: No, you took yourself out of 'victim' status by retaliating in kind. They may deserve punishment as well, but you also broke the rules. That person breaking the rules does not justify you breaking the rules as well.
So what rule did I actually break? I didn't flame, remember? Did I threaten to int/troll/throw the match? No. So what rule did I actually break that justifies a permanent ban of my account?
: I think that most punished players have a lot of chat to their logs; however, I don't think the reverse is true: typing too much is not a reason players get punished. You can type a lot, but as long as your chat is making a positive impact in the game, I don't think you'll find yourself here. > I didn't flame anyone. I spoke pretty broadly about why I found your logs punishable. If I say, typed a bunch of shit about you, but I did it somewhere else on the forums, or even in this discussion, would you be ok with that? Maybe. You seem like the type that'd be unfazed by insults, but at the very least, you wouldn't have the same view of me as you would your peers. In the same sense, you did flame your teammates, but you did so indirectly and consistently. Pre-Game >iXVI: go for it iXVI: if you wanna waste 30 min of your time, go for it It really seems like these 2 lines were intended to exacerbate the situation, or encourage your teammates to troll. In-Game >iXVI: no idea why people find it funny to go troll iXVI: either way, both Sona and Lucian muted, i don't deal with 11 year olds iXVI: she going mid iXVI: cause she toxic premade with lucian iXVI: i'm the only one who tries to play this game iXVI: but got doomed by my team from the start iXVI: they flamed hard iXVI: if they do tell you, please repeat it to me iXVI: i did call them 11 year olds when this game started iXVI: i said: both lucian and sona muted cause i don't deal with 11 year olds iXVI: to bad kids always have to ruin it for others iXVI: i seriously don';t understand why people like this even go play ranked, or multiplayer at all iXVI: you'll be, when they are on your team next time lissandra iXVI: what did they say? iXVI: no it's not lux iXVI: hope they are in your team next time iXVI: as you could see Call it what you want, but the chat you used was typed to insult teammates, exacerbate the already present toxicity, and not to defuse the situation. You're calling them 11 year olds, toxic, and flamers. When it wasn't enough that you had kept insulting them, you muted them, then decided to have their messages relayed by other players in the game. This perpetuated the toxicity so that now the enemy team has to mute you and your teammates.
I explained this already twice, but I'll do it once more for you as you still seem to understand it wrong. They said: ok we go troll. I said: ok go for it, i just wanna win, if you wanna waste 30 min of your life go for it. How is that me being toxic against them. Seriously man, it's amazing how you can twist every single line against me, while I'm clearly the victim here of 2 trolls who's only purpose is to create a toxic environment for other people.
: > [{quoted}](name=iXVI,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=v5foFFVv,comment-id=0000000300000000,timestamp=2018-09-17T23:04:17.125+0000) > > As you can see on the score sheet, I actually was the only one who actually played seriously. Then if you had just not typed to players who were obvious not trying then you would still have your account. Don't feed the trolls my dude
So go back to the point. Why is the victim being punished by such hard decision? Losing an account that has been here for years, with a ton of time and money spend on. What in the whole chat log justifies to lose that. Even if the 2 trolls got perma banned, I would seriously ask if the victim would still deserve a punishment like this. I seriously refuse to see any justice in this. Do you? I seriously wonder what you would do if it was your account. And no, we're not talking about a season 7 or 8 account, we're talking about a season 1 account here. With over 100 skins, a lot of legacy skins and other achievements, while no flaming, cheating or anything like that was involved.
: Yet, Tantrum has actually corrected false bans on the forum.
I hope they review my topic as well then. :)
: You created a negative environment and insulted your teammates. "i don't deal with 11 year olds" "to bad kids always have to ruin it for others" etc. For a person not already at the probationary state, this would've just been a single mark to put on their case to build towards their first chat restriction, and given enough similar games would've led to their first chat restriction. But since you're on probation, the system only needs one infraction to take it to the next level. If you're out of jail on probation, and you shoplift a chocolate bar, you can be thrown back in. Whereas for someone not on probation, a chocolate bar might get you banned from the store, or possibly a fine. You might argue 'but it's just a chocolate bar' - it doesn't matter. You're on probation. ANY infraction is a serious one when you're on probation. That's the part you're not making the connection about.
They created that environment by stating in champion select already they were going to troll, and then in the game actually did troll. Again, the victim got punished here.
: ***
Lucian and Sona were mid, I was on bot alone, as they trolled from the start. Even stated in champion select they were going to troll.
: > [{quoted}](name=TrikzterzArma,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=v5foFFVv,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2018-09-17T20:32:47.411+0000) > > You can't report someone for "typing too much" I don't mean it as "type less" but that OP spend a good hunk of the game talking about the trolly players when they could hav just played the game and reported after.
