Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 5
I like the approach to balancing via adding soft counters (I've always thought that the reason Akali is hard to balance was because there are no counters to invisibility). However, I don't think Renekton should get a shield-busting mechanic. It really doesn't fit and it affects a lot of toplane matchups. I didn't think it through enough, but wouldn't it be more fitting on Fiora?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 15
Not a Karma player here but I play against Karma a lot. A stronger but less frequent mantra sounds even more annoying to deal with. Karma mantra Q already deals half my health at least. I can't imagine how it could be stronger.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 14
Thoughts on Zed? Armor rune stats make playing him feel hopeless.
La Bello (NA)
: >PASSIVE: _**Nimble Fighter**_ checkmate kiddo {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} no but in all seriousness he would much healthier as an actual fighter rather than the current hyper-damage Q+W machine he is right now. Even the most recent W changes point to that.
: Reworking turret AI would do wonders for how worthless they can feel when you're getting dived, IMO. It often feels like 100% of the agency in a towerdive is on the people doing the diving because the AI is so incredibly easy to game.
Hard disagreed. You should see Dota 2 tower AI.
: Is it such a problem that zed can't kill a champion who built 55 armor and 300 Health with just Q+E+Auto when they blow stopwatch?
Actually it's a double Q + E + Duskblade auto + Electrocute. That was my entire damage as a 7/3 Zed on a support. Oh and she didn't blow stopwatch. She used it after she ate everything.
: Zed did 90% of her HP without Ult in less than a second while she had seekers + tabis. The fuck do you want.
100% because she didn't Zhonya, dodge my abilities nor shield herself. She an entire rotation to the face without dodging or awareness and survived. That makes me a melee range, single target mage that sucks at single target. I could have played Zoe there, did the combo much more safely and people would just say that I was a 7/3 Zoe and this was normal
Vayatir (NA)
: You have this totally backwards. It would be ridiculous if Zed had managed to kill her with just his basic combo when she has built specifically to not die to him. She'd had died if he had committed another auto or his ultimate. If anything that clips tells me there is still too much upfront burst in this game lol. Zed almost killed her in less than a second and didn't commit anything to it and she had to blow a valuable active to live.
Here's my followup question. If I have to ult everytime I want to kill a squishy as a fed assassin. Why don't I just play a mage instead?
Vayatir (NA)
: Right, she's invested almost 3000 gold to just survive the damage of Zed. And even then, he almost kills her with just a basic rotation and no commitment. If anything, it would have been outrageous had she died to that despite her heavy investment. All Zed needed was another auto and she'd have died.
I invested 6900 gold to just kill squishies. And she didn't use her nor her shield. If I cant kill a support just because she bought boots and half an item, I might as well play a mage.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 17
Here's a clip of a 3/3 Lux support surviving a well executed combo from a 7/3 Zed who is 3 levels ahead. Lux played the encounter awfully yet survived the burst. Can you explain to me how this is fair?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 3
I'm really worried about lowering the damage levels. The game wasn't fun before this. This just feels like a kneejerk reaction just to appease reddit. Damage level isn't too high. You have to realize that in a PvP game, if you give the opponent enough time to react, you will never kill them. **If the game goes back to picking lategame and farming under tower I will seriously quit.** All my friends had enough of this bullshit where you slap minions for 20 minutes and praise yourself for being _tactical._ People aren't quitting because the games are too snowbally. People are quitting because they are either following the Fortnite trend or they realize that slapping minions from safety for 15 minutes is the opposite of what a video game should be. If I ever feel like the meta reverts back to 5 lanes picking late and hugging tower, I will leave you to pander the competitive scene while your video game rots. It's sad how I invested 3 years of game time into LoL and it's all for nothing.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 21
Hey Meddler don't you think the shutdown gold changes will reward stonewalling in low elo even more? As a silver player, I already had so much trouble playing early game snowball dependent champions that I actually stopped. The typical silver play pattern was that the enemy midlaner picks a lategame mage, sits under tower and afk farms (without even attempting to interact with me) and basically says, "You do all the work. You try to kill me or else Ill just farm and outscale." And then there's the enemy jungler that doesn't allow you to freeze, fed laners roaming to your lane, losing teammates taking my farm because they have no tower, etc. As a silver player, the shutdown gold being given to one player doesn't allow me to solocarry the game because I still do the same damage when fed as I did before. It just gives that midlaner who stonewalls the lane another crutch that he doesn't need. It punishes me, the one who is trying to have fun playing an early game bully.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, I seem to screw the day's date up in one of these titles every few months. Insert joke about how getting numbers right for Riot is hard here.
