: Do you have bars where you're from? Those places where children aren't allowed to enter. Where you drink alcohol, have fun, and relax, either with friends or with strangers. That's a place with only adults. Right? Do those places have any behavioral rules? Is there anything that you could do to get kicked out? Hmm, they kick you out when you annoy other patrons. No one specifically cares about their feelings, it's just that if you're annoying, you get asked to leave.
ah I see, playing a game and typing shit and being loudmouthed and obnoxious in a bar is TOTALLY NOT comparing apples to oranges. I give you 10/10 in mental gymnastics
Jo0o (NA)
: That's not at all my point. I specifically said pings do NOT sufficiently cover my communication needs. There's no way to ping things like: 1. I'm power-farming till six. 2. We can't fight them in lane. 3. I will solo rift herald at 15, take dragon at the same time. 4. Let me split top. 5. Swap top/bot. 6. Don't tilt, I can carry. 7. 2 turrets then straight to baron! 8. STOP RECALLS IM AT INHIB 9. Just poke them 10. Need more control wards across the jg 11. They're full AD, build armor and gg 12. Bot lane is AFK pushing, free ganks any time And that's just off the top of my head. **I use chat. I have retained the privilege of using chat. I would very much like to keep chat default on in this game so that I may continue to use chat.**
Yeah good for you, but for those who tend to use it for anything else (LIKE FLAMING) SHOUDL AHVE THE OPTION TO REMOVE CHAT MESSAGING, DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? THey are already doing this through 3rd party solutions, desperately trying to fix their bad behaviour, so people are already missing youre INCREDIBLY VALUABLE INFORMATION, get it?
Kei143 (NA)
: Why would I read through a wall of text? Be glad that I even skimmed through it and was willing to offer you an immediate solution.
Yes i am oh so greatful to your expertise, especially since ive already been through the suggestions you put forth, but thank you for managing a copy paste, i am impressed and delighted!
: ***
a valuable input, i am sure itll get you world fame and lots of money!
: Riot ignores all those 29123479247 threads because community downvotes all 29123479247 of those threads. No one wants it. This is more of a personal problem. A couple of speck of people out of millions of players doesn't speak for the community. Every thread of this kind has been downvoted into the oblivious or deleted. If you don't want to use the chat, see people using the chat, then disable it yourself.
Yeha it would be such a great inconvenience to all of you if someone who tends to get very angry, has the option to remove chat messages ingame, what a horrible idea! {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: > See i grew up with flaming in games, and nothing happened, it is whether you liek it or not, part of a competitive scene. How old are you? I mean, I never played competitively I think, but I play'ed a lot of early multiplayer games like WoW early 2006(hell jeah, that was fun if you behaved like an asshole on a server ;D I mean ... you know what I'm talking about since you grew up with gaming), Diablo2, Ultima Online, Counter-Strike and a lot of other stuff. Was fun. And if you behaved like an ass ... jeah .. people didn't want to play with you anymore.mhmmmmm
Too old to play with children who cant handle me calling them complete garbage when they run in 1v3 with 0/4/0 And thats funny, because if i recall you have been able to matchmake with people in several games, no need to stick around the same people I dont solo qeue to make friends, use your head just a little bit please
Kei143 (NA)
: You know, you can keep auto hotkey on, disable /all chat from the ingame menu, and then just manually click the mute buttons of your team mates on the scoreboard. Easily doable while you are going to lane and checking which items people bought.
Again, its like you didnt read the post at all {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Jo0o (NA)
: You get ignored because it's not a good suggestion. By your own admission, this is a personal problem. We're all _posting on the official forums for a video game_, I'm pretty damn sure you can't say that we aren't personally invested in League. We're all in the same situation you're in, but most of us can handle ourselves. Disabling chat as a toggle option utterly shits on folks like me who actually use chat to shot call or convey strategy. I regularly use chat to say things that pings aren't sufficient for, and yes, it works more often than not. I can only do this because I have a reasonable expectation that the people I'm playing with actually have chat turned on. As soon as Riot implements an opt-out option for chat, I completely lose that expectation, through zero fault of my own since I'm a player in good standing. How about YOU take it upon YOURSELF to fix the problem on YOUR end?
Did the idea ever cross your mind that the button would disable chat but not pings etc? no? didnt think that far did you bud? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: if your tilted/play worse because of flame then thats your problem. Koreans flame all the time but they still play well. Dont blame others for your personal issues.
Well in my case its not even if i play worse or not, this community is pretty sensitive to badmouthing, and youll get banned for being mean, doesnt matter how hard you int, just dont say mean words. If thats how they want to run it, atleast enable us to remove the chat, its not muhc to ask ^^
gotopie (NA)
: People who pretend the chat isn't more of a distraction than a legitimate communication tool either don't play ranked or play mostly with friends in premades. Even if 3/4 of the people on your team are nice, one person can turn it into a shitfest that distracts and demoralizes everyone. If that person is aware of his problem and had the option to mute himself, it would be beneficial for everyone in the match, not only himself. Personally, I don't flame people (it's pretty rare if I do and they're one-off comments), but there's plenty of people flaming each other in my games. So much that I've been playing a lot better and able to concentrate on the game itself (particularly map awareness because I'm not distracted by pings. Bit paradoxical) since I've /fullmuted at the start of the game, every game, regardless of whether my team seems nice, tilted, whatever. I used to break this rule all the time when I'm feeling sociable or w/e, but all it takes is one asshole spam pinging or flaming to completely make me want to stop playing or worse, play tilted because of it. Now I play in blissful ignorance of my teams' state of mind and it takes an actual lane/game-throwing event to really bother me. Chat could potentially improve if people who are aware they're flamers could remove themselves from chat entirely, before the game begins. I doubt people queue up with the intention of flaming the shit out of their teammates and lose the game. They probably would want to increase their chances of winning (and thus your chances as well) by opting out of chat, just like the OP. Don't be snobby and narrow minded and attack the OP's suggestion without considering the possible benefits of his suggestion. It doesn't have to be labeled as "mute yourself," I could imagine a little checkbox that reads "Disable Player Chat Entirely" in champ select. What exactly is the negative side effect of a flamer not being able to flame in your game?
Im glad you can see the value of a tiny feature added for the little folks like myself <3
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