: Can Evelynn charm not mute the whole game for no reason?
There should be an option to toggle this effect. This has cost my life too many times because I can't hear when my Yasuo tornado is ready.
: ***
On one hand, it's nice that a fellow Portuguese player uses the boards (The recycling bin gave it away :D). On the other hand though, I main Aurelion Sol, and I hate assassin mains. Especially Fizz, because I didn't want to ult you anyway, pfft.
: But then you'd be feeding :p
: Favorite quote of your main
{{champion:136}} "Aah. The joys of lesser organisms rising up to slay their betters, if only they were aware of the impermanence of being... Or the permanence of me." I wish I could hear that quote more often.
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: I completely agree, they gutted Kindred's chase/mobility with the Q nerf, and didn't compensate whatsoever. I get the former was oppressive but now they're nearly impossible to stay close to a target without a Phage item or Frozen Mallet, which is a silly design choice.
Yup, it is kind of sad that I have to rely on a Youmuu's + Phage/Cleaver so much to chase people down.
: Oh come on you're not 'punished', Riot didn't force you to be a one trick and you can play other champs at any time. You choose to not take advantage of it. Don't play the victim here.
They didn't force us, but us (the one tricks) are being punished for having fun our own way (one-tricking) with the hextech crates.
: Yes, definitely we think there is a TON of risk to this (aka why we're not actively pursuing it). It's a historical promise of LoL that you can have a "main" and play them when you want.
Please try to avoid cutting out champions. A good amount of the community (especially at higher ELOs) are very hardcore mains or complete one-tricks (I'm not very high ELO, but I do have 400 Ranked Kindred games, my second most played being Anivia at 20). Removing possible picks would ruin the game for us, the players that enjoy League of Legends by one-tricking.
: It's not for teamfights
It's not ideal for teamfights, yes, but I don't think the Maiden should die in 3 seconds on them either.
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: Teemo had the number of shrooms restricted, he wasn't unplayable if I recall
He was in the latest appearances of One For All. But when he wasn't, I once played against 5 Teemos. I have to say, it was the most anti-fun experience I have ever had.
: I just imagine a Darius with this item...
Or anything with a large AoE really. Use it once, get a Pentakill.
: I miss Kindred
This. I feel like besides the fun I have, there's no real reason to be playing Kindred when I could just play Rek'Sai or Elise and just be better overall.
Herim (NA)
: Name one champion, I will make a build for him fopr you to try out in a normal game.
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: Pick any quotes and then add "in my ass"
{{champion:203}} They know we'll come.. But they are never prepared in my ass.
: I think you said that wrong. It should be "Death Blossom Kha'Zix is a perfect skin." {{champion:121}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:121}}
IKR, Mecha is really over rated. Death Blossom all the way!
: swaggest league's weapon ever?
Lamb's bow is still the best IMO.
love god (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kindred or Tilt,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=ljv4Wrii,comment-id=0100,timestamp=2016-08-18T01:16:49.958+0000) > > Fizz > > Tahm Kench > > Blitzcrank > > Janna > > Karma > > Soraka > > Sona > > Viktor > > Akali > > Riven > > Obviously no one will guess this one... right..? Im assuming kindred? Just a shot in the dark here
You're right.. Woah, how... is that possible?
Dr Poro (EUW)
: It's funny how every keeps forgetting about wukong, even though he has never been bad since his release and most of the time he's sleeper OP in all elo's below Diamond (I'm diamond now and it gets harder as people purchase pink wards early to counter my W, also my weak laning phase seems to be more prominent)
I mean, there's a reason I still call him Freelo Monkey... Wukongs are rare, but they promise to destroy some ass every game.
Veraska (NA)
: post 10 champs you hate, and see if people can guess your main!
Fizz Tahm Kench Blitzcrank Janna Karma Soraka Sona Viktor Akali Riven Obviously no one will guess this one... right..?
: I can verify that Rioters swear casually and pointlessly all the time. We aren't trying to do it just to make you think we're cool (small chance of that!). That's just how we talk. We can try to tone it down if you think it detracts from our messages, but we wouldn't want to appear too rehearsed or polished either. F bomb for casual and pointless emphasis.
You should keep the swearing IMO, it makes your messages feel more "human" instead of feeling like a robot typed the thing or like you're trying extremely hard to not cuss when you really feel like in those messages/posts.
: It would be funny if it showed her animation for surfing, but still had the knock up, otherwise thatd just be OP.
Or maybe only happen when the Nami is allied and she gains the MS boost.
: just like the champ himself...which pretty much is the problem (apart from handing a permaslow to this hyper mobile cc machine that is apparently "oppressive" on skarner *cough*).
IMO Riot should just nerf his stickiness by increasing his E's cooldown.
: One for all Kindred.
Yeah this sucks. I can't even play my main because of this ;-;
: don't worry, you have a shitload of stacks, you'll make it
It seems to happen more when I play Anivia. All lanes feed, yet I'm chilling (no pun intended) in my mid lane being 3/1/2 before I get 4 man camped.
: That's what I thought. Which video was it?
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: This is nagging at me and I can't quite remember what this is from, mind refreshing my memory on this reference?
: {{champion:53}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} Misleading visuals and hit boxes you say?
