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: Rioters have said that they will continue to do performance passes every patch for the next few weeks. Personally the client feels smoother this patch compared to last one. Everything seems to have been optimized by 20% more. Still slow and heavy on cpu occasionally of course, but it is getting better.
Yeah, I noticed this patch had a little better optimization. Still heavy on the CPU, but it's going the right way! :)
xMystHD (NA)
: Because the current client is in Alpha. I don't know if you know how development works, but basically they are currently just trying to get everything to work. Beta is when the client will be fairly well optomised and they will start mostly looking for bugs. When the client is actually released it should be fully optomised with everything being lag free. So, just wait until beta and it's still laggy wait until the full release. If you can't handle after final release, you're pretty much screwed. Sorry :/
I understand what you're saying, but I'd still like for one of Riots employees to give us an update on whether they are aware of this or not. I've seen quite a number of threads with this same issue, and none of them has been answered yet. But thanks for your reply :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
x Kuro x (NA)
: You can launch the legacy client if you want.. When you start the new client, there is a link in the lower-right corner to start the old client.
I know that, but the legacy client won't be available for very long, which means us low end players will be left behind :/
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i miss anivia

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