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: The idea is that he is horribly disguised as a grandma. He has rolling pins on his tanks. It's supposed to be comical :)
If this skin would have a special interaction with red riding Annie, that would be awesome as heck!
: Burning Bright
Serious question though when will Burning Bright air on Spotify?
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: Crafting the Client: Profile and Collection
I see why you removed the feature of WIP Mastery Scores as it really was confusing and missing important champions who also were on lvl 5. I hope to see more of a "I achieved something" welcome page for your profile than how it is at the moment. I get how "I last hitted that many towers in ARAM" doesnt say much about the player, but facts like number of pentakills, ranking or number of games won are interesting to read about! It's the same with Spotify Year In Review, nobody misses it but everybody loves the huge amount of facts about you taste of music {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}


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