addition to have a more fleshed out story.
I agree! The voiceovers aren't in question here. They have been ABSOLUTELY STELLAR lately! The VO department is doing great things. I'd just like to have in addition to that, easier to find backstories and storylines with these characters. Seriously though, Jhin's VO is EXCELLENT!
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: Rip in Peace, dialMARK4acti0n
I'm still alive, thank you very much! Sorry I've been so quiet. I've been super busy with work and stuff. It's good to be missed though, I may come back when I free up some time on my schedule.
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Turaab (NA)
: i really enjoy reading the facts and lore you post hope to see more in the future!
Ahmed (EUW)
: May you plz write about noc and zed your throry might be different from redmercy{{champion:238}} ❤
I'll write it when I can. Sorry if that's not the answer you wanted...
: Who was your first main champion?
ybuR (NA)
: saw the ratio change to lower his poke in lane, then i decided that you don't know how this game work because you think nerfing ratio will stop his poke in early game, so i lolking you and find that you that a silver with negative win rate. Therefore nice troll thread
First, did you even read everything I wrote? One of the things was that this was my view on things and that you could disagree of course. Then, I mention OTHER balance changes. I only tuned some numbers on his passive and his Q because I realize I suck at ratios and such, I've done a fair share of champion concepts myself. Secondly, what does my rank and winrate have ANYTHING to do with this?! Nothing, that's what. Just because I've been on a losing streak and don't play ranked much, does not mean I'm a freakin' noob and a filthy casual that doesn't know what he's talking about. I've played a lot of normals for over 2 years and have played ranked somewhat in that time period. Just because I'm in Silver does not make me a below average player. Even if I am, I doubt that looking at a champion's kit and analyzing has a direct link with how you play and what rank you are. You call me a troll even though I tried really hard for this thread and that's hurtful. It really is! And being judged just because of how much I play ranked hurts me even more, since people are still discriminating others over petty things like this, as you just did. So, in conclusion, the real troll here is you.
: With a gutting like that, you definitely have a future with the Riot balance team. I wouldn't be surprised if you were the one that wrote the Kassadin nerf on the PBE right now. Here's a few quick tips for those of you wannabe game-balance types out there: 1) When you decide to tune (nerf/buff) a mechanic, it's always a good idea to make sure said mechanic actually needs retuning (nerf/buff). In the case of the OP, Zed has a sub 50% win rate and, quite frankly, is one of few assassins with at least some degree of counterplay. If you want to 'nerf' his waveclear a bit, that's fine, but your proposal doesn't just do that, it shaves off a huge portion of his damage. What kind of an assassin would Zed be if half of his damage (which is pretty much what you're eliminating when you add up the total changes here) were suddenly to disappear? Zed would suddenly be relegated to Azir territory (37% win rate). 2) If you nerf a mechanic, maybe consider compensating by offering some type of offset (buff) elsewhere. After DFG was removed from the game, many champions suffered greatly, this was then compounded by a few champions (Mordekeiser and Veigar specifically) seeing their damage further toned down on the PBE. (As I understand it they have reverted some of the Mordekeiser damage nerfs for now but we'll see). Not only was their no compensation given to those champions, they were further nerfed, thus not highlighting their strengths but rather giving them even more weaknesses. Your proposed change does the same thing. 3) Context. What does your balance change actually achieve? If you just hate Zed then just say so and then we can look at your changes from that context, but if you're trying to give a legitimate suggestion, what do your changes actually accomplish? I read your reasoning but realistically your numbers make Zed an assassin that hits more like a tank, but will die like a level 1 carry. Bottom line, leave balance to the professionals---and since I don't see any around, I guess we'll just have to settle for the Riot balance team.
I did all of those and I'm not the one always complaining about how Zed is insanely broken and strong! You should be less cynical and look at the actual thing I wrote.
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: A new sightstone route
I would prefer enchatments sort of like jungler items, but that give you vision related boosts like: "Limit for vision wards raised by 1" or "Wards can see through walls" or "have double range" and stuff like that. Personally, I think that would be awesome! I really like the idea of gaining more wards on assists though
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Yeah if you didn't get it by now then you must have had either a chat restriction or a ban.
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: I want to add a possible discussion material since I'm really liking your series :) The thing being: A passage of the *short* new lore of Ezreal is that his tool for magics seemed to be done for the use of Ascended beings... SAY WHAT! Did we really miss it till now with all the rage/passion the Shurima event and lore retcon has brought? Up untill now we saw Ascended using their own inner power without the use of other tools... so what is this thing? The options are multiple: - Was this item being crafted for the Ascension of Azir as the first emperor to become Ascended? - Was the Ascension ritual being retried after the destruction that Xerath brought? - Was this item actually a creation of Xerath himself? - Can somehow the power of ascension be connected with tools other than ppl?
