: You cannot ignore us forever riot and hope that the problem will go away. BRING BACK SOLO Q
Dota2 has nearly identical system. The only difference is that you have 2 different MMRs: solo and party. However there is only one que in ranked. It looks exactly like dynamiq que. The matchmaking system will try to have the total MMR of 5 solos to be higher than the total MMR of a stack so that solos will be better mechanically while the stack HAS TO have better coordination. Stop trying to find an excuse for why you are bad at the game.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Upvote for Freedom, Downvote for Communism
I think this thread will give Laughing Fish the highest number of downvotes he ever got... except for when he posts in Gameplay ofc. P.S. Communism is MUCH closer to freedom than capitalism.
: I actually don't want voice chat added.
Every single system in the world can be abused. Instead of looking into how it will be abused (because that can be fixed by simply muting the person) you should look into how it can improve the communication and coordination.
: A friendly reminder that Blind Pick is the worst way to intro people to LoL
This is a pretty BAD idea. Now hear me out. New players have no idea what they are doing. - Let them innovate. They will learn what works and what doesn't. Don't enforce your "meta" onto them. TeamBuilder would only work for people that played the game a lot. You need to know which roles a champion can play and how those roles can be best utilized on the map.
: You forgot the part where these high elo players have several friends who are all willing to lend their accounts for boosting.
Afaik THAT is forbidden. If you play ranked from someone else's account then you might get banned for it. Correct me if I wrong.
: Dynamic queue = Boosted
Lets say you are an average LoL player (Silver smth) and you've got a couple of friends that are Dia/Masters/Challenger. In order for you to climb using DQ you need your friends to create smurf accounts, level those up to 30 and fail their promos. After this they team up with you and as you go further away from Silver you become more of a burden for your team (given that you aren't improving much). This means that the odds of your team winning any given game are lower than if they simply kicked you out and got a random guy that belongs. Lets say your friends succeded in boosting you all the way to Diamond. Now you are facing 3 options: 1) quit LoL until the end of season, play 1 game per month in order to not decay. 2) play only with your friends because playing solo you get crushed and flamed. 3) start improving real fast. TL;DR The boosting system you're talking about is not viable from the time investment point of view.
: HOLY HELL the new primary prioritizing actually works
I've no idea what problem people have with the role que. I always que Support-FIll and get my main role every single time. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Your main just got thrown in jail...
{{champion:117}} turned some kids into cookies... Then the clock rang "Tea Time!" and it all went downhill from there. Now we need to transform the metal gates into gingerbread...
: Maybe she should have considered that before she refused to follow the Holy Light of Demacia http://orig08.deviantart.net/8d83/f/2013/357/2/7/5nw4m_by_shnazza-d6z5e6b.gif
If that is how one qualifies for a "Good guy" then what on earth is Lulu doing among the bad guys? Last time I checked she was in reasonably well relationships with the Demacian folk.
: i bet the other 4 on your team are not...
Most of the time they don't care. I generally pick up new champs really fast and what they see is an average player that doesn't win them the game but doesn't drag them down. The only 2 real failures I had were Azir and Leona. Generally speaking, you can play whatever you like, however you like so long as you have a very positive attitude and admit your mistakes.
The best learning environment is a stressful one. If you don't have days to get good at something but have 10 minutes, you WILL adapt or die. The new lvl30 players immediately entering ranked should not be a problem to anyone higher than gold. P.S. I'm trying out new champs in my own promos and am quite happy with my experience.
: Preliminary statistics for 6.9 are out. Take a look at the new champion winrates!
It is worth pointing out that those winrates (especially on low playrate champs like Zyra, Swain) are skewed down at the moment because people who are unfamiliar with them are trying out the changes.
: Insanity
Yesterday I got mid while queing as Supp-Mid. Someone dodged and I haven't seen mid ever again.
Meddler (NA)
: 6.9 balance hotfix going out soon
Hi, I am just curious on the current state of Soraka. She got nerfed both directly and indirectly this patch. Does she perform as bad as I believe she does?
chessman (NA)
: Generic? "Burst mage" is generic. The change is oriented towards making her more unique, using the bear as a significant part of her kit instead of just being a flash-ult bot.
> [{quoted}](name=chessman,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Xm7Au7jX,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-05-04T21:47:57.054+0000) > > Generic? "Burst mage" is generic. The change is oriented towards making her more unique, using the bear as a significant part of her kit instead of just being a flash-ult bot. The problem here is that micro management and controling non-champion units is done so poorly that you can't rely on it as your primary source of damage.
: If you are smacking your face into super minions at your nexus and your team is across the map taking the enemy blue buff you are right and your team is wrong.
In that situation it doesn't matter whether you are right or wrong, unless you are a 6slotted support Ashe your throne will fall to super minions.
: PSA to everyone from a support main.
