: I think the best solution is implement a reporting penalty if it's deemed invalid. Create very specific guidelines that can be used as when to report someone. If you hit that report button and the person being reported doesn't actually meet the requirements, then the reporter gets the punishment. That would reduce the overall number of reports and would allow Riot to actually investigate the ones that do get submitted.
: Not even Rito can determine 100% if a disconnection is from ragequitting or genuine irl emergency. Besides, LeaveBuster does not work off of reports so your suggestion is more pointless.
Why exactly would it be pointless? My goal here is to decrease the punishment for the team that loses because someone goes afk. If you dont agree with that i can only assume that you are one of those leavers.
chabotj1 (NA)
: So draft and aram have a dodging problem. Institute a login timer to punish account cycling
> [{quoted}](name=chabotj1,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8d8IF98P,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-13T08:38:16.220+0000) > > Anybody that logs out during champ select or in the first five seconds of the loading screen and then immediately logs back in on the same IP address, regardless of account, gets a 90 second timeout; with the timeout growing and decaying at a similar rate to queue dodging. Unfortunately it's too easy to go around that rule by just waiting 6 seconds (or any period of time that is necessary) after logging out. And if you make that waiting period too long, it will affect other players as well. I didn't realize that queue dodging was that big of a problem though. If it truly is, you are right in giving suggestions on how to deal with the issue.
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: If you have extra mouse buttons, bind attack move to one of those instead of left click.
I actually did that for a while. But clicking with my thumb feels slow and clumsy, thats why I wanted to change it to the Left Click in the first place
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lnstant (NA)
: Promo series should change matchmaking formula.
Hi there, I just wanted to support your demand since the problem you describe is exactly what bothers me for a while now. I couldn't find better words than what you wrote here. Setjd


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