: What is happening to HoTS is heartbreaking.
SC2 is next, it's the most obvious fuckup next to diablo 3, being run by developers who don't even want to change the game for no reason + a community full of normie morons who get triggered by someone IMPLYING the game isn't 100% perfectly balanced
Tomosima (EUNE)
: Did a Pentakill with Reworked Ezreal
This is so impressive and amazing, that I'm gonna give you a dislike on top of your 6 views
: Riot Direct AMA!
Was singed actually the first champion concept?
: Holy shit Aatrox feels AWFUL.
Aatrox can seem viable or even overtuned in laning phase if your opponent doesn't dodge but after it, you have no good engage or reliable damage, so after laning phase he is surely the most underpowered champion in the game
: Again. 2 weeks, then give your views. EDIT: Told you.
Can you point to one instance where people said a new champ/rework would be underpowered and when they were wrong? Even when they said it before it was even released
: Holy shit Aatrox feels AWFUL.
I ended up going 7/7/10 on him with black cleaver > death's dance > sterak's The reason old aatrox had a low pickrate is because he required so much skill to kill someone, having to memorize 3 different variations of darius Q and hit them all if you want to do damage while also having a 21 second cooldown passive that triggers on minions: doesn't change that, it only makes it worse Unlike other bruisers the new aatrox just doesn't have any damage and they tried to make him look good in the spotlight but couldn't, from my experience I have never lost when the enemy team had him and never won when I played him Riot should at least make it so that while you have to memorize 3 different darius Qs, they aren't more difficult to hit than darius Q and so that his ultimate is more useful like the previous one, because this one is useless if you use it as you're about to save yourself from dying - which you will be tempted to do considering how squishy he is, and that it also gives more range because getting only damage when your burst is this unreliable is not good
: > responsible for their own loss of self-control. It's not Riots or the communities responsibility to punish loss of self-control. This isn't "league of maintain perfect self-control". > Freedom is great. However a lot of people misuse it to wrong others. It is impossible to misuse freedom. That is why "righteous" people are so scared by what "toxic" people might do. > tldr; people use freedom as an excuse to act as judge, jury, and executioner on others whom they think have wronged them. It's ok when Riot does it though, right? The "righteous" people are allowed to act as judge, jury, and executioner because the "righteous" people are FREE to do so.
Couldn't agree more Someone who doesn't have 110% perfect anger management which is required to keep an account for over 2 months is just as responsible for telling someone they deserve a life time of torture for playing vayne, as a cancer patient is for their illness


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