I'm already planning this one x)
Nagirah (EUW)
: I've been waiting for you to do Solari&Lunari for aaageees... soon I hope?
I haven't felt the inspiration yet... But I'll try to write it when I can
: I honestly never considered the possibility that everything was just a product of Lulu's overactive imagination. It is nice, and makes a surprising amount of sense. Kudos to you! However, I will point out that while mention the nonexistence of the Institute of War as a political force, explaining Lulu's "powers", the Fae Sorceress was conceptualized while it was still a part of Valoran. Lulu was designed to actually compete within the League of Legends, which requires a bit more than happy thoughts and pixie dust. As such, I believe Lulu's magical prowess is very much real. For me, the Glade is not so important as the effects it has had on Lulu, not to mention yordles' natural tendency to go insane when isolated. How lucid is Lulu? Is she at risk of insanity, or already lost? Has Pix decided to stay with Lulu out of curiosity, malice, or genuine sympathy? What does she spend all of her time doing? Where does she live, if Bandle City does not accept her? Also, Mad Hatter Veigar, where?! We need a Looking Glass Lulu too. I mean, ~~Queen of Hearts~~ Heartseeker Ashe is already a thing. Also, also, welcome back DialMARK, always a pleasure to read your articles.
Thanks for sharing and for your support! Maybe they changed the lore so theories like mine could work even though they conceptualized for the League? I dunno. Interesting thought though.
Rew711 (NA)
: hm /:I I don't know. This makes sense and all, but Lulu does have some things. And, with the after Rune Wars, or at least the magical aspect of Runeterra still at hand, the Glade can be as ever real as the Void. Why? Even if it were from Lulu's imagination, I believe it is Pix who is giving Lulu power. He creates whatever she wants. Why? I do not know. But, in general, ever since they met, Lulu has been able to do amazing things. As for her powers in general, they are her's; just bestowed by Pix. Now, Foolish Lantern has made a good point. Yordles go crazy when alone, so why hadn't Lulu died from the thought of being years away from her family? Something like that would kill a yordle. Though she does have Pix, the going crazy in the woods after a long while sure enough would had killed Lulu. So, to be fair, yes it was her imagination. But her powers come from Pix, who himself helps Lulu in battle.
Wow! I forgot to mention the crazy alone Yordle thing! *facepalm* Yeah. It's just another point that could count torward my theory. Thanks for sharing!
: {{champion:117}} What if there was this thing in Valoran called the League of Legends, where people could fight without actually causing damage to the world? Sounds like a fun idea! What if I was one of the people who fought in it? ~Years later after playing for so long in the imaginative world of the League of Legends~ {{champion:117}} I'm bored of this idea! What if it wasn't there anymore? That would be much better! To be serious and go on with your theory: What if pix gave Lulu the magics to literally imagine worlds? Her imagination literally coming to life!
Actually that's the other theory I meant! I think it's really plausible yeah. ^^
: While the idea that she imagined all the Glade and Pix into existence, it'd be stretching it, and kinda silly, to have everything she does as part of her imagination. But wait... Maybe the League of Legends was just something Lulu made up?
Technically... what I meant was that the Glade and Pix do not exist. It's all in Lulu's head. But yeah... maybe...
Rew711 (NA)
: Will Ashram become a new champion now that League's Institute of War is gone?
I don't know... We'll have to wait and see I guess
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: [CCC] January Champion Concept Contest is here!!! Finally!
I missed these! Hope to see some good concepts coming out this month
: The theory about aatrox being a blade is easily shot down in the description. It states that darkin are demonic looking winged humanoids. So it instantly rules out the sword being aatrox. However it's possible that aatrox and the blade are linked magically, or through a process, giving the blade sentience in order to improve aatroxs fighting abilities. As far as varus the darkin bow, completely speculative and definitely impossible. For the bow isn't corrupted. The black living fire was. And varus definitely doesn't have wings. He isn't even that old as the lore describes the events which allows you to pinpoint his age range. As far as jax he is an extremely skilled fighter. So much so that he could best any opponent and the league put restrictions on him at one point. He was also mercenary for hire. I believe that he hunts the darkin, and definitely isn't one. He has no special weapon or wings. It could explain the low amount of darkins left. He does have interesting features for sure. I believe that he could be a magelord or protectorate.. OR he really is a completely different race not mentioned who was enlisted in the army of one of the two factions. An interesting thought is maybe his unidentified race is tasked at killing the ancient darkin. Or maybe he is a one time thing. Created and tasked at hunting down the darkin in response to aatrox tipping the scales in favor of the one of the two factions. However I definitely believe that their will be more darkin released as it seems awfully suspicious that there is exactly enough darkin to form a team in existence. That or the other two "known" darkin will be released. As for darius he has no affiliation what so ever with darkin for sure.
