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: And replace it with?
Maybe a drake that provides 1-2% cdr or sth like that but do we really need a replacement?
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: Riot do you really read the boards...I mean, everyone seems to hate the game now
Playing since S2. Every Season was kind of fun and playable but this season is a nightmare. Worst of all seasons. Lethality is such a retarded stat hate it Dmg is way too high Marksman are useless only 3 "viable" Towers are paper... Scuttle and jungle changes suck Mage item diversity is boring as hell 25 Minute games with snowballing out of control No strategie needed anymore just flip a coin and the team with the better constilation wins. Baron does no dmg Infernal drakes increase dmg even further I am sure there are more reasons but this is enough for me to quit and play sth else
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: Ppl quitting league ? Is it just me ???
I also decided 2 days ago that i wont touch the game anymore until towers got buffed and the coinflip gameplay stops. Got 10 to 30 stomped one time too often. Feels so frustrating. Last 2 seasons plat 3-4 and now hardstuck in g2. Losing 5 or 6 in a row then again winning 5 or 6. The champs I like are not viable anymore. Just tired to get one shoted all the time.
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: I did that because you did hide your lvl up there ,, so i was wondering why not down there ? :D
dont know why but i guess it doesnt matter cause everyone can look at my Profil I guess i like to ink things
: > [{quoted}](name=little fatso,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=N9higR0P,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-05T22:08:37.719+0000) > > > > They are not No, i mean maybe they're fat irl and now flamed you because of your name.
Dont think so because they startet it after lulu died 1 time to a gank and i was not there and btw I am fat. So you have sth against fat people?
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: **oopsy daisy**
Yea i inked too much here have a pic wih less ink
: Maybe these 3 people we're "little fatsos" lmao They are not
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: Easiest Way to NOT Tilt
What about masturbating?
Dremiist (NA)
: remember I got downvoted for saying grave was already strong and overbuffed
: It only took me 3 Seasons but i finally promoted to Silver!
Was the last 2 seasons plat and now cant get out of g5. Always getting to g4 then g3 and back to g5..... The game balance is just so bad in this season. If your pick is countered you cant do shit... You cant come back its just stomp or get stomped Worst season ever and I play since season 1.
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: Electric Twitch
How can this not have 100000000 upvotes? Imagine ur fucking playing a pikachu is there anything more fulfilling in life? Spoiler: NO
Áery (NA)
: Bard
As a bard main I say he is fine.
Kythers (NA)
: Convince me that ADCs are OP with evidence rather than rhetoric
I don't think that adcs are op its more like the support shields and healing make it nearly impossible for assassines or bruisers to kill them. On the other hand you re pretty much screwed without a proper support in team fights. Thats why I hate mage supports. They are strong in the lane but a free kill later unless they have only squishies. As a support / adc main I have a lot easier time to carry as support because even if the adc is bad the support can still carry nearly solo. But if the support is bad then you are so fucked as adc. Without peeling you are dead in 1 second. Supports have too much impact on the game in my opinion.

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