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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: I do, but I also feel that at the end, we can get to a better character. In playtesting, we were testing a stand in the storm for 1.5 seconds and get stunned version. Unfortunately we didn't have the art support to sell the effect, but I can see Anivia having a similar effect in the future. This could be the 4/10 that could be added in place of the ER. There was a masterful display in a playtest where penguin caught out aesah in a Q stun E then R and walled him in at the last second for the R stun, then E again to finish him off. Unfortunately I can't show you guys the replay, but that was how I imagined Anivia to be like. Cast all of your abilities perfectly and get rewarded for it. I actually feel like Anivia has a lot of tools to beat Camille. Except there was one playtest where she E'd off my wall to stun me. That sucked.
Uhhh, regarding Anivia, I recently played after the rework for the first time, and it feels you only added clunkiness to her without any other compensation. Once I was against a Yasuo midlane, and in another game there was an enemy Riven top. I feel like it is impossible to play against those champs now. They can dash around so much that you can only hit a point-blank Q, if you are lucky and they are not already behind you by that point. R becomes absolutely useless against them, because they can just dash out of it in way less tha 1.5 seconds. Walling them? Against another clunky champion like Xerath or Nasus, maybe, but not against those. That means that you now loose all your double damage against them in nearly all cases. Whereas in the past, you could at least rely on your E+R to burst someone that came too close to you, you had something that didn't rely on only your opponent's motions that still gave you that damage. Hell, you could even just let the Q pass through them and get the double damage, but now you are dead meat against them. Why would you EVER play Anivia now when an enemy has a character like Yasuo, Riven, Lee and the likes of it? She is so shoehorned now, I don't feel her viable in most cases. Oh, and before I forget it, why didn't you give her laning compensations for it? Anivia has the most aggrevious AA's in the game, and against someone like Yasuo you just autolose your lane because you have no chance of traiding anyways, except they are dumb enough to not dance around you 247. Again, in the past you could at least rely on your E+R to trade with them, now, now you only have your waveclear. Try to hit a Yasuo with your Q, he just duels you and you are dead. I must say that I had high hopes for her rework, and it looked good on paper, but now I see that you only added more clunkiness to a character that only had a chance to play against non-clunky characters because of her un-outplayable E+R. She seriously needs to be looked again upon, because everything you said in these posts seems to go against what you did with her, and more specifically, what you did not do with her. PS.: Also could it be that her Blackfrost skin has some graphical issues? I felt that her E sometimes disappeared when it didn't get the double-damage, making me feel like I didn't hit it at all. Also some more graphical clarity when her R is actually fully formed is needed I think, way too often I hit it too early because thinking it was already full and timing it onto the mycrosecond.
: I mean, WW rework is coming up and I never really thought that their story wasn't all that great. Just my opinion though.
It was pretty bad, ye, but I see potential in the Soraka-Warwick dualism.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bioluminescence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=a6QKoAqK,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2016-11-16T22:26:10.905+0000) > > That, and Sharjo's stickied page of where to find the lore, were both super _super_ valuable to players in the long dark times before Universe went live - neither of you should feel like you didn't help people. I appreciated what you did (and how much effort it was), even if you feel a little sad now. > > Sharjo, if you're reading this, will you be cool with me unstickying your thread in the near future? I'd always stated I'd sticky it as long as it was needed, and it was an absolute champ while it was. I don't want to make your efforts (and Tattersall's efforts) feel unappreciated! Giving free skin for their efforts would be cool IMO. Like a mystery gift.
: We finally know what the Immortal Bastion looks like too! Edit: Gooooodbye edgy Skull-faced mountain HELLOOOOO Ancient looking Mausoleum of the Murder Emperor
Sharjo (EUW)
: The Universe of League of Legends: The one stop shop for lore, stories, bios, history, art and more!
YESSSS, I asked for this since ages, this is looking great! But as a feedback, it would be great to have an "events" tab that lists and links you to past (and future) events. Also one for artwork, one for stories (shortstories that got randomly posted somewhere in the forum like the Xerath one). Also Warwick and Soraka are not related to each other. Are you completely conning their relationship? Anyways, this is exciting, finally a place for lore fans to dig deep
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: There's a very, very high chance that groups will queue against other groups of equal size.
Even with a 95% chance, as a solo-player you will statistically loose more games than as a teamplayer simply because of the team-shuffling. Do you plan to counteract that in some way? Maybe giving solo-queue players more/less points if they win/lose against an advantageous team?