I love your theories and way of reasoning! x) Thanks for sharing
Joushi (NA)
: [Diamond Design] How Many Decisions Do You Really Have?
Thanks for the shoutout man! I'm so glad people like the series. Sorry there hasn't been anything released lately! Working on it though ;)
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: Love it man just love it makes me want to read a lot more. will you please do more?
: Out of the 10 best players in Solo Q, 5 of them main Lucian
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: He has the echolocation because he's burrowed underground!
Put your head in the middle of the ground then and tell me if you can see where everything is?
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Zanathax (NA)
: You ignore the fact that Riven was a part of the Crimson Elite - Noxus' special forces. Special forces are sent to eliminate the leaders of foreign enemies all the time. It could easily be that Riven was sent to kill him as part of her duties as one of the Crimson Eilte. Of course, no one can know that without more information from Riot, but I think that any good DA could get a conviction on Riven due to circumstantial evidence. Motive, opportunity, and one of the few people in the world with access to the murder weapon. Plus, obvious signs of guilt.
Really? That's REALLY interesting. Can you give me a source?
Neamean (NA)
: Look at what i found on the internet
THIS! This would be absolutety perfect. I summon thee @IronStylus.
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IronyOwl (NA)
: I find your conclusions dubious and your opinion of ~~your waifu~~ Riven skewed by fondness. > Now, you may be thinking: "Wait... that doesn't add up... does it?". If you are thinking that, than your right up there with me brother. **There are a number of reasons to naturally assume from both lore entries that Riven was nowhere near the elder the night of the murder.** So, what gives? Well, time to talk some myths! What doesn't add up? She learned the meaning of Christmas eventually, so she couldn't have murdered some dude beforehand? You just spent like four paragraphs detailing what a ruthless elite Noxian agent she was. Where does it say she defected *before* the Elder's death? > So, let's talk about the reasons that Riven could've been the killer. It is no secret, as we mentioned, that she has the ability to do a "Wind Slash" with her sword. But, Yone said the Elder was killed by a wind technique... Not wind magic. Different things. Oh come on. "Technique" is totally different from "magic?" Says who? "Nosir, couldn't have been me. See, the Elder was killed by wind *thaumaturgy,* whereas I'm a wind *sorcerer.* Totally different things, you see. One's magic sword magic hurled out in the form of cutting wind, the other's sorceous blade sorcery hurled out in the form of cutting wind. Really no confusing the two, if you ask me." Except the expert in wind techniques accused of doing the deed finds it suspiciously familiar, so if there is a difference, either Riven's indeed using "techniques" rather than magic anyway, or the distinction is too fine for the most qualified person in Ionia to comment on to notice. Plus, later on you talk about Swain The Mage being Master of Sorcery to mass produce swords that could have committed the crime. Not even you believe this part. >**Riven is not the one from which the magical properties of the sword come from. The sword itself is the one that seems to exhibit these abilities, not Riven.** Yet, Yasuo does seem to be rendered in suspicion when Riven uses that technique. Do we have any reason to believe this whatsoever? I mean... you probably wouldn't argue that Caitlyn's just some schmuck and all of her abilities are intrinsic to her rifle, not her, right? So why would you assume the same about Riven's sword? > Now, the reasons why she couldn't be the killer. For one, Riven's unit was carrying out a slaughter wherever she passed through, yet Yasuo's village's only casualty seemed to be the elder. I mean, the way his lore entry is written, it seemed as the battle going on did not affect Yasuo's village. Also, Riven wasn't keen on carrying out the murders that she was tasked with. Murdering an Elder of Ionia? Why would she do that? Why would she go out of her way just to murder the elder? Being part of the army probably doesn't necessarily mean sticking with them at all times, especially as she was known to be a potent and reliable agent. Noxus ordering her or her and a small squad to sneak around and assassinate an Ionian Elder seems pretty plausible to me... and apparently, it was pretty plausible to the Ionians as well, given that they tasked Yasuo, one of their finest swordsmen, with hanging back and protecting against just such an occurrence instead of fighting in the battle in the first place. > I gotta be honest guys... I'm torn. They seem to be pushing in the direction that Riven is the killer and I really don't believe that Riven could, would or should've killed the Elder. So, instead of talking about both and going over everything we already spoke about, I'm just gonna go with my gut feeling and say it: **Riven did not kill the elder.** Then I'll just say it too: Yo' waifu was a stone cold bitch, dawg. She ain't proud of it, but damn she kill a bitch dead back in the day.