As you can see on the score sheet, I actually was the only one who actually played seriously.
Blackii7 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=v5foFFVv,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-09-17T20:36:08.145+0000) > > Looks like you know part of the rules, but not enough of it. > > Passive aggressiveness and age shaming are still insults and harassments and can still get you punished. > > I assume your last punishment was a 14-day ban? At that point, the account is on thin ice and any little thing can get you punished and permabanned. The minimum age to play LoL is 13. He is calling them 11 year olds because they are acting like so. No age shaming, no toxicity. Passive aggressive? barely, and no they are not insults, they are simply being passive aggressive. Meanwhile getting permabanned for feeding is almost impossible unless you feed for 15 days straight and you get to the front page of reddit. Simply undeserved ban, like it or not it was undeserved. Previous punishment(s) doesn't make your offence worse.
Aneirin (OCE)
: > Since when are you to judge Since you posted this thread literally asking for people's opinions?
You cans see the difference between judging a justified permanent ban or a conversation that is useful or not, right?
: As evidenced in this discussion as well as your logs, you're much more interested in talking about your two teammates than what you can do in the game. If this were consistent with your history and prior punishments up to your 2-week ban, then this shouldn't come as a surprise. You say you permaban is "without flaming," but I see pretty consistent chat that is always bringing up Lux, Lucian, or both. Aside from that, did you have anything useful in these logs? Aside from the ggwp, not really. Ya, I could see a chat restriction coming about for this. Since it follows a 2-week ban approximately 1 month ago (correct that if wrong), then the permanent ban should have been placed.
Since when are you to judge if my conversation with the enemy Lissandra, who asked a lot of questions, is useful or not? Like others mentioned already, since when can you report people for talking to much? Also, a chat restriction? For what exactly? I didn't flame anyone. Only thing that happened here is that someone who got trolled by 2 players, who even said in chat before the game started they were going to troll, got punished with a permanent ban. Altough he never even flamed the 2 trolls in his team. As you are moderator and all, with a opinion as you posted here, please enlight me with what rule exactly was broken by chatting to the enemy Lissandra? And yes, sorry for my reaction on you, but I would like to see yours if you get banned with your account that you had since season 1.
: I love it when someone says "you're all muted now :)" and CONTINUES TO TALK. Like come on dude lol
To the enemy Lissandra, not to my team. What part of that is confusing you? I didn't exchange a single word with the people on my team.
: I guess what you misunderstood - even though the game WARNS you in multiple places - is that once you're at the 14 day ban state, you're basically on probation. Which means anything you do will be evaluated more harshly for you than for anyone else, and it only takes a single misstep to take the punishment to the next level. As a result, what would have only been a minor infraction for anyone else, because of your 'probation' status, was enough to take things to the next step.
Sure, I can understand that point of view. But than the question remains, what did I do in this game that justifies a permanent ban of my account, which i had for a very long time. They troll me, I mute them, I talk with enemy Lissandra cause she asked questions, I reported the two trolls after the game, and I get permanent banned. **I. Just. Don't. Get. It.**
: See, what you're not telling us is what got you the 14 day ban to begin with. You don't get permabanned for a single infraction unless you've already been 14 day banned recently.
Why is that relevant anyway? That 14 day was justified. I set out my time. What has this case to do with a previous? Absolutely nothing.
: Well if youre so sure of your innocence, delete this topic and make another one requesting a Rioter to publically shed light on the situation {{summoner:11}}
That's why this topic is here in the first place, the live chat recommended me to create this topic.
: Ah well, RIP Thats what Im saying. We arent getting the full story
Yes you are, there is not more to it, hence why I'm bringing it to public.
: ***
I was chatting at enemy Lissandra, not with my own team. Not a single word.
: Game 1- Is there a game 2 or 3?
: In my opinion you typed too much in game for someone who had everyone muted. You should hav muted them and moved on without engaging in a "they're so toxic" convo with Liss then reported them post game. I wouldn't report for this but you were already on thin ice sooooo Editing this for clarities sake. Please note the part where I typed "for someone who had everyone muted." I never said that typing in chat was forbidden or should be penalized but that OP had apparently muted most of his team but still spent a decent hunk of the game trash talking players. They should hav muted the problem players then kept the chat gameplay related because they were already on thin ice.
Isn't that what I did? Muted them, didn't interact with them, and reported them?. And Lissandra was asking questions all the time about both them and me, so it was a conversation. DIdn't know it was forbidden to talk, but seeing from my ban, it's better to not communicate at all in league of legends?
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