Beldair (NA)
: Very well... I don't like it. The idea just doesn't work.
I can't use that. Please explain
Akenero (NA)
: Uh Nunu is the child Willing is the yeti. There is no reasoning behind willump generating a mountain. But you really need to focus on improving your grammar.
Getting 2 comments about my gramma is really dumb, when i'm not english + i'm only 14.
Beldair (NA)
: Stop playing LoL and focus on school kid. You grammar needs a lot of work.
Getting 2/3 comments about my gramma is pretty pathetic. As I said I'm only 14, and I'm from Denmark, I don't speak english that often. Would it be an idea commenting about the actually post or are you just gonna comment about my gramma?
: Melee Nunu seems pretty much undestroyable with all his health stealing.
Melee Nunu is a lot like Warwick
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: Champion Q&A: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time [COMPLETED]
When does this champion come out? i wan´t him so much
: LeBlanc and Kha'zix
Hahahah i saw your comment and played a game with leblanc and got penta hahhah
: Rengar is definitely more mechanically intensive when you use him as a full assassin since you need to pull off perfect combos within the time it takes to start your leap from your ult and land on top of your enemy. if you don't get them within about 1-2 seconds of your leap, you are as good as dead. He is a true "high risk/high reward" assassin in that sense. Zed is only challenging when you want to pull of really crazy pro level plays. Actually assassinating someone is easy on him, all you need to do is R them, drop a shadow when you arrive, Q+E and then AA>BotRK active>AA, and then R to get back out. Basically, Rengar has a *very* high skill floor but only a moderately higher skill cap (he's difficult to learn and use effectively, but once you get your combos down, he isn't incredibly hard to use to his full potential) Zed has a low skill floor, but a *very* high skill cap (he is easy to use effectively, but if you get really good, you can pull off some *insane* stuff, and it may take you a very long time to master him).
Thank you but i dont understand how can you know so much about league when you are level 22 when i was level 22 i was only playing co-op sry for bad english (-=-_-=-) dubstep smiley
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