Just think about the date for 0.25 seconds more next time.
Rioter Comments
: I would like to buff her base attack speed a bit. I follow "Caitlyn Mains" on reddit and a lot of them have that opinion too. Thank you for answering!
Yeah machine gun cait was the epitome of fun right guys? /s
: if those don't also come with some kind of compensatory nerfs then you basically just made him better everywhere.
He's pretty subpar anyways so I'll take a buff.
: The value of utility Inspiration keystones offer don't seem to be even with the value of damage/defense other rune trees are offering.
: i'm not here to voice my opinions, but to ask a genuine question what exactly was minion de-matierializer meant to be used for originally was it to not miss cannon minions? was it for a AoE mages to wave clear without leaving the melee minions with a sliver of hp?
In the old system, some champions (example: Ekko, Ahri or Talon) used to run very specific to hit certain waveclear thresholds. Minion dematerializer was meant to allow them to waveclear as well as before
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 17
Hello Meddler. What do you mean when you say that Bard is struggling noticeably? I'm worried this will be another attempt at lowering his skill floor just because a portion of the players don't do well with him. I've been doing great on him so far.
: I personally haven't seen the new Viktor yet with the new runes. But I've seen successful Viktor players before the changes to the runes. I think his strengths lie in zoning in team fights with Gravity Field, safe late game wave clear, and ability to burst enemies in an instant.
It's one of those situations (especially with high skillcap champions) where no matter how weak the champion is, his/her mains will make it work. Just like how Lee Sin mains seemingly always do well with Lee Sin.
SeeKerΖ (EUW)
: Yup, agree with this guy, "better botlane win" isn't a meme at this point, if you snowball hard your botlane with an ardent supp you are sure to win the game. If your botlane lose then it's pretty much done if you can't shutdown the adc.
> if you can't shutdown the adc. Not to mention the fact that it's damn near impossible to shutdown the ADC especially with 3k health Locket shields on top of the already huge Janna/Lulu shields.
: the w sounds like sejuanis one, just with the order swapped. the attackspeed on the e sounds a bit weird since i used to max q and then w (no xin main btw) and the new w sounds still stronger than the e. the new r sounds nice. i didnt like the old r that much, a ton of armor/mr is not that usefull when you barely have hp. one question: who/how did you come up with the idea to rework xin? why xin?
Xin is pretty trash and unbalancable. He is the definition of a stat check. He has low skill expression. And most importantly, as you go higher in rank you learn how to beat him and he becomes pretty trash
Prynce (NA)
: Will Xin Zhao still be ready to teach me how to be a man
The Warrior's Spirit is ready to FUCK ASHE IN THE FACE HYEAH HYU HYAAH
Haburru (NA)
: You just put Sejuani's W on him: a cone attack in front followed by a longer range thin line attack with a slow. Aside from numbers, how is it functionally a separate ability?
Tbh many abilities are like that. Gragas Q is a different Lux E Karthus Q is a different Syndra Q Rengar E is a different Kha Zix E All the abilities mentioned above only differ in numbers.
: Xin Zhao Gameplay Update - To the Arena!
~~Are you worried that he might become THE alpha diver/duelist? Other Divers are mostly weak in teamfights unless if they manage to turn the fights into multiple 1v1s (Master Yi, Tryndamere, Yasuo, Fiora, Camille, etc). Having a champion that can splitpush and teamfight, do well early and scale to lategame, have tools to play when behind seems a bit too much for me.~~ ~~Are you gonna be dialing back some of his other strengths?~~ EDIT: I just read that he will be vulnerable to CC during his ult. Sorry about that.
