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: Can {{champion:6}} get some compensete buffs for Conqueror ranged champion nerf? Today I got beat by a Nasus who simply outhealed himself no matter how much life steal and amplifier I had, I was even fed mostly but the fact he outheals me so much is just too bad IMO. {{item:3075}} was useless there. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/2wjE4Iqs-quick-gameplay-thoughts-september-22 This was promised over 2 years ago and it was not implamented still.
that sums up basically everything: https://imgur.com/a/nAHmKr9 better buff Urgot, a 53% win rate champ who has been S+ tier for the past god knows how many patches, while meanwhile, Renekton remains one of the worst top lane champions in the game, who's been called by the majority of the community "BROKEN" even though he got an absurd amount of indirect nerfs whether if its his counter matchups getting buffed or Conqueror getting nerfed or items in general are getting more and more focused getting nerfed and buffed in a way that makes him super weak (spear of shojin getting removed, healing reduction getting buffed..) there is no possible way for Renekton mains to win any games Platinum+ and it takes so much from a Renekton player to win even in gold elo since even there it's pretty difficult to win with him unless you have more than 50 games. and the reason why most people don't want Renekton to get buffed is because most people are Yasuo and Riven mains, and as you know, Renekton counters both and basically only them (except kayle, irelia, and camille), and yasuo and riven have very high pick rates, so therefore, renekton doesn't have that low of a win rate because of it, so he seems relatively ok in terms of win rate (except in masters+ when he is a D tier champion with 46% winrate and in bottom 10), he has about 30-35 counters in the top lane which are really difficult to play against and everyone seems to ignore it.
pwc2016 (NA)
: How in the acutal hell do you beat a Yasuo
you go Renekton vs him since that's the only champion that is consistently good at trades lvl 2/3 although he will outscale you hard.
: I mean i guess for laning phase thats good? but late game? An ahead nasus late game?
: Because renekton can all in delete in seconds. Panetheon depends, hes not as much of an early game champ as he use to be, reset is kinda meh, renektons stun is ALOT BETTER. Don't even know how biased u are right now to say u think pantheons stun is as good as a renekton stun (which btw is long enough to 100-0 people) his e does no damage, its just the damage immunity, its honestly an average ability.I dont think ive ever seen a renekton ever become useless unless they hard feed int their laner. Renektons ult compared to panth ult? Hands down renektons for his purpose. Presses a button, gets a stat stick bigger than elder dragons old stats, becomes a monstrous machine that's harder to kill than nasus. Putting that against I guess a meh ranged ult thats really bad until 2, meanwhile renekton can pop R and then 1v5 an entire team by copying garen's spin mechanics.
buddy Nasus gets 30% life steal as his passive wdym Nasus easier to kill
: Haven't mained draven since Season 6 when he was most viable to play and people didn't dick ride him for meta purposes and he was his own champion instead of the carbon copy paste we have now. I play every role in the game. Went from 700K+ mp on my main that's banned to not playing him since hes literally just.. a character that any other adc can do, but better since they have abilities and they removed draven's cheese. But any way, No. Renekton is still one of the stronger top laners. He falls off late, thats his purpose, he needs no buffs, he bullies people with ease. There's considerably a lot more people that deserve buffs instead of the living steroid croc.
early game champion supposed to have 18 seconds cooldown dash? Pantheon is an early game champion too, why does he have resets on q, a better stun than Renekton (his w), and a kayle r basically in one direction and his q is supposed to be his main damage source? he doesn't have sustain but him and renekton are basically the same playstyle, Renekton's sustain is pretty useless if he can't build full tank and get outscaled so you're force to go full ad and u one shot one enemy champion but then you're pretty much useless for the rest of the fight so maybe nerf his sustain but give us less cooldowns and more resets because its actually impossible to be able to do anything around the map with this champion? Also pantheon has a GLOBAL ultimate that lets him roam.. :D
: I would rather see other champions get nerfed than Renekton get buffed. He already dominates some matchups super hard, it would be nigh impossible to win at all against him in lane if you buff him more.
his cooldowns are absurd his damage is fine, that's mostly the problem with Renekton. also that his e armor shred is literally useless and if it'll be a passive that will make him that much better.
: And...? Akali is one of the best champs in the game still with low wr
Akali and Irelia and Ryze are the only ones on that list lol
: Oh no, renekton not being one of the best top laners in the game for once...the horror...
Wandering around 48% win rate the last 10 patches (all ranks), and don't get me started on his win rate platinum+.
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: I don’t think Crit is onhit, Ezreal q doesn’t apply it but things like gankplank and yasuo do so it’s really inconsistent
for yasuo it says Yasuo thrusts his sword to deal physical damage to all enemies in the target direction, applying on-hit effects** to the first target hit** for renekton it says **Each hit applies** on-hit effects big difference
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