Generally speaking if you are defending something alone as support player (with few exceptions that have insane waveclear), you are doing the wrong thing. If your team decided to give up the tower in favor of some other objective (even if that objective is 10 minions cuz screw that, we are too far behind to defend anything) you don't need to be that special snowflake that tries to defend a T2 tower 1v5 and is histerically pinging all over the place. If your ADC decided to leave the lane and you don't feel like defending the tower, GO AWAY. Visit your mid, wave a hand at their mid laner, ward dragon, if everything else fails you can always dance with Golems/Frog.
: Promos don't test your skill
If you get trolled it is generally your own fault. Most of the time feeders and trolls can be calmed down and persuaded to try hard. However it requires extremely positive attitude from you so... works for ~2% of LoL players.
: ADC's when their Support takes a kill...
The DotA and Dota2 support players have spent years developing the skill to lasthit anything they possibly can with their horrible attack animation and low damage. It is pure reflex for most of us now :D
: The main issue with Dynamic Queue is basically impossible to fix: having teams and solo players on the same ladder greatly warps the value of ranking. This is in addition to the massive issues in matchmaking it causes at higher (Masters+) MMR. Frankly, Dynamic Queue as it is now cannot and will not work at Masters+ no matter what changes are made. Anything that high in the rankings should be pure soloqueue or at least locked to duos. Aside from that, the only "improvement" I can think of to Dynamic Queue is removal of 4-man premades, which really aren't needed and create bad games probably 75% of the time for the solo player. My ideal Dynamic Queue would look like this: * Bronze - Diamond: solos, duos, 3-mans + 5-mans (which are _only_ matched with other 5-mans, and this applies to all rankings) * Diamond - Master: solos, duos + 5-mans * Challenger: pure soloqueue + 5-mans This way Riot can appeal to the casuals while still maintaining competitive integrity at higher levels of play. Challenger would arguably be _more_ competitive than in previous seasons. 5-mans are also still around at upper ranks in case pro or amateur teams want team practice, but they can't be matched with non-5-mans to prevent complete BS matchmaking.
While I really like your suggestion, you are diving dinamic queue into 2 queues, one of which is 1/2/3 and the other for 5mans. This would increase the queue times by quite a lot especially for 5man stacks. If we make them (5s) more likely to face other 5s then you don't need to divide the queue. For example when you queue as 5 you wait 5 minutes for another 5man stack before it throws you into the queue with everyone else.
: What It Actually Says VS What I See
{{champion:18}} is beyond ghostlike! Someone feed her!
: We need AP/Armour item that isn't Zhonya's
As a player who comes from DotA (that I was playing since 2007) I believe that Zhonyas is a very niche item that should only ever be built on engage-mages (read: Liss and Kennen) or against a fed assassin. In DotA you have Eul's Scepter of Divinity that essentially puts a target hero into stasis. This item is mostly used on the enemy main carry to take him out of the fight while your carry is killing the opposing team. When you use it on yourself it is generally for stalling however it means that you are already dead. I'd really welcome a new Armor item for mages since I pretty much play only mages.
: > [{quoted}](name=layrit,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zy6L4b5z,comment-id=0022,timestamp=2016-02-09T17:06:44.822+0000) > > If a champion has 60% winrate it means that in 40% of the games played he actually lost. This means that some people are capable of dealing with him. Udyr is full-melee champion that has no dash so KITE THE DAMN GUY! > If your team is not capable of kiting it is not the problem with Udyr but the problem with your comp. This is some next level logic. I'm guessing that Skarner was balanced too before his hotfix nerfs then cause people were actually managing to lose with him?
60% winrate is quite high but not to the point when you need to permaban him. The fact you complain about a champion having 60% winrate speaks to LoL balance. Just to give you an example, when Arc Warden was released in Dota2 (relatively recently) it had nearly 90% winrate worldwide because that hero is actually OP (afaik now it sits at ~30% because everyone wants to play him without actually having enough skill to pilot it). Pre-nerf Skarner had CC, damage and tankiness. Speedyr has only tankiness. His only CC is melee-range stun. He deals laughable amounts of damage. The games I've played with him I had to constantly save him because he was permanently CCed and focused down (unless my ADC screwed up and got caught). The games I've played against him I easily peeled him off my ADC as Janna. I also quite easily outhealed him as Soraka. Hell, he couldn't even kill my Soraka while being in melee range faster than my ADC killed him.
: Can we please hotfix/disable Udyr?
If a champion has 60% winrate it means that in 40% of the games played he actually lost. This means that some people are capable of dealing with him. Udyr is full-melee champion that has no dash so KITE THE DAMN GUY! If your team is not capable of kiting it is not the problem with Udyr but the problem with your comp.