: Why would I ever want gathering storm when games rarely last 30 minutes? Ultimore looks good though
: > [{quoted}](name=SpearKitty,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=3THTrhmb,comment-id=001800000000,timestamp=2017-08-30T20:21:03.892+0000) > > Depending on how it works with them you absolutely would. If you could have 20% CDR at level 1-2, that seems pretty insane. Even if it doesn't increase the 5% CDR on basic abilities on each ultimate cast like I think it does, being able to switch forms basically whenever would be useful to the form change champions that don't have R cooldown resets. I'm almost certain that reducing the cooldown on a transformation ult doesn't reduce the cooldown of your basic abilities, that would be really odd. Furthermore, going from 4 second CD on a transformation to 3 seconds CD doesn't strike me as the most useful rune ever, but you're free to take it if you want it.
I think it increases the CDR cap for your ultimate. So you basically get 60% CDR which puts your ult on a 1.2 seconds cooldown
: Where do Leblanc and Azir fall in the champion update schedule?
I hope you stick with the short range approach. Long range DPS mage is boring, uninteractive and uncreative. You might as well give him a rifle instead and call him AP Caitlyn. Trading with people like an actual midlaner is fun. Oneshotting them while standing away from all harm will end up with him being in the gutter.
ZyniX (NA)
: So she blinks on top of you as an adc and you still die immediately but she also clears waves faster to roam and kill you?
: Why would Ryze be strong in a tank meta? A tank Meta makes Ryze incredibly easy to lock down with CC and burst him. His range isn't good enough, at least Azir could truly stay on the back line.
He has high DPS and sustain. He also doesn't have trouble with going bruiser. So a lategame ryze would be doing at least 300 - 400 damage with one EQ to tanks. Since it's a spammable ability you can cast it like 10 times, gaining a shield when your W is up and killing tanks.
: I'm not even sorry
Imagine the three heads laughing as they spin
: It's sad because she's always had high late game DPS since her release. They should just nerf her early game already because marksmen update made her extremally opressive during laning phase.
High range lategame hypercarry. This reeks of Azir.
: Will ziggs get an indicator for where he lands like the blast cones?
Honestly how much handholding do you need?
: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
I think the first direction is better. Making him an immobile backline mage is boring, uninnovative and generic. First direction seems much more fun.
: @Meddler Before you nerf AD Kennen and both of his playstyles become unviable, could you consider some quality of life changes for AP Kennen? The initial ult changes were really harsh on him and a bit unnecessary. The whole reasoning behind "rewarding a good Kennen ult" seemed like more of a cop out for low elo players who don't know how to play against Kennen ultimates, because the likelihood of someone sitting in your ultimate for a full three seconds is essentially none in almost every game past gold elo. Kennen needs high damage in the initial ticks of his ultimate because he's designed to be played as a burst mage. If you really want to argue that the old ult still did too much damage, then that's fine, but in its current state Kennen's ultimate does NOT do enough initial damage and he's suffering because of it. I can go more in depth into this if needed because I have a lot to say on this, but I think the fact that everyone collectively dropped AP Kennen and his winrate dropped nearly 3 ~ 4 % in one patch says enough.
His old ult was ridiculous and Im glad it was nerfed. It was basically a "win teamfight" button by bursting everyone around you and stunning them while doing that.
: Windspeaker's Blessing is really critical for healing supports just because of the healing buff that it gives. I know it doesn't have a lot of votes, but I'm sure I'm not the only support player that thinks it is really important for the support role to have keystones that reinforce/reward a support play-style.
Yes but not Windspeaker. Windspeaker, Fervor, Deathfire and Thunderlords are basically "Give me more power on this thing I do a lot" rather than enhancing a certain Niche like Stormraiders Surge.
: what about buffing him?
Please no. I still have PTSD from AP Kennen bursting from miles away and then escaping with E when things go sour.

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