: >Not sure if I'm understanding this wrong, how is there "no reward" in that example. "Reward" means they stand to gain something. If they had left the quests to all game modes, nobody would care and they gain nothing. They do "lose" something by excluding other maps though (those players respect). So map exclusion isn't a "risk/reward" scenario for them; it's a "lose/don't lose" scenario.
Knalxz (NA)
: I have no care for TT. It's just a mini rift and doesn't and much to the game compared to Crystal scar which has several variations of itself in Riot HQ. I honestly feel the only reason TT is still around is because Riot wouldn't know what else to do with Vilemaw and don't want her to go to be even more of a waste.
Have you played any reasonably competitive TT game? It's not just a "mini rift" since it has it's own meta that is pretty much disconnected from what is OP on the SR with a few exceptions. I can't really say much about Crystal Scar as I wasn't that into them but even if you don't seem to care for TT there is a fairly large community that does. I mean the damn map has a freaking bible that goes in-deapth on what to play and how to play it.
Dataless (NA)
: Super click-baitey title, imho detracts from your otherwise honest and sincere argument.
Click-baitish title in some sense but I doubt anyone would click on yet another "Riot is ignoring TT"-thread.
: They should rework or completely replace twisted Treeline honestly but i think it ll just be a rework because (while im not definite on this but) it has some ties with lore so
Riot should not change shit without getting all the opinions from at least the top TT players. They should honestly work side by side with the community, which I'm sure are glad to help out. With such refined metas and play styles, one misstep can completely ruin the map.
Skorch (NA)
: I will say part of the reason i think they are SR only is because the missions are tailored to it. Now you could argue that they SHOULDNT be tailored to it. But if you want larger longer missions like they have right now. Its kinda hard to get 350 minions in a game of TT. TT exclusive would also be bad. IDK if thats the reasoning but thats what im guessing.
I mean, seeing as the challenger TT-players can be/are averaging 10 minions a minute it's really not that impossible. It's also fucking all the support mains. Imo, just bad quests overall this time. And yes, I agree that TT exclusive quests would also be bad and for the very same reason that TT exclusive quests are bad, SR exclusive quests are as bad.
: That's.... not neglecting TT. That's like complaining that Poroking is neglecting Summoners Rift since it's played on Howling Abyss instead of SR. The reason they don't just put these on all maps is because of balance reasons, what's reasonable on one map to complete is unreasonable or incredibly easy on another.
First of all, in a Ask Riot Session linked above, Riot said that map-specific quests are the least liked quests and also the reason that you don't see exclusive ARAM or TT quests anymore. So they've already come to the conclusion that excluding maps are bad yet they do it now. For the balance part, you can get as many assists in a game of 3v3 as you get in a SR game +- a few assists. The challenger players in TT get 10 cs a minute, just as the good SR players, so this is not anything that should stop it either. Moreover, basically all the SR specific quests this time is "Win five Summoner's Rift games" or "Win four Summoner's Rift games with 100 minion kills". Both of those quests are just as easy/hard on TT and just not excluding the map would really change anything.
: > It's a low risk, high reward type of thing. There's actually no reward for including TT. The *only* reason this is getting any attention is because TT was excluded. If it was all game modes, nobody would even give it a first thought.
Not sure if I'm understanding this wrong, how is there "no reward" in that example. Literally nothing changes for SR players, aka nothing negative is happening at all, and TT players gets to take part. This goes for any map and game mode I'm sure but I went for TT since that is what I play. But looking at the answers in this discussion the guys playing ARAM also seems to have this problem.
: What does this have to do with Riot trying to destroy TT?
It's just one of many ways Riot is neglecting TT, this was just a more blatant way than just not patching it or whatever. Although "destroying" might not be a 100% fit in this case, it still depicts the meaning of the sentence whilst getting more attention, and therefore a bigger discussion, than "ignores" which probably already has hundreds of threads.
: You ask this when Riot has already destroyed Dominion, even though there was a dedicated community for it, and they were very outspoken against its removal. Riot's stance on this is pretty much "We don't want to put forth the effort to support a game mode that won't make it to the Esports scene, where we make all our money, so we're going to remove it. Why expend resources to maintain a 'dead' game mode?" Edit: Basically, anything that would detract from their prizewinner, blue ribbon cash cow -- Summoner's Rift -- gets shoved to the back burner and they forget about it.
But then we are back at what the summoner above us wrote, it does not take any resources to not specify which map and/or game mode the quest has to be played on. It's just an unnecessary addition they made with making it SR exclusive
: Because the majority who play summoners right now don't want to play twisted treeline. It was pointed out in the last ask riot that the mandatory Aram game was the least liked mission out of the vs event.
I get that making the quests only achivable in 3v3 would be bad but why make it exclusive to 5v5 when there exists such passionate communities in the other game modes? It would not change anything for the general playerbase to make it "In Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline but it would make a huge deal for the 3v3 community. It's a low risk, high reward type of thing.
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