Cowseed (NA)
: So apparently kayn is broken
well he is broken his ult doesnt always work inrhaast form for some reason (dunno how to add the link to my latest game where it shows it didnt work
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: West Coast, Cen, East Coast, Asia, or EU? (some people play on EU from NA, reason I ask) because it is happening to alot of Draven players not just me. could be a Connection issue to the Server based on Ping, my avrge is 61-79
: New Client has made Axes drop more/Frozen my screen for 15-30 secs randomly
everything works fine when i play draven btw what kind of crappy counterfeits are you buying if just installing the lol client fries your gpu my laptop plays the game at high quality and its 4 years old and theres a shitton of junk on it and i just have an intel i5-4210U with 8 gb ram and a nvidia card nothing more lol
: How is this balanced?
doesnt seem anything special not the first time im seeing that number for cho ult :) tough you need to be fed af xDDD
: Not to insult anyone here, but when I get an enemy Mordekaiser I consider it a won lane. Or at the very least a farm lane. And I'm proven right. I haven't lost to a post rework Mordekaiser ever. This guy needs some love.
i usually play him as nurse morde in the jungle
: they can be mains, some people play a lot in pbe maybe they learned them in pbe and want to take advantage of the op part of them before the nerfs happen if they do happen
well sadly theyre not op unless theyre together lol
: {{champion:80}} top lane I enjoy losing farm hugging tower and getting poked by Q until lee eventually dives me.
rumble big time your q burns enourmusly or if your good gnar perma q from a distance OP
: id give you 5 keys for a box XD
id love those 5 keys for a box
: my thoughts exactly. Rakan is actually pretty strong, but Xayah... her range is so low. and she's immobile. I could see her getting nerfed eventually, or even buffed, but I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't touched before Rakan. she's got some good things going for her though.
strange in eu its the other way around seen 3 xayah's and they all did shittons of dmg granted they always had a good lulu while i played rakan and he feels.... well to squishy.. it doesnt help that hes actually ranged with a 300 range which feels like melee ... i think its the combo that makes em op especially dat extra range they both get lol
: > [{quoted}](name=ˉˉˉˉˉˉ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEnyyyaG,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-04-16T05:41:26.098+0000) > > Biggest problem I have with him, besides HIM IN GENERAL, are his passive shield, and his Windwall. Either just remove the passive shield, or nerf the Windwall, llike you said. > > It should be skill based, to block a skillshot like Ashe ult, NOT be there for two eternities just casually blocking the entire enemies' damage sources. Honestly I don't get why people don't like the passive shield... it takes any, I REPEAT ANY, be it a tick of sunfire even to completely mitigate it. It works very well to help him lane against mages or ranged champions and hardly provides anything in a full fight. Compare it to Malphite, who's shield is much bigger and scales with stats and doesn't completely dissapear after taking damage. In my opinion, Yasuo's shield is about half as effective as Malphites which is why he has another part to his passive.
i hate it cuz of it replenishes itself so fast and on ulting the times i nearly killed a yas and enemy jungle flashes knocks up and hes back to full shield and im dead and it keeps on filling up even when being poked... it basically ruins the poke you do at lvl 1-3 while you get way more dmg from enemy minions
Danyoja (NA)
: Also it can only be stacked by melee champs. Support Sej with Melee bot new meta :p
in other words mordekaiser + seju or perhaps amumu + seju dat new passive of mumu lol
: Can we please drop VO lines with Profanity when the Profanity Filter is On?
on one side i get what you mean but on the other side arent you ... well overreacting a bit? theyll pick profanity up sooner or later and i doubt those few VO lines will make them suddenly spout profanities every other sentece
: > [{quoted}](name=Fritterz,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=n2AsnUsM,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-08-17T19:57:54.767+0000) > > Season 5 called. They want their item back... :P You didn't get it
oh is it me or is there a nice double pun? (as in your not getting that devourer back and you didnt get it... -.-')
Veraska (NA)
: post 10 champs you hate, and see if people can guess your main!
hrm {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:76}}{{champion:122}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:80}}{{champion:133}} not sure about some of em but i sure do hate the first 4 to lane against
: Zed overrated?
he isnt hes considered toxic and not fun to play against your midlane isnt having fun vs zed nor is yur adc cuz who likes to have to counterbuild immediatly and spend gold on a zhonyas or guardian angel losing power to your powerspike and being unable to snowball
: when top is 0-3 and asks you to gank
bah and what about ur top laner who burned the enemy summs got a gank by enemy jungler and is only 0/1 while both are lowlife and hes pinging the enemy champion??? i start asking for ganks POLITELY if i start to lose my lane or when i die but i never get any while the enemy top gets permasit and then my team blames me small note usually my first death is around the 10 min mark ....