CSDragon (NA)
: There aren't different pages for different roles, with the exception of Jungle. Since, even with the new champ select, the game can't tell what role you're going unless you have Smite.
The game CAN tell what role I'm going because I CHOSE that role. If I choose a role and don't play it then its not the game's fault. However if I do I should at least have a correct recommended items. Also there are several champions that have support and mid recommended items. It would be beneficial to everyone if the game took the role you qed up with and gave you the respective page.
: Pink Wards, Potions, etc...
{{champion:117}} doesn't have {{item:1056}} in recommended items when going mid/top. Instead she only has the support page.
: To all the support mains, why?
I play videogames to challenge myself. I always play on the hardest settings available which in MOBA games is the role of support. When you do some cute shiny play and win the game with it while being the richest person on the map you were EXPECTED to do that. When you do the same on a huge gold&exp deficit you feel godlike. I have no idea how the performance is calculated but I generally agree with what it is telling me.
: Am i the only one who doesnt want Voice Chat in league?
Any system can be abused and exploited. You can just as well not play video games because there is a chance you will get upset about something someone writes. Hell, with that attitude of yours you could just sit at home, read books, consume food and never ever meet another human being because they upset you. This doesn't justify giving up extremely important in-game features. Without voice communication you CAN'T play on a reasonably high level because you don't know what your teammates are thinking about at any given moment. League of Legends is a TEAM GAME and those require COMMUNICATION and pings/chat are NOT enough.
Fisk (NA)
: For one, this is LoL not dota. Second, DOTA 2 supports have massive kit power (Chen can heal virtually every ally on the map including minions) which lets them be very useful. Third, its not fun for players or roles to just be seen as "the bitch" that is poor and "takes one for the team". Its just not fun or interesting. How could that be? Supports AREN'T TERRIBLE. I never said they were. However, they are pretty undesirable to play as because you are the team bitch and you can't really do much to carry without being very skilled/very ahead/ have a good carry which makes it overly hard and unrewarding very often.
It just shows the difference in mentality. I and some other players want to see challenge in the videogames we play. Support role is the most challenging role because you are playing on low eco, low level AND you are expected to control the vision. This is the "HARD" setting in MOBA game. In DotA2 supports don't scale (with few exceptions) which means that the latter the game goes the more reliant they are on their carries to win the game. In LoL supports scale with either AP or Health (or both) which means that if they get ahead they can literally carry the game.
Fisk (NA)
: Support isn't a desirable enough position right now
In LoL support gets A TON of gold. You will probably be underleveled but that doesn't really matter on most champions - you get 6 and you're good to go. The people who tell you that "support is not a desirable position because it doesn't get enough gold/exp/praise" has never played DotA. In DotA if you have more than boots you are fcking rich and happy.
: 10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D
Must Trust RNG *btw is this NA only? that would be pretty sad tbh*
: I made a new account to experience League Of Legends all over again
That is a very interesting way of self-torture. I can only take the LoL community because I was playing in Russian MOBA communities (which are hell).
: Post your Snowdown Shop items!
http://imgur.com/Mxp8abb Considering that I main Lulu, Soraka is my 3rd most played champion and I play quite a bit of Sona lately its awesome. The only problem is that I don't have RP =/ Any ideas how to raise enough RP for that Sona skin and one of the Lulu's?
Rioter Comments
: How do you deal with Jax
I main Lulu and generally in mid-lategame I am able to provide enough peel for the ADC to kill Jax. This however implies that we have a frontline that keeps the opposing ADC busy. He ain't all that scary when he is a squirrel.
excodar (NA)
: Can We Lower The Surrender Time Now That You Completely Fucked The Ability To Come Back From Games?
Why don't you just go and take a glass of water after you died, mby put your head under cold water and then come back cooled off. So that you stop tilting and are a useful tool for your team FOR COMING BACK INTO THE GAME. I am of the people that say "the game isn't over until the throne has fallen". ANY game can be won by either side. It will require more/less effort from the team depending on their team composition and gold (dis)advantage but it can be done if you play to your win condition. I'd much rather delete the surrender option as a whole. G'day to you.
: Since summoners are gone, minions need new lore
We have the Sentinel at the lower left and the Scourge at the upper right that fight to destroy the Frozen Throne and the Tree of Life respectively... Oh, its the wrong year, sorry, I thought we were in 2005, not 2015.
: When you're a squishy support and the fed enemy carry turns their attention to you
Literally happened to me today. I am {{champion:16}} , making my {{champion:104}} immortal while he takes out the entire enemy team (the gold is almost even) when suddenly a wild {{champion:39}} appears and flash-dashes me to death +(
: Not true. Leblanc isn't the only one who can burst people fast. It's good on any assassin really or heavy burst mages. {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} Plus if you are looking to get an edge during the laning phase it's good for trades as well.
