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Ashendis (NA)
: Zero Luck in Ranked Games
I literally win 30% of my games but my LP stays the same because i literally lose 10 and gain 20 ish. Honestly, find a different game that has a metric for individual performance. You are expected to carry all your games in league whilst everyone else just feeds their fucking ass off all game and there's nothing you can do about it and Riot don't give a shit about your opinion either.
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: Listen buddy, calm down. Have a beverage and listen a while. Que up a game where you will have fun. Aram? Sure. Bots? Sure. Normals? Sure. Whatever you like. Pick a champion you think is neat. Not one you think is 'good' or 'strong'. Something you like. Buy items that are silly and dont make sense. You wanna do {{item:3124}} {{champion:98}} ? Go for it! How about {{champion:101}} with {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} ? Make it happen! You know why? It's fun and silly. It shouldnt work. It's hilarious if it does. Try that for a while. Then que up ranked. Pick a champ you think is neat. Buy items you think are neat. If you die? "LOL that was bad." If your team dies? Who cares! You're having a blast playing something you think is neat. Stop trying to decide what other people should feel or do. This is a video game meant to bring you joy. If you are not having fun, or worse, if you are making other people have a worse time, then YOU need to solve the issue. Literally everyone has bad games. Doublelift and Faker have games where their team feeds and they lose hard. Everyone from Iron IV to tippy top challengar has bad teams and bad luck sometimes. But if YOU are having fun, none of that matters. Calm down, have fun.
I enjoy winning. I can accept winning only half the time. And i can accept losing if i felt that there was a decent chance we could of won. But being stomped for 5 hours non stop through no fault of my own (i can't be in every lane at once) is extremely frustrating. I, and from what i've read, many others want to play competitive games with and against fun champions played by people of similar skill level and with millions of players that should be doable but it is not happening. Its boring win streaks followed by tilting day long loss streaks and its not enjoyable
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im dps

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