: Why Jhin doesn't pick ignite?
k upvoted downvoted every comment to a multiple of 4
: {{champion:37}} This might be considered cheating since its the same weapon...
tbh im kinda worried about tank kled he has that free double your health kinda out of nowhere and with graps of the undying {{item:3748}} and some other hp damage items i think he could be broken would you mind elaborate how you can prevent it being problematic nvm found the answer better question why is there no slight ap ratio on his skills would be fun to play ap kled or something like that
: This could be you next..Please read
hope this doesnt happen to me i kinda rushed from 0 to 30 ion lesst han a month... and your not the first one a lot of peoplle are now gettin banned for botted accounts and most say they arent
: I found this and just had to share it
how come that cat looks like it standing on his 2 hind paws at the end
Jakra (EUW)
: What was your derpiest moment in LoL, when you were starting out?
aaaah my first lol game.... it was the first moba game i ever played and i didnt know where the chat button was so i ran around pressing all buttons before finding out killing myself a time or twenty before figuring out where the chat was...
ÁrYaN (NA)
: You know you play to much league of legends when...
you know when you play too much lol if you are playing lol in your dreams...
Br4ndon (NA)
: Azir would destroy Varus. Come late game Azir would likely 2 shot varus. Varus is not mobile and tanky enough to handle Azirs kit.
not if its full ap varus ult q or e is a oneshot
Odogaron (NA)
: Key Drop Rate Lowered..?
dunno i get plenty of keys but no chests always a+ TT it doestnt really pay to be a one trick pony of you want skins xD
: When your ADC is the nice one, but your support is salty af
cuz balance yin and yang must be in balance
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: The internet has spoken.
in response to your question diamonds are cut by lasers or created or cut by other diamonds secondly to the car diamond question depends on the speed it needs to be a lot to destroy both anything under the speed of sound is certain to not to destroy either
: I hate cooking >.> Wish my boyfriend loved it, but he hates it more, so I still gotta do it. He has to do the dishes though. Divide the pain - the perfect formula for a good relationship.
why? cooking is fun what do you dislike about it?
Queenzea (NA)
: Dynamic system and Autofill are extremly stupid, now......Upvote this, or i vote for Hillary today.
: Could a Rioter help me contact another player? I'd like to apologize for being a jerk to him.
oh so this is how people get into contact irl out of lol and fall in love and get married i always wondered how it goes
: He only needs w anyways and sometimes q/r
thats for the no skills the real kogs use e r occasionally q and w to halve casting times
: Let's play a Game: You name a champion and I'll assign them a Metal Song
: > [{quoted}](name=EndlessSorcerer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ueR603En,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2016-06-02T15:35:15.588+0000) > > The list is even shorter than that. > > The following champions you listed above do have slows in their kit: > > * Aurelion Sol's R > * Evelynn's R > * Vladimir's E and W > * Draven's E > * Poppy's Q, > * Syndra's W > * Ziggs' E > * Kassadin's E > * Zyra's Vine Lashers Right. So that's why Boots of Swiftness are good. There's only about 30 champions in the game that actually don't have slows. And you're facing 5 champions, some with multiple slows or slows on short cooldowns. Merc Treads makes the slows shorter, but Swiftness matters the moment that they hit you.
not to mention rylai and iceborn xD tough id actually like a rework in the form of making the ms 30 but slow immunity for x after getting dmged with a certain cd
RoodToob (NA)
: but... how can you be their lucian? did you go 0/20 to be the other teams carry?
xD i think you know what i mean for once i got fed while enemy lucian was feeding
Errastas (NA)
: This is the boards, they won't be happy until Zed somehow becomes a support ninja.
o hell no! no support assassins will not be good gut zed nerf all his dmges but dont fucking send him to ruin botlane
: When both teams have a Lucian
yup had the honor of being enemy team lucian for once ^^ felt good to be rekking everyone
: That moment when you see Lucian and Zed together in the next free rotation...
dunno tried zed twice now first game lost cuz of a trolle second game we hada lucian who fed enemy lucian 5 kills in the first 10 min ...