: It's worth noting the rarity of finding four friends who are all the same rank and queuing together. I'm guessing more players will source their teammates as they climb the ladder. If not, the system is very heavily weighted such that a solo queuer who players with a 4-man premade will be matched against another solo queuer with his own 4-man premade. I have a core assumption that this will be net positive rather than net negative, but that's the joy of being able to pivot as well.
My bad experiences with 4-stacks: -they can (and some will) force you to their will, be it by just ignoring you as their teammember so you have to adapt or they even threaten to report you -you can be sure as hell that when your team does bad, YOU will be the first source that receives all the flames and probably a x4 report at the end, maybe even more because when 4 people tell the enemy team to report you, you are pretty fucked. Your own report instead will obviously be nothing worth as well, making you feel absolutely helpless. -They often follow their own plans and because you just don't have access to their tactics and voicechat, you are lagging behind -don't even try to give anyone tips or hints or try change your teams tactic, while this is hard with 4 other solo players it is nigh impossible with a team of 4 friends -you can also bet that you will be the least worthy teammember for them, expect their jungler to only gank his friends lane e.g., and then get flamed when getting zero help in your lane in short, it's a pain in the ass and hurts more that it ever brought good, and I find it really sad that you give a shit about soloqueue players so, what you gonna do against that? Just FU to all soloqueue players? Soloqueue is already toxic enough, and you are adding a whole new layer to it without even trying to counteract that. This change really puts me off of ranked, which makes me especially sad because I wanted to play it again with the new teambuilder stuff in hopes that it would make things less horrible...
Meddler (NA)
: Crit's definitely got some issues (feeling screwed by RNG when you did everything right especially), so at some point we do want to do some work on it. It does add some variance and risk to otherwise extremely reliable, consistent actions (right clicking/getting right clicked) though, and LoL's arguably a little too predictable at times at present. We don't want to simply replace it with a guaranteed damage multiplier as a result and, whenever we do work on it, would want to bundle that with some other systemic changes. I feel mana management's a useful lever to have, both in terms of the control it offers over champion power at various points in the game and as an expression of player skill. Having said that I don't feel that all characters should be mana gated equally. Some melee should arguably be gated in lane, but free to use spells generally on CD later in the game, given the challenges they have getting onto targets. Other long range characters, or healers, by contrast should generally have significant costs throughout the game. Resourceless characters and energy users are both types of champion I feel have a good place in the game in terms of the different playstyles, pacings (in lane and after) and abilities designs they allow. I do believe it's healthy to have mana as the default resource however, with occasional exceptions and we'll be going through a period of new champions who consistently use mana for a while (last non mana user was Rek'Sai, next 4 upcoming champions at least will probably all use mana). I believe it's very possible for high and low mobility champions to coexist in lanes, I don't think we've always given lower mobility champions sufficient compensation for the low mobility price they pay however. Being a low mobility champ should allow you to get access to some pretty powerful stuff that wouldn't be appropriate on champs with dashes/blinks etc. Kog'Maw and Anivia are good examples to me of where that's been done right, with both of them being options that more mobile marksmen/mages respectively don't offer.
Hey, regarding crit chance I had an idea which might work out, I just posted it here: Would be cool to see some professional input or general thoughts about it!
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: Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators
Hello, I'll use this opportunity to make a different plea regarding quickcast with range indicators. I'd really like to use range indicators on only some spells! Example is when I play Soraka, I use range indicators only for her Q, because it is nasty to hit and makes sense to "preload" and watch your enemy movements. But I hate using it on her E and W, because when I press those I am commited to them, I don't really have to aim that much and rather want them out asap. Especially on W it makes no sense because it only triggers when you aim over a teammate anyways. So, please, use this fixes to add distinctive range indicators and quickcasts for all spells. Edit: Oh, dunno if I understood that right now but it seems you are already adding this! If that's the case, wonderful!
Morello (NA)
: Valid feedback - I think the rework needs to solve "how does Soraka become healthy", which is prioritized for this year unless all Hell breaks loose. These nerfs should be targeted at unfightable mid-lane, and hitting the things that make her particularly oppressive there. One approach on these "busted" characters is the Kass/Grags approach we like. Nerf in the short term while we get the rework out as soon as it makes sense. Since we're actively working on a shipping plan for Soraka, this would be part of that.
Your shipping plan for her should be to ship her with Warwick, to fix her awful lore while you're at it and also to bring some fresh air into these always similar champion motivations.


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