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: send the chatlog man
> [{quoted}](name=HaseLover,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=WNKA9Ekp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-05T11:32:48.458+0000) > > send the chatlog man Game 1 Pre-Game fcalfie: zoe apc? fcalfie: oh nvm In-Game fcalfie: UDYR fcalfie: u fucking baited me fcalfie: U SAID U WERE COMING fcalfie: ur reported fcalfie: fuck off fcalfie: dont gank me then fcalfie: i give up with u fcalfie: why are u tower diving 4 fcalfie: ur 0 4 fcalfie: ur feeding as well fcalfie: and u didn help me fcalfie: although i asked for help 10 times fcalfie: she wasnt ulaways under tower fcalfie: like when u left me fcalfie: when u said u were cp,ingg fcalfie: coming fcalfie: yeh fcalfie: there were no early ganks fcalfie: i won in farm fcalfie: bc my jungler doesnt help fcalfie: and then he flames me fcalfie: when he gets caught fcalfie: now he flames fcalfie: bc hes lost the argumant fcalfie: stfu fcalfie: irelia cost us the game fcalfie: HOW IS THAT MY FAULT fcalfie: U ALWAYS BLAME IT ON ME fcalfie: HOW MORONIC fcalfie: I WAS GOING FOR THE THREE PEOPLE WHO WERE LOW fcalfie: SO I COULD GET THEM U FUCING MORON fcalfie: HOW STUPID ARE U fcalfie: IM SO FUCKING DONE WITH THIS TEAM BLAMING EVERYTHING ON ME fcalfie: ALL MUTE fcalfie: IM SPLIT TOP fcalfie: GG fcalfie: you call me toxic yet the whole game you and udyr flame me and u jsut called us cancer Post-Game fcalfie: didnt int only said anything when my team where flaming me gl with that report ban fcalfie: and you said we were cancer fcalfie: and im toxic fcalfie: what did i say then fcalfie: i didnt say that Game 2 Pre-Game fcalfie: the 2nd one fcalfie: idk In-Game fcalfie: no skill fcalfie: what are u doing vlad fcalfie: unskilled fcalfie: pls stop dying fcalfie: i didnt flame u fcalfie: so lucky fcalfie: uir flaming him yet u died 7 times fcalfie: hypocrite fcalfie: even less skill that time fcalfie: if we teamfight we win fcalfie: yasuo is so low skilled its not funny fcalfie: its just dumb fcalfie: WHY DO U GO IN 2 V 1 fcalfie: JAX AND VLAD fcalfie: ur literally trolling fcalfie: i die under tower 6 times fcalfie: with no counterlplay potentiasl fcalfie: u constantly fight people and loos and then fight again fcalfie: seee fcalfie: my point perfect fcalfie: yi and yas two of the least skilled champs in the game fcalfie: we win late if u dont int fcalfie: like u are doing fcalfie: no mid won the game fcalfie: bc ur shit Game 3 In-Game fcalfie: he got 200 health fcalfie: yeh fcalfie: why are u fighting them xerath fcalfie: its fine fcalfie: zersath ping fcalfie: fiddle and xerath stop going in with no vision fcalfie: XERATH fcalfie: FOR FUCK SAKE fcalfie: xerath hasnt pinged once this game fcalfie: u dont fcalfie: graves fcalfie: blind fcalfie: u got feared out of it fcalfie: all mid fcalfie: ha ha ha fcalfie: flame me fcalfie: lets talk about you fcalfie: mr no ping fcalfie: over extending with no vision fcalfie: laughable fcalfie: now u dont help erath] fcalfie: tf mid fcalfie: this is so fucking dumb fcalfie: where did u go fcalfie: u know u could of cost us the game right fcalfie: so ty fcalfie: dc fcalfie: get better internet fcalfie: lol fcalfie: sorry i dont want people to disconnect in my game fcalfie: no it cant fcalfie: mine has never crashed fcalfie: for 10 years ive had it fcalfie: ikr fcalfie: so angry fcalfie: for no reason fcalfie: WHAT DID I DO fcalfie: I DID NOTHING fcalfie: i was trying to get away fcalfie: i had 500 healtn Post-Game fcalfie: i had 500 health fcalfie: and u expect me to go onto fulll jhealth nasus and tris fcalfie: are u stupid fcalfie: pplus u two afk fcalfie: so they get pick fcalfie: and baron fcalfie: so u fcalfie: lost us fcalfie: the game fcalfie: it wasnt fcalfie: bc u were in them fcalfie: yh he is fcalfie: there saying there gunna report me bc i said can u not disconnect in the game fcalfie: its a massive crime to not want people to diconnect isnt it fcalfie: thats what they think fcalfie: funny thing is graves was getting the most angry fcalfie: yet i wasnt talking to him
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