: The thing that ticks me off, is that riot STILL has those capsules up and they are selling them for full price. Riots trying to make money off of people who dont know any of this.
The amount of stupidity in your comment is staggering.
Oliveropz (EUW)
: As someone who have spent over 4000€ over 9 years on different accounts and have almost every skin by now it feels so unfair that such a mistake will go through like that skins are something that mean something for some people and that others got 100+ skins for free is straight up BS like most people here that spend alot of money cause we like the content i will not do it anymore unless there will be a compensation for this and this shouldnt be so hard to undo as every purchase was done by paying 1BE either give everyone who havent purchased the 1BE boxes free boxes and not just 1 or 10 cause 100 boxes compared to 10 is nothing in this case
So tell me how exactly where you damaged during this? If you didn't know about all of that and 10k players just get gitfted all skins by riot it would not affect you in the slightest. It doesn't devaulue your skins or anything as it was just a small amount of people.
: This is so unfair. Even if you must revert this, each capsule, one by one, you should do it. It's called Corporate responsability. I'm done with Riot. Ty for giving me another reason to leave this game.
This did in now way negatively affect you. You have absolutely no right to be upset about this. You don't lose anything, your skins are still yours.
Naphal (EUW)
: ok so a couple of thousands accounts did it... decide on an acceptable limit (like 10 capsules or something) and who goes beyond that should get the account locked and sorted out, you dont need to make it perfect, just get rid of most of the gemstones, and clear out a certain amount of hextechshit. OHNO IT MUST BE PERFECT!!! no it does not, you can just get rid of some stuff, and yes it means work, re-earning trust means work. Think of it like this, you have been massively lazy with Quality control multiple events the last 12 months, and now you get to work that much harder for it, you mess up, you make it right.
You don't know what kind of backlash they would get if they removed what people actually paid for. There is absolutely no option to not do it perfectly.
: They need to give us tons of capsules as compensation. OR or atleast fix a dam mistake. Who cares if it takes you months, you got anything better to do? Oh yeah making even MORE prestiege skins lol
: Why give some but not others 100 capsules free? Or, alternatively, 300 skin shards 100 guaranteed to be epic with 30 gemstones. Alternatively just give everyone 100 skins. If people getting 100 skins for free isnt' a big deal, why not?
This is the most nonsensical argument I have ever heard.
: It's not. People who spent money to support Riot, when they could've gotten it for free, were fools. I bought RP, about $100 and the 10 pack in EU and my friend got 130 boxes - about $750 of stuff - for free. Who feels like a fucking moron???
Lol, be happy for your friend? No one I know got anything, so how am I supposed to feel? If you feel like a moron because of that you are just that.
: I second this.


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