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: Mana is supposed to be a limited resource, lately we have been spoiled with numerous ways to regenerate it or stack it. People make fewer decisions based on their mana pools anymore. I doubt that reducing mana available from items will create problems. It would be upsetting, sure. But probably better for game health overall.
"Mana is supposed to be a limited resource", indeed.. But well, so is Health. And HP isn't with all those mega tanks (especially looking at Warmog's Builders)... Like seriously, why is it fair to have that regen after not taking dmg for 6 seconds? That negates a the consequence of a risky play totally. I'd like a passive like that for mana too then, for some of the mages, especially when defending a siege alone against 2-3 enemies.. But noooooo, that wouldn't be fair would it? (read this with a bit of extra salt against warmog's)
Slythion (NA)
: Although the visuals don't show it, there is no "z" axis in league. You can't "jump over" something in league. The same things happen for Tristana jump and Zac jumps. This isn't a new thing for league either, no matter what patch, jax would have still be hit by the chompers. The only difference is that instead of being rooted at the end of his jump, the chompers root him during his jump and effectively interrupt it.
Oh I see! So it's actually intended? Weird, when there seems to be a z-axis when there are clear z-axis cues (i.e zac jump, trist jump, Aurelion E.) Another z-axis being the low vs. high ground (thats a thing in league, look this vid: Too me, that seems so. I think you're right tho, Riot haven't implemented a proper z-axis in League, only the visuals. Then i'd like to make a suggestion to put in a proper z-axis so this can be possible. I see this as a part of a good gameplay mechanic, where its Possible, Clear and Interesting ( See the first 10 mins.) Should I make another post regarding this Issue you think?` Thanks for your reply buddy!
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Meddler (NA)
: Depends on what else is going on. Over the course of this year we've generally had a couple being worked on at any one time, not everything works out though of course so some don't ship.
Can I ask what particular is wrong with LeBlanc since you are considering a small rework? IMO, with the initial rework (assassin rework last preseason) made her exactly what I personally visioned for her. Staying on LeBlanc, I wanna point out, that you might want to look into her healing now with the new runes (taking Taste of Blood + Ravenous Hunter combined with Hextech Gunblade). Beside the videos on Reddit to illustrate it, I've played against a couple now, and after she finished the Gunblade, it feels almost impossible to lane against her, when she besides having good burst and wave clear, also now has huge sustain. Cheers!
Porocles (NA)
: EU has been undergoing some maintenance, so this should just be a visual issue. I double checked for you and confirmed your mastery for Jhin is still 6! :D Rest easy!
So what was the maintenance about? :)
Filtrax (EUNE)
: [CLIENT] loot not working


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