Tulare (NA)
: Not that I believe the lore team is quite this subtle but you've stated it as a fact that the elder was killed by a wind technique. We don't know that, though. All we know is that's what Yone told Yasuo. Since he was willing to fight to the death, it's a pretty good bet that Yone believed it but that doesn't necessarily make it true.
True, but Yone must've known what he was doing o.O Interesting POV in all seriousness....
: Hey that sonds like game theory on youtube
But hey... that's just a theory. A GAAAAME THEORY! Thanks for watching. x)
Diahane (EUW)
: As always, kudos for the good work you do for us people on the boards! I'd like to add some personal theories to a point you mention, that is on Riven's sword and its power. I don't think that she needs her sword to do the wind slash, I think it's more of a combination of her having both a proper blade and a clearer resolve while ulting. When her ultimate is down Riven is all about "burdens of the past", her hands being stained, how should she proceed and so on: she probably has doubts and feels unrest. To that add that she wields just a rather short piece of a sword and we get a possible reason as to why she doesn't use the wind slash unless she pops her ult. But what does it mean for her to ult? I think it's all a psychological thing for her. It's her *will* that shapes the sword (source: [[x]](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=21326748#post21326748) \) and in Riven's own words from the [JoJ, Issue 29](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/The_Journal_of_Justice:_Volume_1,_Issue_29) "*strength must come come from within*". The latter quote was about her gauntlet being not magical at all, but I think they give a good idea of what Riven is about: willpower. She shattered her giant runic sword, when it gets back to be a proper sword it's not because the sword itself has a magical power, it's because it reacts to Riven's heightened resolve by bending itself to her will. In my opinion, it's her finally experiencing "a moment of clarity", knowing her purpose and leaving doubt behind (intentional quite literal references to her VO when her ult's up) that allows her to unlock her full potential and execute the wind slash. All this said, which I hope is an interesting contribution to the discussion, I do agree with you on the fact that it seems that Riot wants us to think she's the culprit of the elder's death, but at the same time one has the feeling that it's all a red herring. Nonetheless, I don't think she has a real alibi, in the strict sense of the word. She may as well have been where Yasuo was before she suffered her tragic epiphany through Singed's chemical bombardment. Given how Noxians think, she probably even wouldn't have a problem killing the elder. To Noxians if you're weak it's your problem and having to be strong in order to keep your role of importance in society kind of comes with the job there. So finding an important target she'd proceed to confront him and if he's no match for her it's not her problem, it's his for not being strong enough, which should kind of be his duty if he held a position of prestige. After all, with her own words *only the strong survive*. Even when she was ambushed with her unit by cunning Ionians she stuck to this moral, it'd be fair for her if she died there, because the Ionians had deserved to win. So, given this *forma mentis* of Noxus and how much ingrained it was in her, to the point of being a trauma for her the fact that Noxus didn't follow it by requiring Zaun's bombardment, she wouldn't have any problem dealing with the elder. Nothing personal nor a subtle assassination, a fair and square fight. Doing a bit of meta-game reasonings, I doubt they will craft another wind techniques sword-master champion, because that would threaten Yasuo's niche and make him less unique. That archetype is covered, so I don't think they will release someone overlapping with it. If anything comes out to solve this mystery in a different manner, it won't be a swordsman in my opinion, but something maybe more unexpected. Ao Shin as a culprit could be a good twist, for instance. But then, seriously, how did people miss the part in which a f***ing dragon killed their elder? xD
Really cool theorycrafting you have here. Thanks for sharing!
Sarutobi (NA)
: Awesome post, really enjoying these things you been writing! For this topic though what if it is Yauso? what i mean by that is the fact that maybe he was being mind controlled and he himself killed the elder but not under his control. granted i would love to see some old man wind-swordsman, but what if this third challenger can control another person and do his/her bidding?
That would certainly be interesting. An overused yet effective plot twist x)
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