Pxerkza (EUNE)
: poppy is a hard counter to mobility don't pick yasuo into her or play the farm game or ban her
i was first pick XD and the rest of their team was range so yasuo was a good pick actually but she is good against everyone .. her damage must be nerfed just like every tank
fear dmt (NA)
: I think after this I am going to quit
This game dude holy, I swear I would not flame ever again if they would just punish the freaking inting, raging players or the ones who keep the ff table on or the ones who say "idc anymore, i get no ganks" or "enemy jg won my lane so idc" and they actually go on other lanes farming or even in base and stay until the game is done .. or the ones that stay in base and open a lane early after they just got killed by the laner or died on a gank .. this game is actually a joke and idk why the duck they just dont repair their ban system so it can be fair .. its like they have eyes only for the flamers, the flamers can be muted and chat can be disabled but you cant control your team keyboards and mouses ..
Xavanic (NA)
: Don't get caught near a wall and she cant stun you, but yes her Q base dmg is a little high imo
In lane yes but in teamfight we cant stay as a team all in the middle of the lane or if we fight in jg we have actually no way to escape
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