Kiyoish (NA)
: i love futanari hentai
> [{quoted}](name=Kiyoish,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=fiqb9XLw,comment-id=0047,timestamp=2015-04-25T02:54:05.876+0000) > > i love futanari hentai I am amazed about how you managed to give way less informations then other people and way too much at the same time. Truly amazing. *Slow clap* Well ,here i go : - I am 17 y/o ,male and graduate from highschool this year. - Hate studying even though i am pretty good at it. - I actually live in Algeria (north africa) and i am sad that most people only know about Maroc in this region :'( - I speak Arabic , French and English. I am also interested in Russian. - My hobbies include but are not limited to : video games ,music ,biology and a tad of sports. - I dream of becoming a biologist and working on adn and cells related studies , but i know there is no future in that in my country so i picked my second favorite : a pilot. I'll gather experience in this field and then one day travel to America or Europe and hope to achieve my dream :) - Love life : well , being both shy *and* born in a muslim country doesn't make things any easier but i hope i'll find someone someday (pffft, who doesn't ). That's about it.
: Think it's time for Trundle to get his justice...
He is a troll judge AND troll jury after all.
Elisai (NA)
: I'm talking about your adc needs to poke it out of him. You and your adc are the same person basically. You are nothing without eachother.
I don't think any adc is gonna waste his escape because he is getting poked from afar , and what's the big deal about a little ministun when the grab land ?
Elisai (NA)
: Considering you shouldn't use your pull until he's used it anyways. It's your fault for not poking it out of him.
What do you mean poke it out of him ? Last time i remember riot specifically said that blitz is an all-in or nothing champion (that's how they justified his W nerf). And what i am proposing is a quality of life change , when i pull someone i expect them to come to me.
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soh1gh2 (NA)
: teemo
I am imagining you hiding in a bunker waiting for the shitstorm xDD
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do u realy care

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