: How it feels to be an ADC vs Rammus
sadly it isnt always so quinn is way too fast for that :(
: I've got stolen gifs of that night ;)
: Almost everyone has better base stats than shen, its not some zed specific thing.
: Hes a bully, has insane wave clear, huge burst, ridiculous mobility, extreme safety on top of ridiculous damage.
and higher base stats than shen a tank
Voluug13 (NA)
: And that happens to be everyone's weakness not named Olaf/Irelia?
right let me correct any full dmg champ that cc's him longer than 1.5 seconds should give enough time to kill ap ekko from a little distance trust me ap morg onecomboed ekko he had nothing to do since he couldnt ult or e and w took to long
: {{item:3091}} on {{champion:105}} makes no sense they will be dead before you get 2 stacks
JMoormann (EUW)
: But if he can really delete everyone by pressing R, if he is really completely uncounterable, if he really doesn't have a single weakness, if he is really so easy to faceroll, then why is his win rate still not high? I'm not pro-Zed (hell no), but I feel like the Boards make him out to be a lot stronger than he actually is.
he is perma banned and he cant delete everyone by pressing r except the carries and is virtually unstoppable in doing that in order to stop him you need to cc chain him to death thats cc wasted and the rest of zeds team will kill you also his early is great OP godlike how is talons pre 6? akalis?katas? assassins need to be weak pre 6 zed isnt in high elos if a team picks zed 2 champions counterpick zed at least a comp around reducing zed to trash is made and thats OP why would an entire comp need to be made to counterpick 1 champ in low elos zed losing is zed going 1v5 getting killed by tons of cc and zeds team isnt there to follow up or zeds team is so underfed that they cant also winning lane isnt winning game thats why his winrate isnt high and he is actually rather strong and OP if you think about the fact that the champion needs to be counterpicked outsummoned (exhaust) and counteritemized(zhonya first item) to win against him during laning phase if the enemy zed is any decent in fact losing lane as zed is virtually impossible after all the only thing zed needs to do in order to harass and farm is press w q from a safe distance and if the enemy mid is ap he can just go superagressive because of an OP item {{item:3155}}
Voluug13 (NA)
: Just naming 1 champion as a ''counter'' doesnt mean Ekko is a balanced or well-designed champion. Even then, there are no numbers that show that Quinn counters Ekko more that slightly. In fact it shows more of a chance to be a skill based match-up that anything else.
well ekko has ... certain weaknesses against cc if they arent tank so as soon tank ekko disspaears of the face of the earth he will be a lot more balanced
Slythion (NA)
: IMO, I'd like to something like this happen: Q Damage reduced - Damage Amplified when enemy is hit by 2, and amplified further if hit by 3 shurikans W treatment similar to his ult (delayed by maybe .25 or some tiny amount before he can switch places with it) E (similar to Q) now speeds Zed up (opposed to slowing enemies) scaling off how many enemies he hits. Speed and Dmg amplified by X% damage based on how many E's he hits on an enemy What this does: Q changes reduces his poke in lane while rewarding Zed players for using skill to hit 2+ shurikans (dmg down lane phase while scales better into late game) W treatment reduces his safeness from ganks and all-ins in lane (doesn't impact much in late-game) E changes make it more difficult to get that poke on the enemy in lane (as they won't be slowed anymore) yet helps buffer his lose of mobility from his W in a more fair way. It also scales harder into late game while nerfing his lane phase *** Those are my suggestions. Overall, he should stay relatively the same in terms of overall power while his lane-phase is significantly less annoying and his late game is generally buffed (he will fall off if your skill level is weak because you wont delete players without hitting multiple q's and e's but is far more rewarding for experienced Zed players which I think is important seeing how Zed is supposed to have a high skill cap). This new kit also encourages him to stay near his target for assassination (as assassins should) and nerfs his potential to just leave his deletion to hitting you with his shadow's abilities
id say different shorten his q range a bit increase his real damage and the damage form shadows is half the real one if you hit more you do more dmg and if you want to do dmg then u have to deal dmg with the real one thus get in range w agreed also increase the cd a bit e agreed r deals no damage by itself but deals damage based on damage taken by zed its not really fun to be oneshotted by a ult only 600 dmg on a ult thats point and click and if zed also dropped an auto and mark you are dead unless you have zhonya or GA at which point zed will stand next to you spam laugh and still kill you
: Am I the only one who can't stand Yasuo players?
meh yas isnt good i agree but that wind shiled is OP and can turn games
: who else quit league or at least barely plays it anymore
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