{{champion:420}} What did you say? {{champion:412}}
Surge06 (EUW)
: {{champion:203}} "Hi I'm Kalista" {{champion:420}} http://www.p4rgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Adults-Only-rating-symbol.png {{champion:28}} https://media.giphy.com/media/uByXeNqGGZvW0/giphy.gif {{champion:25}} https://i.ytimg.com/vi/5NBtZtB_5hE/maxresdefault.jpg {{champion:76}} https://whatnowblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/7_arrows.jpg {{champion:157}} https://67.media.tumblr.com/2ed786227dee744907f27a1c69c8b57c/tumblr_ni3l4fGWKW1tjag7oo1_500.gif {{champion:8}} http://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-photo-blood-stains-puddle-isolated-on-white-background-132379220.jpg
I still don't understand why no one banned Kindred, shit was a free win.
: How to tilt your team mates.
Yup, and my name serves as a warning to what happens when people ban Kindred.
Ralanr (NA)
: Yeah, though you could grab something else. I mainly just grab it for the 20% CDR.
Hm thanks. I've been playing some Sion every now and then when I feel like fueling my past satisfaction of cheese invading the enemy jungler.
Ralanr (NA)
: I just get Steraks as a final item if I don't need another MR or armor item.
: Ha, reminds me of a game I had about a week ago. Me and bot kept going into our jungle and camping the marks. Sure enough the Kindred would show up shortly after. She would resist with her ult. But main Sona so she basically wasted her ult trying to 2v1 us. She never learned, kept showing up shortly after the mark would appear. She was like 2/18/4 by the end of the game.
TBH although I loved to see the enemy who stole my pick suffer, seeing them build warrior 80% of the time made my eyes bleed. I assume that Kindred also built Warrior.
: TFW the enemy steals your main...
I miss feeling like this when Kindred were pick/ban and see the enemy Kindred get their first mark at 20 minutes.
: That's it. I'm done. He fucking swears like my sailor grandad.
And his constant yelling makes him hillarious.
: That would be unfair for people who are trying to get mastary 7,9,10 on champions that aren't exactly meta/broken/OP..
+ 80% win rate is too much for 99% of players anyway, no matter the champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sona x Rubick,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nAERUtEm,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-24T18:34:21.385+0000) > > olaf has his tankiness reduced when he presses R > > olaf has counterplay on every ability, tryndamere just rightclick you down > > olaf needs to move to pick up his axe, his W has a FUCKING long cooldown, and his E needs him to attack to reduce the cooldown. He doesnt lose his tankiness when he presses R.. He loses his bonus free armor and mr he gets lol. That literally means nothing when you're building tank Whats the counterplay to olafs reckless swing? Him losing some health but regenning it right back? Im agreeing with you, But olaf is just as fuckin stupid imo. This is coming from every adc main he has no counterplay except flash over a wall
Not to mention activating Olaf's ult gives him AD as well.
: It would actually be quite easy to code in comparison to many abilities. The logic would look something like: If playerX has sighstone, then give enemies who walk inside vision of wards they place a debuff lasting for 1 minute(example) that grants assists if enemy is killed.
But Riot'd have to make it so that the enemies can't see that they are debuffed, or they would notice that a place is warded because they can see the debuff themselves.
: i find ryze easy to play took me a few games to get the hang of him but he is fun to pllay with with his new combo style i think people are still learning him & i think they are building him wrong i usually just rush {{item:3027}} Gives really good sustain with all the spamming you do and you get mana when you take damage so your never truly oom in fights and trades, get hit gain mana spend the gained mana to get health back very solid on this midrange spam mage most people still want to grab tear but thats just not worth you lose too much early power. sure you have similar damage and mana but you lack the health and health sustain you want as ryze to really get into people's faces and spam them to pieces. later you just grab {{item:3110}} to further increase manapool get cdr and become more tanky {{item:3001}} is also a very welcome item as your spells operate in its aura range it also makes you more tanky and gets you more cdr too {{item:3116}} to slow them in between roots helps kite and chase aswell as boost damage and bulkiness boots and final item are situational although i usually take sorc boots for runes and masteries i get stormraiders and spellvamp and the meditate mastery ideally for max teamfight damage q e e q w q e e q double e to spread the love and double q's damage to all targets aswell as gaining a big shield and speedboost to agressively dodge and position for further comboing personally i take stormraiders surge to get even more mobility as i do q e e q i get a speedboost and shield then w q right after to get stormraiders then e e q to get another shield + spoeedboost this keeps me at + 30 -40% bonus movespeed all fight with 2 shields to boot this is ideally what i want to do in a fight although sometimes you can't because fights can be very chaotic i think ryze is plenty strong as i havent had trouble with him so far
Ryze isn't meant to build tank items anymore, I'd suggest replacing that {{item:3110}} for a {{item:3165}} . The AP -> Mana passive is really great with Morellos.
: Explain How did you choose your Summoner's name
My name is just an accurate description of my League experience.
: Now you can call people who don't have it "boosted animals" and blame them for all your problems. Or alternatively, if you're a decent human being, you can just continue enjoying the game as usual (because DQ doesn't really change anything at most ELOs, despite all the sh*t-storm around it).
This. I feel like the whole "dq is shit" is just becoming a storm of bandwagoners of the people who originally hated it.
nami tf (NA)
: {{champion:120}} "Cosplaying as me? I'm flattered."
If you can't play Hecarim, cosplay him.
: I have mastery seven. You?
Of course :D https://gyazo.com/517b20fb417a49b8bdf78c2d15c27126
: What do you call a Kindred waiting patiently in a brush?
http://i.imgur.com/ye5nOg8.gif TAKE THEM ALL!
: As a Kindred main, I approve.
As a Kindred one trick. I approve your approval.
: Kindred's favorite past time
This is cute as fuck :D
: So... I'm a good person?
: Wait... So you're saying it's rare for someone like me to: 1; Had been hesitant to even by Lee And 2: Know that he is gonna fucking suck for the first 15-25 games of him
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