: I got permanently banned.
I also have another question, if i am about to get permanently banned, why do riot make the bots do it? If there is a reason for some one to be banned. And as they said it's like a 0.00001% chance of people getting permanently banned they should have time to put a real person to look into it and give feedback. And i also feel like you should get a refund for all the money you spend on that game, It's not like im hacking. If i was hacking, go for it. Take my money and everything i have on there, but i was trolling and i was telling someone off cause they banned my champion before the game started just by assuming i was "bad"... That sounds really stupid to me. So stuff they need to implement : A normal person if you're about to get perma banned, People shouldnt be allowed to ban a champion that someone in your team has already picked, And a refund.
: I got permanently banned.
i understand fully with what both you have said. I flamed a rengar on my team yeastureday that led to my permanent ban. And how that happend was that i picked yasuo in game, he clearly saw that i picked him aswell yet he still banned him. I got very angry and asked him why, and he just said "Yasuo is a unfair champ lol" and i thought that was the most stupid answer ever. Yes i got banned, Yes im prob never gonna get my account back, But they HAVE to make a system ingame that makes so you can not ban the champion someone has picked on your team.
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