By LB I meant the whole group of assassins that jump in, kill you in at most 2s and jump out. Veigar and Syndra DO NOT belong to that group. Other than that I agree.
: Auto attacks proc the effect too, it doesn't have to be spell. So yes, Thunderlord's Decree is better than Deathfire Touch on him because it makes him capable of bursting even harder.
Are you telling me that you come into autoattack range of your victims as Veigar? You are the bravest Veigar I've ever seen.
: I think on Veigar TLD is still better than DT.
Actually no. You will nearly never proc it as Veigar because: a) You can't hit Dark Matter (W) b) Your opponent is already dead before you can use your 3rd skill required for proc. I believe that Veigar would benefic much more from Stormraider's Surge. So that after he blew someone up he can get out.
: > [{quoted}](name=layrit,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wBo9AqcY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-11-14T10:26:29.962+0000) > > Because it deals close to no damage until very late into the game. > > As an assassin you want to either use Stormrader's Surge to get out after you blow someone up OR Deathfire Touch to deal *MUCH* more damage. lol deathfire touch only does (not including ad cause im using ap as example) 6+20% ap While Thunder does 10 per lvl+10% AP. Assuming someone has 180 ap at level 9, Deathfire only does 42 damage as a DoT over 3 secs(pots outheal this damage) while Thunder immediately does 108. Not to mention the Deathfire damage is HALVED for dot and aoe if you're only proccing it once since the dmg is still the same if u repeatedly hit them. You would need 10 seconds to deal the amount of damage Thunder does, and it's a DoT. Thunder is MUCH better in almost all cases. Even with the 30 second cooldown simply because it's unrealistic to stay on a target for more than 5 seconds.
The damage from Deathfire Touch IS NOT halved for AOE and DOT spells. Only the duration is. This means that the dps is the same and unless you or ALL your targets died it doesn't matter if you are using single or multitarget spells. with 180AP and lvl9 Deathfire Touch deals 14 dps. It will take ~8s for it to deal the same amount of damage as Thunderlord's Decree. In a teamfight or an extended trade Deathfire Touch would deal MUCH more dmg. The only situation where TD is better is on the champions like LB where you use all your spells at once and never engage your opponent again in the following ~10s.
: Is 210 extra burst damage not good enough for you? Would you like Riot to make it equal to a Viktor laser that deals like 700 burst damage?
210 extra damage is alright BUT if the fight goes longer than 7s - Deathfire Touch is better. And generally *unless you are LB* the fight goes for longer than 7s for you.
: SAME!!! I keep grabbing Thunderlord's as it seems great on Assassins; But I can never tell if it's going of or not
Because it deals close to no damage until very late into the game. As an assassin you want to either use Stormrader's Surge to get out after you blow someone up OR Deathfire Touch to deal *MUCH* more damage.
Stacona (NA)
: ????
The fiction books. That thing deals very close to no damage. Lets do some math: Say, I have 500 AP and am lvl16. Thunderlord's Decree will hit for 16*10 + 0.1*500 = 210 damage on 30s cooldown. Deathfire would deal 6 + 0.2 * 500 = 106 over 3s, so its 35 dps on NO cooldown.
: When your lane opponent wants a nice laning phase
Tbh the picture is kind of wrong. I think it should have been Bittersweet Lulu's splash art. She looks REALLY terrifying AND is a huge lane bully (unlike Veigar whom you can bully as a ranged minion *yes, I exaggerated*).
: I just got mass reported by 4 man premades in DOTA 2 and went in low priority queue after they fed the carry of the enemy team. I don't think that 4 man premades in LOL will be different.
In Dota2 4man premades can't queue in ranked. Also the system in Dota2 doesn't throw you into low priority by the result of 1 game unless about 9 players ganged up on you (you had to mess up real hard for that) AND they should have reasonably high report value (the importance of their reports).
: The Real Problem with "Dynamic Ques" Isn't Matchmaking Imbalance
Considering that League of Legends is a TEAM GAME, the team coordination, creation of efficient strategies and communication are THE skills that should be encouraged and evaluated. The mechanical skills are secondary. Even tho adaptation IS a very important skill its redundancy in the current system means that overall you are just playing roulette. You can't adapt to everything that is happening during the course of 1 game.
: Your Top three mastery Champions have just come to your house and are now living with you.
{{champion:117}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:16}} The color of the walls is hurting my eyes. I was made a darn vegan because she "wanted to save me". I am learning to dance... at least this one is useful... the only trouble with her is that she doesn't sleep and practices her dancing... all day and night long.
: Why doesn't Anivia have a BoyFriend?
I remember way back in the WC3 days there was a map where you played as Human (or rather Dwarf) Rifleman and you could collect weapons for some effects... Well, there was a B.F. Gun. I can bet you something that it stood for something very different from "BoyFriend" or "Best Friend".
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